Different and awesome ways to celebrate Thanksgiving week.

Nov 30, 2019

November is finally here!! So what are your Thanksgiving celebration plans? What’s on your mind? If not anything else, sex shall definitely be on the list. Plan to spend your Thanksgiving weekend in a way you have never thought of before. How about some crazy and wild sex? Let your partner know that he is special. This Thanksgiving say thanks to him in a special way. Show him some gratitude by surprising him. Gift him the best sex of his life with some best sex toys that are taking the online sex market by the storm. Now no more of those routine moments and movements in the bed, add some spice and pleasure to your bedroom with some ecstatic sexual experience. Don’t just do the conventional missionary just for the heck of doing it, do it nice and do it well with some of the best sex toys at your disposal.

And even if you are single and still soul searching for the right partner, why to even search for one. Undoubtedly real flesh and plastic or rubberized toys aren’t the same but some of the best pleasure of your life is guaranteed with the wide range of sex toys that are available in a few clicks online.

Let’s look at some of the other aspects of these sex toys in detail.

Why Sex Toys?

Well, that’s a question that is often self-explanatory. The question should rather be, why not? Yes, you heard that right!! Why not a sex toy? Why should the need for one’s own body be dependent on the mood of another? Why should you not get the freedom you deserve to fulfil that need? Of course, you should. For many years, the idea of self-stimulation was considered as a taboo in many parts of the world. But now know more. And if you are still a part of that world or era, it’s time for a change. It’s time to free yourself from the shackles of all that old school thinking and understand the needs of your body and fulfil them each time and every single time.

Sex toys are the perfect self-stimulation tools you need to pleasure yourself up and take that masturbation experience to an entirely different level. Using a dildo or a vibrator just helps you reach your g-spot consistently with every push, every thrust. Oh, and the feeling that you get makes you go weak in your knees. And all that you do is experience the ecstasy the pleasure of it all with your eyes closed and waiting to orgasm in some of the most violent squirts. All of this satiating pleasure without anyone around or depending on your partner, the way you need it and whenever you need it. Isn’t that amazing?

Okay!! Now imagine that all of what you were doing above is what your man does to you. Wow!! the thought itself sends a shiver down the spine. Doen’t it. Imagine yourself on top of him and he is deep inside you and then he turns on the vibrator and starts running it on your g-spot. Or he is doing it doggy-style already deep inside you and picks up a dildo to shove it in and out your butt. How does it feel to imagine such exciting possibilities? Doesn’t that turn on the dark side of your desires? Turn all of it on and much more with sex toys.

How Can You Use Them?

Whether you wish to treat yourself with some sexual extravaganza or you wish to add some excitement to your routine sex life with your partner, these sex toys come handy wherever you want to use your hands!! Literally!! If you are home alone and wish to spoil yourself a bit, use some sex toys to pleasure yourself up and enjoy some moments of bliss in solitude. If you are planning to have some crazy sessions with your partner let him work it up in all your beautiful orifices the way you like it. You can use these toys to play those wild sex games, all day and all night long. Do not but ignore his “member” too in the process. Couple the pleasure with some real meat and ride to the eighth heavens of pleasure and ecstasy.

You can use these toys when you host a party this weekend. Gather some like-minded sex-freaks and let there be vibrators and dildos all over the place. Let them experience the pleasure of it all the way they want to. And distinguish yourself as the best host of the season!!

If you love to travel or have planned to spend this weekend near a beachside, you can take to the sea as well. Imagine having a butt plug up your butt all the while you are at the beach or in the sea. When you come back, you will always remember the constant euphoria you were in during the trip. So enjoy your little getaways with these little toys that make your moments of ecstasy and pleasure some of the greatest and the most memorable ones of your life.

And apart from that, you can use these sex toys, the way you need and the way you want, provided you are following certain precautions and safety norms not to harm yourself.

Now let’s look at the real thing. Let’s see what all products are commonly available.

Buying a Sex Toy – Products and Places

You can either walk up to a sex shop to buy some or most of the products or you can simply shop online. Online shopping is a preferred option, that’s because they offer the same products at cheaper rates. Online shopping platforms also take special care in ensuring that the delivery is completely confidential and discreet and unless you don’t open the package you would think it is some other usual product and not a sex toy. So they take care of your privacy and secrecy too.

V for Vibes is an online sex store specializes in providing quality sex toys. They believe in the principle of empowering women with the freedom of choices they need to make. Let’s see what are these products that are on offer by V for Vibes:

1. Vibrators

With an amazing range of vibrators at unbelievable prices, you simply can’t resist but catch hold of one. The elegant packaging and discreet shipping make owning one even more simple. With a range of different variants such as the $75 Drusilla with a sucking mode, the $59.19 Cybele with the heating and triple stimulating option, or the Rhea ($79.99), Hera ($35.99), Venus ($79.19) or Diana ($71.19), all of them are truly satisfying both in terms of prices and otherwise.

2. Lubes and Condoms

To make things smooth and easy for you V for Vibes stocks a range of premium quality lubes and condoms. The KY Gel comes in three Variants Ultragel – Pack of 2($26.99), Liquid Personal ($9.99) and Natural Felling ($8.99). The condoms range from ultra-thin to other large variants with pricing between $11 to $20 based on the quality.

Apart from the above V for Vibes also stock dildos on popular demand. You can opt for these rubberized sex toys if you want to feel the real pleasure minus the vibration. The price quotes above are as per the limited period winter sale offer. So log on to https://www.vforvibes.com/shop right away and browse through for the best product you need.

Now that we have covered almost all aspects, let’s look quickly look at some of the merits of using these sex toys.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys

There are many physical and mental benefits of self-stimulation using sex toys. We will try to list some in brief:

1. Sex toys empower contemporary women to choose their moments of sexual pleasure without any dependencies on their partners and free from any hassles.

2. Using sex toys improves the overall quality of the sex lives of couples and partners.

3. Sex toys make it possible for women to orgasm more often thereby leading to reduced stress and anxiety levels and better overall mental and physical well-being.

4. Using sex toys enables women to accept themselves the way they are when they embrace the reality that they are self-sufficient.

5. Sex toys and sexual products make it possible for men and women to take a routine biological life process of mating to the next level of extreme pleasure.

Final Words

Sex is exciting. Sex is crazy. And using sex toys and other sex products can completely transform your sexual experiences. Why use your hand when you have so many vibrators that will make you squirm and scream? Why depend on your partner when you have that dildo in your hand double his size?

The idea is not to insult your men but to give you the freedom to choose your time and moment of pleasure and fulfillment. Why wait to meet him for an orgasm when it’s just a switch on the vibrator away. Logon to the V for Vibes website for everything else and more.


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