Hot Potato Game For Adults.

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We all know the classic hot potato game pretty well, right? Players stand around in a circle and toss something around as quickly as possible, hoping not to drop it or be the last one holding it when the music finally stops. 

It was fun when we were kids, but I don’t think that you will catch us playing the hot potato game anytime soon. That is unless there was a reward for playing that resulted in something we actually want. Say, a really nice new sex toy or maybe even a riveting orgasm?

I know, I know. You might be laughing out loud because not much about a hot potato game seems sexy at all. But hold up! With a few adjustments, a bit of a magical touch, and a mindset that is open and ready to have some fun, you can actually turn this once silly little game into either a couples sex game or a party game with a little sexual twist to it that will have everyone bubbly and full of smiles. 

So stick around for a few takes on this classic hot potato game for you to soon try out and add a little flair and fun to your sex life!


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Sex Toy Hot Potato.

This is for when there are more than just two of you!

If you are one to throw any type of kinky party or parties aimed at selling sex toys, or something like a bachelorette party; then a hot potato game might be a fun addition to your very next get-together!

You can spice this game up a few different ways. 

First of all, instead of a potato, let’s make things at least a little bit sexier here and switch that thing out for a nice and veiny rubber dildo instead. And it’s going to get dropped on the floor, so you might not want to plan on using this one and avoid mechanical pieces. But, it’s easy to see how throwing around a big shaft is a little more sexually driven than a piece of food.

For one game version, using the same general rules as a hot potato, toss that big ol’ thing around until the music stops and someone is taken out of the circle. Continue this rhythm until only one more person is standing, and that person is the winner of some form of sex toy! That, or the last two people standing can be forced into doing something a little bit naughty if you are into group sexual settings. 

For another version, if you are the last one caught holding onto the dildo, then you can set up a form of punishment like taking off a garment of clothing each time. The first one to strip all the way down can be considered a ‘loser’ and can be required to perform some sort of kinky task or whatever it is you and your group choose to do. 

For a third version, you can have little boxes wrapped up with a picture of an available sex toy (you don’t want to wrap the sex toy itself as it might break if it is dropped) that are thrown around in placement of the potato. When the music stops, the person who is left with the box gets to open it and keep whatever little toy is inside!

And even if these versions of the classic hot potato game aren’t sexy enough for you, all you have to do is think within yourself and the things that you like to do to come up with ways or versions that you can make the game fulfill your deepest of desires. 


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Couples Hot Potato Game.

Hot potato is usually played in the group, so when it comes to acting as a game for couples, it takes some serious creativity. But the idea of hot potato as a game provides an outline that, with a little adjusting, can make for an intoxicatingly sexy game.

For one version, switch out the potato for a dildo as stated above. Toss the dildo back and forth as some form of timer counts down (a song, an actual timer, etc) and the person who is left with the dildo in their hands has to perform an act on the dildo. 

The first round can be a little reserved, and that act can be something like giving it a handjob while the other partner watches. And then for the next round, the risk can be upped and the loser can be required to now suck on the dildo as the other watches. Keep this momentum going until the next thing you know, clothes are stripped off and the dildo is getting put to its actual intended use. 

And for the males out there, if this isn’t something you are down with, you can always replace it with a pocket pussy, but I must say your other half might really like seeing you succumb to the realities of losing with a dildo. 

For another version of this game, take a few minutes to write down and create some seriously kinky acts for each other to try. Fold them up and place them somewhere that you can draw from. When you play the game, the loser left with the potato is required to reach into the ‘hat’ and draw. Whatever it is that is written on the paper is exactly what they are required to do. 

So be careful in what you write down, as you may be very lucky and get to watch your partner carry out your naughty imagination, or you might be the loser who has to do it his/herself, so choose carefully!

For the third variety of a hot potato game for sex, try incorporating a remote-controlled vibrator into the setting. See who can last longer with it vibrating as you toss back and forth, trading off intensities and speeds to create a new found difficulty to the one simple act of catching something. You won’t believe how hard simple tasks become when you are being pleasured to the sensations of a remote vibrator, and if you are feeling a little extra kinky try taking that thing out and about in public!

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