DIY Homemade Gloryhole.

Aug 17, 2021

A homemade Gloryhole is one of the most invigorating means to add a unique flair to your sex life, a way to dirty up your sex, and to amplify the most euphoric mental and physical sensations that arise with the many forms of sexual sensuality. 

A Gloryhole is something that many of us wish to experience, but the truth is that actually exploring this kink can be a bit intricate in nature. You might be in a monogamous relationship where this breaks boundaries, you might fear the risk of intimacy with a stranger, or perhaps you would rather keep this kink as something that exists only in the deepest crevices of your imagination. 

Regardless of such, that doesn’t mean we cannot safely explore this fun and exciting addition to sex by utilizing a homemade gloryhole. A homemade gloryhole does not require other people and can be practiced with your loved one at home and in the comforts of only yourselves. So if you want to have a gloryhole party, the truth is that all you need is a little bit of DIY initiative and, of course, an ejaculating dildo to make this fantasy come to fruition! 

ejaculating dildo

What is a Homemade Gloryhole?

A gloryhole is a small hole made into a wall, a door, or a large piece of fabric intended for the user to provide sexual acts to strangers. A male figure can insert his penis into the hole so that the person on the other side can do as they please, without knowing the person’s face or personality behind it. This can range from anything to oral, vaginal, or anal sex

A homemade gloryhole is a gloryhole that you create within your own home. By creating this set-up, you can replicate a real-life gloryhole party scenario that doesn’t need another person (aka a real genital) to fulfill this fantasy. Instead, all you will need is a realistic dildo, most preferably an ejaculating dildo, so that yourself and your partner can experiment with this kink without extending past any boundaries and without the risks that arise with stranger based sex.  

How to Make It

To have yourself a gloryhole party and to experiment with your first gloryhole, instead of going for the real deal, you should absolutely make one at home! Making a homemade gloryhole is really quite simple, and will create a highly sensational sex setting that enhances foreplay all the way into the best climax of your life. 

There are two ways to approach this setup:

  • Creating a homemade Gloryhole for roleplay

In this version of your first Gloryhole, your partner will stand on the other side so that you can please their patiently awaiting genitals. You will create the roleplay scenario of them being the stranger. This is an excellent way to experiment with exhibitionism and voyeurism and satisfy the desire to have sex with a total ‘stranger’. 

Instead of cutting a hole into your drywall, let’s take a step back. All you need is a large piece of fabric, such as an old or cheap curtain. Simply cut a small hole in the fabric that meets the height of someone’s genitals

Next, hang the curtain up against a doorway so that your partner can stand on the other side. 

Immerse yourself in the idea that you have absolutely no idea who the person on the other side is. Start by teasing yourself and your partner through the small opening. Entice them by pushing your breast through the hole for nipple play, and scoot your butt close to the opening in a doggy-style position to show him the beauty of what he is soon to enter. 

He may stick his throbbing cock through when ready, and you can provide the epitome of oral sex as he waits for more. Progress into vaginal sex through the opening once foreplay has escalated, and have fun as he pounds you from behind in various forms of standing sex. 

Homemade Gloryhole
  •  Creating a Gloryhole for Both Partners

 On the other end of the spectrum, you can create your first gloryhole so that both partners can have fun with the stranger together. In this case, however, the stranger will be your favorite realistic or ejaculating dildo. Ejaculating dildos are suggested as they replicate the ultimate climax to enhance the real-life sensation, and realistic dildos are also excellent choices as, hey, they look real! 

To create a homemade gloryhole of this setup, you will want to ensure that your dildo can rest firmly without falling. One of the best ways to do so is to craft the gloryhole against a wall by using fabric. 

Again, cut the hole in the fabric and then attach the material against a wall. There won’t necessarily be an open ‘hole’, and this allows it so that you can attach a suction cup dildo against the wall to replicate a penis protruding out from the other side. 

In this scenario, both yourself and your partner can enjoy pleasuring yourselves and the sex toy together for a unique form of a MMF threesome. Practice dual oral sex if your partner is into it, or have them watch you play with the cock from afar. 

You can progress into double penetration, as your partner can pound you from behind while you provide oral to the stranger, or vice versa in this incredibly sensational gloryhole party. 

If you have an ejaculating dildo, then you should, of course, finish the experience with a cumshot! Either over your body, your face, or on your genitals (together or alone), discover the fulfillment of making another person cum as you and your partner work together to achieve their orgasm. 

Remember, for both homemade gloryhole scenarios, the male phallus sex toy can be replaced by a female sex toy, such as a fleshlight, to switch the gender roles so that everyone is included. Want to watch your partner thrust into a random, tight vaginal opening, or do you want to provide female-female oral sex on a stranger? This is exactly how you can do so!

Why Choose a Homemade Gloryhole

Again, the idea of having sex with a stranger might seem enticing, but the reality of it can be pretty intense, especially when you are with a partner. A homemade gloryhole allows you to fulfill this fantasy without breaking any relationship barriers, and you can do so while maintaining complete monogamy. 

This provides you the means necessary to explore a stranger-based threesome or a cuckold scenario that many men enjoy. 

This is also an excellent means for a male partner to have fun with same-sex genitals, as he can work with you in helping the stranger to come, and also for yourself to experiment with bisexual tendencies should you use a sex toy that mimics a vagina or anus. 

By doing so, you do not risk the chance of STDs or STIs that arise with a real glory hole party, and of course, strangers can be dangerous, especially letting them into your home. 

So instead of trying to find a gross, public gloryhole with god knows who on the other side, you can experiment with this fantasy from the comforts of your own home and with the full support of your partner. 

Simply explain to them that you feel as though this would be an excellent means to really change up boring, mundane sex, and you will discover an entirely new realm of sexual desire as you work together in creating this setup. And once the homemade gloryhole is ready to go, you will alas understand the benefits of prolonging your foreplay by catering to your imagination, enhancing the mental side of sex to further increase the physical pleasures that are guaranteed to arise from behind the hole. 



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