How to Make Homemade Anal Sex Toys.

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So you and your partner have decided to try out anal play, but don’t know where to start. This article is an excellent guide for you to begin experimenting with homemade anal sex toys as a means to initiate anal exploration. 

At VforVibes, we believe that it is imperative to take hygiene, safety, and pleasure seriously. This is why we recommend that you check out the “Shop” section on our website to find anal sex toys that you might like and that are crafted with the highest standards of quality and safety in mind.

If you’re a beginner and are worried about not knowing where to start, don’t worry, we have the perfect toy for you! Browse through our Shop, and give The Opis a shot; a three-piece gem butt plug set and anal training kit. You will receive three different-sized plugs, and you can start with the smallest to find your comfort zone and experiment further to pick what you like best! 

In situations where you might find yourself awake late at night, however, with no handy toys at your disposal and do not want to wait a few days for your delivery, you could give homemade anal sex toys a chance! 

It is vital to remember that your safety should be your first priority and that you should not put yourself in harm’s way by seeking pleasure. Ensure there is no possibility of the toy getting lost inside you, breaking and injuring you, or getting stuck. In any of these cases, please immediately seek medical help

 With that being said, if you do not find any sex toys for anal play ready to be used, you can try to make one at home using these tips and tricks. 

opis jewel butt plug set as an alternative to homemade anal sex toys

Safety First!

A few of the safest options you have to explore sex toys for anal play, especially homemade anal sex toys, are a finger, a phone, or any vibrating controllers and gadgets that do not threaten getting lost or stuck inside your body! Vibration is an excellent sensation for anal play, and with a little bit of lube and the right kind of safety protocols, you can transport yourself to a world of pleasure. 

Keep it Simple

Homemade anal sex toys can be a lot of fun to use and do not have to be very difficult to make. Anal sex toys made from regular household items are a great source of pleasure, so don’t be afraid! Just get creative. Here are a few options you can consider while making sex toys for anal play at home: 

A Wooden Spoon

The spoon part of the utensil – especially the back – can be a superb substitute for a paddle or a whip. Explore your fantasies with your partner while engaging in some pain and pleasure play! If you are on your own and want to spice things up with a homemade anal sex toy, you can use the wooden handle of the spoon with enough safety measures. 

For this, you will need some craft supplies – a regular cleaning sponge, scissors, glue or tape, and of course, a condom and lube before you engage in anal play. Clean the spoon thoroughly first. Cut a slit into the cleaning sponge using your craft scissors and rotate the scissors to create a tunnel-like hole. Stick the sponge onto the wooden handle with some glue and secure it in place with some tape. Cover this with a condom, add a lot of lube to help you use sex toys for anal play, and get started! This can also be done to a drain or sink plunger for similar results. 

homemade anal sex toys

Anal Beads at Home

If you have not yet gotten the chance to play with anal beads, this homemade anal sex toy might be for you! To start off, find beads made of a sturdy material; we recommend plastic or wood, but anything that is not fragile and will not break or injure you during play will do. 

Next, you will need a coated nylon or cotton cord – make sure you are not allergic to the material you are using. This cord will be used as the string part of the sex toy for anal play. Tie a knot that is strong enough to not come loose during play at one end of the cord. Add your beads to the cord, leaving a few inches apart between each bead. We suggest using round beads for maximum comfort and pleasure. 

After stringing the beads, leave about six inches of the cord once you add the last bead and cut off the excess thread. Ensure that the beads will not slip out during play and that your knot is tight and secure. 

Next, remove the beads from the cord and only add one back. Tie a knot leaving two inches after the first bead, then continue adding beads at a distance and tying knots between each bead. Finally, at the end of the cord, make a loop and tie it in place to make it secure. Ensure that multiple fingers can fit into the loop during play so that the cord does not get stuck inside you, and retrieval is possible. 

anal beads- homemade anal sex toys

Fruits and Vegetables! 

So you don’t have a lot of arts and crafts supplies at home and are stuck with the basics – just you and nature. 

You can use any elongated fruit or vegetable, such as a cucumber, carrot, or a banana, for this exercise! You will need to ensure that there is enough support and a base and a handle to use the homemade anal sex toy and prioritize your safety first. 

Start off by washing the fruit or vegetable of your choosing thoroughly with water and soap. Ideally, use the ones in the best condition that are not rotten or damaged. 

Cut a hole into the lid of a Tupperware box for a long safety base, or use a lid with a washer and a nut for a short base household anal sex toy. Screw the fruit or vegetable to the washer and the lid once you have made the base, and cover the fruit or vegetable with a condom. Make sure your fruit or vegetable of choice is screwed on tightly enough and that there is no threat of the vegetable or the fruit coming loose.

Not only are foods a great method to easily craft a homemade anal sex toy, but eating the right foods also has a huge effect on sex drive. Learn more about the relationship between food and sex by reading our latest article, “The Best Foods for Sex”, and see how the food you eat can make you feel as equally sensational as the food you put inside you. 


You heard us right! This homemade anal sex toy does not need any introduction, explanation, or instructions! Just a towel, a safe space to explore, and your comfort is needed for this recommendation! 

As long as you are using safe and clean water to make your ice, you can try using cubes, or for the more adventurous ones, try freezing your ice in the shape of a popsicle for the effects of a dildo. You’re going to experience sensations like you never have before.

 ice as a homemade sex toy

Homemade Anal Sex Toys- A Summary

While these are all great methods of using – and creating – homemade anal sex toys, we highly recommend purchasing one from our website to ensure safety protocols. Remember to let loose, have fun, and experiment. At VforVibes, we encourage safety and pleasure through experimenting with your partner or on your own with sex toys for anal play

Play it safe and put yourself first when you’re trying out homemade anal sex toys because if you look hard enough, most things can be used as one as long as you’re assessing the safety and keeping cleanliness in mind! 

If this is something that works for you, we would suggest looking into sex toys for anal play available at the VforVibes shop, like the Opis, Ceres or Ge, for a fun, rewarding experience driven by the blissful nature of anal discovery. 


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