Having Sex in Public.

Nov 15, 2020

So, what’s the deal?

If you haven’t had sex in public, then you probably want to have sex in public. The often spontaneous nature, the laughter driven by subtle fear as your loved one yanks your arm towards some ‘secret’ spot that really isn’t so secret. Parking lots with foggy windows, patches of woods that open up to the stars. 

The creativity alone is half of the fun. 

But more fun than that, more alluring and enticing is the wild turn-on of the rather intimidating risk involved. From the ideas and concepts of being seen by the public eye to the very real, very scary legal consequences that follow along with this delicate act should you, to the unfortunate turn of events, get caught. 

The reality of it is that having sex in public is no joke, but it is riveting and heart-pounding should you do it and do it right. More than just spicing up your sex life. You’re giving it a whole new flavor. 

And when you realize that one-third of Americans admit to having sex in public, chances are that even more would agree on at least wanting to have sex in public, then you begin to realize this little kink is extremely common.

And if the desire has ever passed through your mind that this is something you wish to do, then the simple truth is that there are absolutely better and worse ways to go about it. From knowing what the legal consequences are if you get caught having sex in public to tips on doing it in all the best ways, such as naughty public stimulation with remote control vibes, let’s get into all you need to know about getting it on where all can see. 

What are the Consequences of Having Sex in Public?

Let’s get through the boring, yet necessary, aspect of having sex in public that is the legal consequences of doing so should you get caught. It is essential to understand the laws of the state wherever it is you are choosing to have sex because honestly, some places have a heck of a lot worse of a penalty than others. So, please, at least be careful, because as fun as this is there is still a risk involved. 

A lot of states will charge you with what is known as a ‘lewd act’, often falling under a misdemeanor crime, or with indecent exposure. Sure, doesn’t sound like the worst, and it’s really not, but you might have to fess up about what you’ve done in front of a judge and an audience, so be ready for that. You will also have to dish out a decent chunk of change for court fees, and if a lawyer is involved get ready to break into the bank a bit. 

But all said in done you can walk away from this overall pretty unscathed. 

In other states, however, tread with serious caution, as getting caught having sex in public can land you clean in jail. In the states that take this activity most seriously, first-time offenders can have a very difficult time pushing for even just the best-case scenario of probation. 

Serious fines, the possibility of becoming a registered sex offender, jail time. I’m not trying to scare you out of having sex in public, for if it is a fantasy of your own, then please fulfill your desires, but at least do some research for your state to find out exactly what you might be dealing with should the red and blue pull up on your parked car. You might just choose to get a room, instead!


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Tips on How to Have Sex in Public 

Exactly how you are going to go about fulfilling this naughty vice is very much situational. A lot of the factors that influence how you are going to do it depend on your location, the time of day. All sorts of stuff.

But no matter what, there are two factors that you want to maintain while having sex in public:

Not getting caught 

Being comfortable 

And the rest is all about having a good time. 


When it comes to not getting caught, the reasons are both so that you can avoid any penalty, but also so that you can enjoy the moment without constantly letting your mind slip into the negatives. 

Sometimes, it’s not easy getting the initial arousal going, especially when this is new to you, and the last thing you want is to be thinking about the trouble you could get in. 

Although the idea of getting caught by someone might further turn you and your partner on, and if that someone was the right person who found your little endeavor to be sexy, then lucky you two, but unfortunately there’s a good chance that things could go south. 

You have to make sure your mindset is ready to deal with these thoughts while in a sexual setting. It can be tricky, but with time and experience, this idea does become easier. 

Having Sex in the Car 

If you are going to have sex in the car, then there is a fine line of blending into a parking lot naturally, as being the only car in a parking lot is suspect, without landing yourself somewhere that is too crowded. 

Find a spot that is slightly trafficked, but where you can park away from the main source of the crowd. If you can, pull your license plate up against the back of something, so that it cannot be easily written down if someone catches you in the act. 

Although laying down the seats seem nice, sometimes keeping things vertical is way easier, so try sex positions like riding your partner in the seat. 


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Planning Ahead

Planning your pubic sex endeavor ahead of time is a great way to prevent yourself from getting caught and be comfortable. Although a lot of public sex can be spontaneous, planning allows you to think about the place you are going to have sex and exactly how you will navigate it. 

This allows you to be as careful as possible. Maybe one car of yours is more tinted than the other, or maybe you are going to have sex outside and need to bring a blanket. You can dress accordingly, like wearing an easy to access dress and no underwear. 

Just like any good date, a little planning can go a long way, and talking about it with your partner will also build excitement before the deed. 

Don’t Mess Around 

If you want long and intimate sex, then you probably aren’t thinking about doing it in public. It just doesn’t make any sense. 

Although this may seem self-explanatory, it is still worth mentioning. You never want to mess around when having sex in public. 

The longer you are out and about doing it, the higher the chance it is that you will get caught. You might have to draw the line of foreplay at only kissing, as you can’t get in trouble for that, and when you want to get into it, get straight into it!

Don’t waste any time or prolong the situation, as things are always better off quick when in a public setting, and save the long loving for your home. 

Try a Remote Control Vibe

If you are not quite ready to jump straight into sex in public, then you might want to try something with a little less risk. One of the most pleasurable, laughable, smile, and possible orgasm-inducing ways to have a sexual encounter in public is by using a remote control vibe

You can place the small vibe in your pants while you cruise around the public doing whatever it is you do. 

Your partner controls the speeds up and down, varying the intensity depending on your situation. During lunch, at a movie theatre. A large gathering. The fun part is to see just how risky you can go. 

Only you two know of what is going on, know of the soaking wet panties that are dying to be taken off of your body, and soak up the pure pleasure of these thoughts. 

The entire experience will result in one of the longest of foreplays you have ever been through, and if you can’t make it home it looks like you will be doing it in the car anyways! 

No matter what, a remote control vibe will have you trying to maintain control over yourself while people go on with their daily lives around you, unaware of you and your partner’s little secret, a lustful method for fulfilling your public turn on desires to the fullest extent. 


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