Online Dating 101: Hinge vs. Tinder.

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If you have been in the online dating scene in the past years, there’s a huge chance you’ve seen debates on Hinge vs. Tinder. I know there are limitless dating apps, but these two stand out. They have a reputation for helping you get into relationships. But which is better; Tinder or Hinge. We’ll find out!


Each has its pros and cons. It all comes to what you are looking for, be it someone to chat with, a soul mate, or a casual hookup. You’ll surely find a match.


If you are considering any one of them, here’s all you need to know about Tinder vs. Hinge. Let’s set the ball rolling, guys!


Should I Use Hinge? The Full Gist


Hinge is a dating app that boasts of its abilities to help people build lasting relationships. The app aims to match users with individuals you are most compatible with, and its end goal is to get you into a serious relationship. Hinge is committed, and it’s not surprising that their tagline is “The dating app designed to be deleted.” While comparing Hinge vs. Tinder, we should check out their features. Such as:




Hinge as a laid-back mood; a contrast to Tinder’s vibrant interface. Hinge gives you serious vibes. It’s mainly black and white, and you won’t find bright colors on Hinge. It could take some time to get used to it. Unlike the easy swipe right and swipe left feature of Tinder, Hinge requires you to like a person’s profile through a picture or reply to a prompt to start a conversation. I think Tinder has a better interface.


Signing Up and Creating a Profile


Hinge asks a series of questions so you can find the perfect match. Unlike Tinder, it’s rare for anyone to have a vague profile with no description. You can’t act sneaky by uploading one photo with no bio.


You have to select three questions or prompts to answer when you sign up. Prompts on Hinge give a glimpse of your personality, and they are great conversation starters. Your conversation is unlikely to fizzle out, probably why most dates lead to a second. Thumbs up to Hinge on this one! 


Quality of Matches


For the quality of matches between Hinge vs. Tinder, Hinge has my vote here. It is designed for people looking for a long-term relationship with more accurate matches. It asks its users everything from drinking habits to ethnicity. This way you can get all the information you need about a person. Also, for users, you can decide which info to make public, and Hinge will use your answers to find compatible matches.


You’ll likely find people with similar expectations here, and there are chances you will find the love of life.

hinge vs tinder

Unique Features


Hinge doesn’t have many features on the free account. However, one of its unique features is the voice prompt you can add to your profile. Do you have a beautiful voice? Show it off, dear! This way, people can hear what you sound like. 




You can upgrade from the free version. Preferred subscription costs $29.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, and $89.99 for six months. As a preferred member, you get to enjoy the following benefits.


  • Unlimited likes.
  • Access to advanced features.
  • More suggestions for profiles that stand out.


Pros of Using Hinge


  • Best for serious relationships.
  • Robust profile with in-depth information.
  • Advanced algorithm for optimizing matches.
  • Multiple ways to interact.
  • Matches never expire.


Cons of Using Hinge


  • There’s a limit to the number of likes you can send out on the free version.
  • It has nowhere near as many users as Tinder.
  • You may still see users you “disliked” again.
  • Need to pay for advanced filters.


Should I Use Tinder? Let’s See


Comparing Hinge vs. Tinder gets even more interesting!


Tinder is designed for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are not out for a serious relationship. Tinder is popular for its seamless profile set up and the swipe left, swipe right system. Are you looking for something serious, or are you just testing the waters of online dating? You’ll definitely find a match on Tinder.




Tinder is user-friendly. You don’t have to provide answers to a long list of questions before you start getting matches. Its interface provides a fun, unique, and vibrant feel. You have easy access to your profile, matches, and other features on the app. If you are not interested in the profile you’re seeing, you can swipe left.


Creating a Profile


Signing up on Tinder is much simpler than Hinge. It is also generic, and this is why you can come across people’s profiles with no descriptions. Tinder does not require you to upload a whole album; just one picture of you is enough. Hinge encourages users to engage each other by creating profiles that make easy conversation starters.


Quality of Matches


Tinder gives you the freedom to have more matches. You can use the explore page to find potential matches. This amazing feature has exciting themes you can choose from to connect with potential partners. You can only view verified profiles or view profiles based on your interest and passion. And if your interests happen to change with time, you can update it on Tinder; that way, you can connect with the right people!


Profile Features


Many fans of the Hinge vs. Tinder debate can agree that Tinder provides more unique features. You can have three to five passions on your profile. There is a lifestyle section where you can add your zodiac sign, the type of pets you love, and your habits. The app allows you to showcase your taste in music by adding your favorite artists on Spotify.




If you love to take things up a notch, you can upgrade your account on Tinder. Tinder has three paid plans. You can upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. 


Pros of Using Tinder


  • It has many users.
  • Registration is fast on Tinder.
  • It has many exciting features.
  • A massive pool of potential dates.
  • Beautiful and easy to use interface.
  • Has the advantage of quick connections.


Cons of Using Tinder


  • Tinder has a reputation for being mostly a hookup app. 
  • Your Mr. Perfect might be a catfish.
  • Not enough Information.
  • Tinder is lax with user guidelines.


And Who is the Winner: Tinder or Hinge?


Now which is better, Tinder or Hinge?


If you are looking for commitment and a serious relationship, Hinge is for you. It is designed for long-term relationships. While using the app, you’ll know the person you are chatting with is also looking for something serious too. 


Tinder is for a broader audience. Whether you are looking for love, casual hookups, or friendships, you can find them there. It is harder to find serious relationships on Tinder because you are unsure if the person you are matching with has the same interest. 


Online dating is no longer as wild and uncertain as it used to be. Today, anyone can find the right match on the internet. No matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, there is always someone for you.


With all you know now about Hinge vs. Tinder, the best between the two of them is ultimately down to you.


So what do you think about Tinder vs. Hinge? Would you download Tinder or Hinge? I’ll like to know!

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