The Benefits of Having Sex Outside.

Nov 2, 2021

Having sex outside will bring to light a newfound take on sexual enlightenment. It is the perfect means to change the environment of your carnal endeavors, further promoting experiential intimacy and sexual intimacy through this adventurous experience of which is, at least hopefully, synonymous with climatic delight. 

But what exactly are the benefits of having sex outdoors? We are here to dig into the soil of this naturalistic take on sex and why having sex outside might just be precisely what your sex life needs to discover new pleasures and a nature-induced sensuality. 

The Risks

Before getting into the benefits of having sex outside, we must first showcase the possible risks involved with this form of sexual and experiential intimacy. Let’s be honest; it’s usually illegal to practice any form of sexuality when outside in public, and in most places, this might lead to possible consequences, whether they be legal or not. 

With this, you are responsible for all of these risks involved and do note that getting caught having sex outside can lead to punishment. But for some, the risks are exactly what we seek, right? 

In order to reduce the risks to the greatest possible extent, try to be as sneaky as possible, and the fewer people around, the better. So embrace your inner explorer, go on a far away hike, drive to an utterly secret location, or go wherever it is that is the safest possible place to get down and dirty in the great outdoors, and always carry this responsibility with you. 

Having Sex Outside is Grounding and Connecting

Humans are products of nature, and sexuality is the driving force behind life on our planet. With this, having sex outside is one of the best ways to connect yourself with nature and your loved one. 

The indoors hides us away from aspects of our world that drive happiness and health– the sunshine, the fresh air, the sound of birds chirping nearby, or waves crashing on the shore of a nude beach. 

When you engage in sexual behavior outside of the protection of walls, this brings you right outside and into these very elements that are both spiritual and grounding. You are able to embrace your natural existence within our world fully and will reap the rewards of relaxation and sensation driven by the ability to fully succumb to the feelings of sex shared with the outdoors.  

With a little dirt on the knees or grass on the feet, this connection breathes new life into sensuality in a means that enhances the experience of sex through this natural interconnection of our very life force on this planet, a grounding, and uniquely invigorating experience, to say the least. 

having sex outside

It Changes the Environment of Sex

To the truth of the matter, avoiding the mundane in our sexual experiences is difficult indeed. It’s easy to become repetitive, and although sometimes a little routine is a great thing, it can also be a total destroyer of that romantic spark you once felt with a partner. 

In an effort to avoid the mundane in sex, you have to be dedicated. It requires definitive effort on the end of all parties involved to change things up, and one of the best methods to do this is to simply alter the environment of your sex!

A different environment of sex is just that- different! It’s spontaneous, risky, and adrenaline-inducing at the least, and will have both of you relishing the fact that you implemented an effort to enhance your sex through catering to this form of experiential intimacy.

This experience is sure to bring you closer as a couple, as you both share a sly smile when the deed is done, and it will give you something to talk about and remember for all your days to come. 

Even if it means just a quickie on the beach, by changing the environment of your sex, you will both be saying “round two?!” when you arrive back at the comforts of your home, and you’ll no longer feel the grasp of the mundane, the perfect way to enhance romanticism and to do something that is, of course, far from the ordinary. 

Having Sex Outside Increases Sex Drive

Bringing us back to the prior point, and the fact that sex outside changes the environment of your sex and works to throw the word ‘boring’ right out of the window, as well as this grounding connection it builds with yourself, your partner, and the natural world, all of this comes together to increase your sex drive

When things remain the same, we simply are not as passionate about certain aspects of our sexual love life. The more excited you feel about sex, the more fun it becomes, and the more euphoric these sensations are, the more you want to do it again! And less passion means less desire, less desire leading to less sex, and a sex drive that might need a little help in bringing back to life. 

If you take the time to plan out and follow through with sex outside, you are showing your partner that you are taking passion into your own hands, utilizing spontaneity to the fullest extent. This experience will quite literally create a high of sexual bliss that leads to an increase in sex drive that will enhance your romanticisms to realms never before experienced until now. So if you need a little spark to keep things alive and well, perhaps sex outside is the holistic medicine you’ve needed all along. 

having sex outside

Sex Outside Caters Perfectly to Exhibitionism 

There’s a lot of us out there that totally enjoy the idea of being seen or caught while engaging in some form of sexual behavior, whether that be flashing, masturbating, or full-on partner intercourse. Being turned on and excited by this idea is the aspect contained within the kink of exhibitionism, which is a total passion for some. 

Those who enjoy exhibitionism are free spirits indeed, and the risks involved with being caught are precisely what drives our desire and passion. Oh yeah, it might be risky, and you might deal with some serious consequences, but those in the exhibitionism space already know this well. 

With this, if you have ever had the desire to enhance the risk of your sex, or to show off a little bit for a total stranger, then having sex outside is surely one way to do so! 

Perhaps you do your due diligence, and no one even sees you, as you’ve walked far down a trail, or you stick to the privacy of your own backyard. This still promotes the ‘idea’ within exhibitionism, and the risk of being caught without actually being caught is enough to send you into a whirlwind of erotic excitement, perfectly catering to the kink of exhibitionism with your partner. 

And when you cater to your inner kinks, you embody your sexuality to the fullest extent. This leads to the pinnacle of sexual fulfillment, as ignoring your kinks often leads to sexual frustration. If exhibitionism is something that turns you on, or at least something that you want to experiment with to see if it turns you on, then sex outside is a keystone element to embracing your inner exhibitionist with your partner. 

If this seems like something you wish to try, the best place to start is open and honest communication with your partner. You must understand if they are not willing to take these risks, or if being seen by a stranger is absolutely off the table, as we are all unique in our preferences. But maybe, just maybe, they will find common ground with you, and you will discover that you both share the same internal desires. 

If this is the case, then you are guaranteed to enjoy a fresh new take on shared sexual pleasure and experimentation, and this will work to build connection, make your sex a whole lot kinkier, enhance pleasure, and leads to shared fulfillment that will have your sex life screaming with delight. 

Talk about it, plan it, and if you wish to take on the risks, then go for that big outdoor “O”!



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