How to introduce sex toys to your relationship.

Nov 4, 2019

According to the latest reports, sex toys are a multi-billion dollar industry making them more convenient than ever. When it comes to couples intimacy and a sex life, it is quite natural and a daunting task to discuss the idea of having sex using a sex toy with your partner, even though there are toys specifically designed for couples to make their usage better.

As said, it is more intimidating to bring sex toys in the bedroom and introduce them to your partner to have further discussion on the topic. You know that everyone has an ego and nobody wants their wife or husband to feel threatened, or inadequate, or even uncomfortable.

It is this barrier that you have to cross and take that leap to make the experience fulfilling and enjoyable without hurting anyone’s ego in a harmonious way. Sex toys can enhance pleasure and couples intimacy – these are something that you should not be afraid of.

Couples intimacy after marriage does not replicate the meaning of boring sex. As a matter of fact, having someone whom you love from the depth of your heart and the trustworthiness derived, will only make it possible to reach for a satisfying sexual exploration.

You will never let a random person you met in a club to put hands on your sex toys and use it on you. Whereas, on the other side, your wife or husband is the only person with whom you are most comfortable with.

If you are searching for a more pleasing experience and want to explore more about your sexual life then you will need sex toys because that’s what you need to start with. Here is an ultimate guide about introducing sex toys in your own private space so that you can extend your passion to a great orgasmic height with your partner.

Make a deep conversation:

Spare the world and have a meaningful conversation with your partner. Remember that sex toys add intimacy and pleasure when you both use them together. Manage the discussion from an angle with your partner and make it understandable that the thing is for both persons.

So, first things first, talk about giving a try to sex toys. Don’t just take out a luxury clitoral vide or a discreet vibrator and hope for a positive result. Make sure that the conversation doesn’t drift to one side.

Make your partner comply with your thinking that it is not about feeling dissatisfied with the sexual life and also not about your partner’s deficiencies in the bedroom. The conversation must be approached with empathy and an open mind. Make sure that you maintain a healthy conversation otherwise things may get bad.

If by any mistake the focus of your conversation shifts on your partner’s inability to perform or what is missing in your sex life, your partner will automatically react in a defensive way. Let’s explain this by citing an example.

You need to use top female vibrators because you no longer have orgasms. That’s fine, but instead of throwing the exact words perhaps you might consider saying the things in a different way. Tell your partner that you will love to try the best female toys and convince him that it will be really hot if he would use the vibrator on you.

It may seem like you are cheating on your partner but that’s not true. This is not a blame game either. This is all about taking your wonderful sexual life to a brand new level of ultimate satisfaction. You must make the conversation light and fun so that your partner becomes more inclined to this experiment.

Put more focus on exploring the journey together:

As said earlier, don’t rush into things and handle the situation in a subtle way. While you were conversing about the possibilities of using sex toys, slightly move further into the discussion by putting the focus on the type of exploration and a journey that both of you were taking together.

Don’t just shower your partner with statistics and proven facts. Be more realistic by putting emphasis on making this thing a sexy one and you are dying to try it with your partner and that imagination turns you on.

Tell your partner that it is all about the trust and make him feel the same thing all by himself without forcing from outside. Trying female vibrators is not about compensating what is absent rather this thing can add fire in the relationship that you love and adore.

It’s pretty amazing that you are so comfortable around your partner and want to try something new and kinky things in your confined space. Keeping the conversation playful is what you need and keep in mind that pleasure toys for women are not hot wax or ball gags.

Pick up the right gear:

This is an important part and special care has to be taken while selecting the right gear. You should perhaps start with something small and gradually scale upward with more toys. Your partner may have some insecurities and probably you shouldn’t come home carrying a big phallic vibrator.

To avoid any frightening situation, it is always great to start with simple toys that don’t mimic any body parts. These days the market is crawling with vibrators with different shapes, sizes, and attractive colors. You must stick to an innocent-looking toy with gender-neutral colors.

Purchasing pleasure products is not confined to stores having plexiglass windows where you might feel a bit awkward going there. The various company has online stores that can make your shopping experience fun and comfortable.

As said, one of the important aspects of this experience is selecting and picking up toys that will work on both of you and probably you don’t want to end up trying a flesh-colored dildo for the first time.

Start your incredible journey with a small and discreet vibrator. It is a non-scary and fabulous entry point. Remember, if your partner gets freaked out, she or he isn’t going to sense comfort trying that again. You don’t want your fun to be stooped by such an act before it even got started.

If your partner is more anxious you need to ease out on sex toys. There are lots of non-threatening and amazing toys available for beginners. You can use a small and safe vibrator that gets attached to your hand and mimics the movement of the fingers.

That’s more realistic because you will even forget that thing is there. Sex toys good for beginners include vibrators with egg-shape design and vibrating penis rings. These can be worn during sexual intercourse which can delight both partners. There are men who enjoy vibrations too.

You can use any sex toy having a light color tone, is compact in size and works silently. Stay away from large toys. You can try them later but to start with, you must stay simple and adorable.

Safety measures while buying products:

It doesn’t matter most what your choices will be regarding sex toys but make sure those products are manufactured from harmless materials. These include non-porous products made from phthalate-free rubber and 100 percent silicone. These are soft to use and reduce the exposure to any harmful chemicals.

Do complete research if you are considering a product that is not made from stainless steel, silicone, elastomer, food-grade vinyl or Lucite. If you are not sure, wear a condom on it. Probably you must use a condom if you are sharing the toy with others.

Use a sex toy cleaner or a bar of soap to wash your sex toys after every use to prevent it from spreading sexually transmitted infections, if there be any. A clean toy will ensure that you will be having fun by remaining healthy for a prolonged time.

Impact of sex toys on couples intimacy:

While sex may be good for health because it boosts your immune system with a healthy heart, reduces stress and pain, and improves your sleeping habits. For sex toys, there is no evidence that can be linked with a healthy body. But they can help you to express your sexuality.

Here are some ways which suggest that sex toys are good for your relationship.

It leads to more communication – When you will be using a sex toy then the frequency of conversation rises and both partners intend to show their positive and negative traits regarding the subject. All the misconceptions vanish the relationships grow stronger.

Take the pressure from both the partners – One of the partners may suffer from anxiety and that concern may not help them to perform better. Sex toys provide an extra level of confidence for both partners. Women in particular struggle to have orgasms through sexual intercourse alone.

Helps in strengthening intimacy – sex toys help you to explore the unknown things regarding sexual life. This directs you towards excitement and knowledge. The more you learn the more you will get close to your partner.

Using sex toys is wonderful and being a women-friendly company proficient in selling sex toys it is suggested that by using sex toys like a luxury clitoral vibe you can take your sex life to a new height. All the products are tried and tested to give you perfect pleasure right into your hands.


Remember that you are not only spicing things up in your bedroom, but you are trying to achieve sexual satisfaction and deep intimacy for both of you.

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