How to have Sensational Holiday Sex.

Dec 8, 2021

Hurrah, we made it! The holidays are finally upon us, and although it’s chilly outside, it’s going to get steamy hot inside. Although the festive season can be romantic, we don’t always feel our sexiest, amirite? We’re layered up in what feels like thousands of layers; we’re eating delicious – yet stodgy – food, and we constantly feel cold. But having fantastic holiday sex can make you forget about all that. This is the time of year when you can get super creative with your sexy time, whether it be wrapping yourself up in fairy lights or enacting that Mr. and Mrs. Clause role play you’ve always fantasized about. This is the time to break out all of your Christmassy ideas for the bedroom that just won’t make sense any other time of the year. 

So how can you have a very happy, sexy holiday this year? Read on …

Embrace the season

You can’t have Christmas sex without embracing the holiday season first. Nothing is too cheesy, so crank up those old Christmas tunes, crack out the tinsel and get baking those cookies for Santa.

Festive scents

One way you can easily set the scene for a festive night of sex is by lighting some Christmassy candles; whether it be a sweet vanilla cookie or relaxing frankincense and myrrh, having a specific scent wafting through your home will easily get you into the festive spirit.  

Sexy advent calendars

Having an advent calendar is a cute German tradition where you count down the days to Christmas. It stems from a religious context; however, nowadays, you can find all kinds of advent calendars on the market, from chocolate to cosmetics. There are even some sex toy advent calendars out there, so if that tickles your fancy, why not treat yourself this season? If you don’t want to splash the cash, you could buy a cheap reusable calendar, write your sexual fantasies or desired Christmas sex positions down on little pieces of paper, and pop them into each day of the calendar. Then every day, you will have something sexy to try!

Netflix and chill holiday-style

We all know that phrase: Netflix and chill. For your next TV and chillax sesh this holiday season with your bae, watch only Christmas movies, make yourselves a hot chocolate and get cozy on the couch with some thick blankets – whether you wear clothes depends on you. And you don’t have to watch regular movies… There is plenty of festive-themed ethical porn out there. I’m just saying …

holiday sex

Props, props, and more props

One easy way to make your sexy sessions a bit more Christmassy is to use festive props. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tinsel: This ain’t just for your Christmas tree. Are you interested in adding some bondage to your play? Tinsel has got your back.
  • Baubles: Also, not just for your tree. Attach one to each of your nipple clamps, and you will have created your very own festive, weighted nipple clamps. Enjoy!
  • Festive-flavored lubes: Make your lover’s penis taste like a candy cane, and you will be in the holiday zone.
  • The famous Santa costume: A classic. If you are into your costume play, you HAVE to do the sexy Santa role play. 
  • Gingerbread kit: These kits are so frustrating; there is never enough frosting to cement the pieces together, and the house ultimately collapses, right? So instead of building the house, why not just use all the frosting and candy decorations to decorate your lover instead? Then eat it off them. I think that sounds way more satisfying than suffering through the gingerbread house collapsing. Again, ugh.
  • Christmassy lingerie: I had to mention this one. Holiday sex just isn’t holiday sex without a sexy red number.
  • Temperature play: Our bodies go through a lot in the wintertime temperature-wise. You go outside in the cold; then you come inside in the warm… it’s very hot and cold. Why not replicate that in sex by incorporating varying forms of temperature play? Surprise your partner by running ice down their body and then soothing their skin with a hot water bottle. The difference in temperatures is sure to get their blood flowing.
  • Mistletoe: This is a great way to ramp things up in an instant. For one day, carry the mistletoe around with you and get it out every time you want a kiss from your lover. Each time build up the intensity of the kiss until you’re making out.
wand dildo and glass dildo sex kit

Make an evening of it …

Winter means staying at home a lot to avoid the chill, so we have a LOT more time to spend doing … um … indoor activities. So why not dedicate an evening to some hot sex? Cook a nice meal, brew up some mulled wine, relax on the couch and let the inevitable happen. Take your time, take breaks, and just do whatever makes you both feel good.

Threesome anyone?

If you’re looking to really spice up your sex life more than a gingerbread house, have you considered inviting someone else into the picture? The great thing about winter is that it gives us an excuse to cuddle up to our SOs for warmth. If you have another person in your bed, that will only add to the warmth, so it’s common sense, right? Why do you think penguins huddle up together? When it comes to keeping warm, the more, the merrier. So if you ever fantasized about group sex, now is your chance to try it out. Just remember to turn down the heating a little bit because you’ll be getting another source of heat instead.

Visit a swinger’s club.

Down to have sex with other people? A swingers club is the perfect place to test the waters of consensual non-monogamy. Most clubs organize different events throughout the year, including a Christmas party! So put on that sexy Mrs. Clause outfit and head out to your local Christmas swingers party. A swingers club is a great environment anyway but adds some extra festivities on top, and you have a great night ahead of you.

Santa is your dominant

So you’re not afraid of a little BDSM, and you don’t mind a spanking? Well, the Santa fantasy fits perfectly into this setting. After all, he is the main man who decides if you’ve been naughty or nice this year …

  • Be his sexy elf: He orders you around all day, and if you do what he says, he might just reward you.
  • The naughty list: A great one for foreplay; he tells you what position to get into (maybe he ties you up too), and you tell him all of the naughty things you’ve done this year. For each item, you get a spank on an area of your dom’s choosing. In the end, he decides if your misdemeanors are enough to take away your treat or not.
  • Be his Mrs. Clause: Let Mr. Claus treat you like the sexy Mrs. Claus you are. Get inspiration from the prop ideas above and let him have his way with you. If you’re good, you’ll get a nice present.
  • All wrapped up for Christmas: Your sexy Santa has a lot of gifts to wrap before the big day, and you are one of them! Let him tie you up in whatever position he desires. He can choose to unwrap you straight away or leave you bound up, burning with desire. You will never look at ribbon the same way again.

So which one of these ideas are you going to be using this Christmas? Or maybe you want to do all of them? The festive season is all about treating yourself and others. And sex is most definitely one of the most indulgent activities you can spend time doing. So, light those candles and get cozy this winter, cos baby, it’s cold outside.


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