Hidden Cam Masturbation: The New Hot Role Play Worth Trying.

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If you’re looking for fun new role play ideas for you and your partner, hidden cam masturbation should be on your list. It’s just what it sounds like- setting up a camera and watching your partner masturbate- but the potential for fun is far more. 

Why would someone be into hidden cam masturbation?

Frequently when someone is interested in a new role play, this is the first question we ask ourselves- “But why?” And while there’s definitely some psychology behind it, we need to approach it first from a place without judgment. Sexual fantasies aren’t the time or place to fall on moral high ground. It doesn’t need to mean anything about someone if they’re into a certain kink. In fact, it’s much more likely that it’s more about what’s happened to them than about who they are. 

In the case of hidden cam masturbation, this particular role play idea can help people work out some prior more exploitive experiences and put them back on their own terms with consent. For example, if someone was spied on or spied on others without consent, this could be a great way to re-own that narrative in a safe way. A potentially non-consensual past experience can turn into a modern consent-filled sex fest. It’s ok to play with these touchy ideas of our past sexually.  

In contrast, it could also have nothing to do with a past experience. While kinky role play can be a way to get in touch with your body in a previously frightening sexual experience, it can also just be plain fun. People are intrigued to play with their bodies and push the limits- that’s why people go skydiving after all. Hidden cam masturbation can be just that, a thrilling and joyful experience. 

In the end, there’s no need to read into it or judge someone for their interest in hidden cam masturbation kink- or any other. Playing with bodies is just that- playing. And some of the best games are just silly and fun. 

hidden cam masturbation

What would it look like in practice to try out this role play idea?

Well, the honest answer to how to integrate hidden cam masturbation role play into your relationship is, “Any way that it feels good to you and your partner”. But if you’re looking for some pointers and ideas to get started or to help the conversation between you and your partner, here are some ideas. 

Decide who is being “caught”.

Either one of you may be more into one side of this role play. Figure out who is doing the masturbating and who is doing the filming. And if you’re feeling excited, switch it up from time to time too. In a power exchange, a “switch” is someone who likes being both dominant and submissive- maybe that could be you or your partner. 

Set up the camera.

Decide the norms of the camera. Who will set it up? Will the other person know where it is or when it’s on? Will it be a video recording or a live stream? And even just some logistics questions- who turns it off? Where does the video go after you’re both finished with it? Once you’ve figured all this out, set it up in a way that works for both of you. 


It’s no surprise that a huge part of hidden cam masturbation is the masturbation part. If you’re the masturbating partner, let yourself have fun! You’re welcome to use toys or not. Essential to this whole experience is that they don’t catch a performance of you masturbating but rather a genuine self-love session. Try to stay focused on yourself and put your pleasure first and foremost.

rabbit vibrator

Review the films. 

If you thought watching porn was hot, wait until you sit down and watch your hidden cam masturbation video with your partner. Watching someone you love pleasure themselves in earnest sexually can be an incredibly thrilling experience for both parties. If at any point things evolve while you’re watching, let them. A lot of the joy from a hidden cam masturbation kink is in watching the footage together, not just making it. 

Consider a ‘punishment.’

If your relationship has some sort of power dynamic in it already, you may be familiar with some BDSM punishments that actually feel good for both parties. A dominant figure, probably the one who set up the video, could issue a spanking or two to the submissive who was on hidden cam caught masturbating.

What sort of ‘punishment’ would work?

Any time you set up some sort of power play with a punishment involved, it’s worth talking about in a non-sexual space first and fleshing out some details. You want to ultimately make sure that the punishment is something that does feel good for both parties- even the person receiving it. For hidden cam masturbation, there are a lot of different types of punishments to be issued to the person who was on hidden cam caught masturbating. If you’re stuck, check out this list: 

  • Spanking with a hand
  • Using a tool- whips, gags, or clamps
  • Orgasm refusal
  • Watching their partner masturbate while in handcuffs
  • Having to recreate the masturbation for their partner in real-time
sex pleasure whip

Where else could hidden cam masturbation lead?

Well, the truth is that with any kink, it can escalate. And that’s OK as long as both people involved are still having fun. What may start as hidden cam masturbation could lead to some real power play between you and your partner. As things develop, you may want to consider using a contract to help bind the two of you and create some firm rules for how your dynamic will work. 

The world of power play- a kink with someone in a dominant and someone in a submissive- is vast. And sometimes, these small scenes we work out can lead to much bigger ones. To be inspired, check out the internet. There’s some kinky BDSM porn out there. Watching porn together and being inspired by others gives you a great chance to think about what you might like in your own relationship. In fact, watching porn with your partner is a great way to be inspired together. You can even talk and play while watching some scenes that turn you on. 

What if I’m just not into hidden cam masturbation?

The fun thing about playing sexually with our partners is that when we find something we like, we keep doing it. And conversely, if you find something you don’t like, you don’t. Your relationship should be more than a single fetish. If not liking hidden cam masturbation is a dealbreaker for your partner- that’s a red flag. Sex, and sexual fetishes, are to enhance an already strong relationship. They aren’t there to cover up other issues. And they certainly aren’t there to be the foundation of a happy life together. They’re simply one piece of the pie.  

If you find yourself in a place where you’re not into hidden cam masturbation, letting your partner know is important. And if you’re both curious and loving, you can work together to find something that does tickle both of your fantasies. There are tons of other roleplay ideas out there to try out when you’re ready.

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