Everything to Know About Guided Masturbation.

May 11, 2022

For many, masturbating often brings about feelings of guilt and is a practice that some are intimidated by or not sure of how to properly pursue. Guided masturbation works magic at negating any negative emotions surrounding the subject and acts as the perfect masturbation tool for those who find themselves struggling with this much-needed form of self-care and self-love. 

There are many beliefs around the practice of masturbation that make it look negative. For either cultural, religious, or moral reasons, masturbation may be associated with something as dirty, dangerous, and that one should be ashamed of practicing. But the truth is that masturbation is quite a potent tool in promoting sexual discovery, leading to healthier and happier lives, and teaching ourselves things about our own bodies that would otherwise go unknown. 

Masturbation is not only a common activity that nearly everyone practices, whether it is kept a secret or talked about openly or with partners and friends. It is healthy (there are a ton of health benefits of masturbation), and there is nothing to feel guilty about!

Regardless, however, of nearly everyone practicing it, whether in their private domains or openly, many people fail to reach orgasm independently, as not everyone can have sensual feelings by themselves. 

With this, they might find themselves wanting someone to direct them down the path to this climax. And that is precisely the job of guided masturbation. 

So what is guided masturbation? 

Guided masturbation lets someone else tell you how you will please yourself during masturbation by controlling your every move and even how you breathe. It is essentially instructions from an outside source on how to masturbate and what to do to yourself when you are masturbating. 

They guide your fingers, and your hands become their agents, teasing you, pleasing you, controlling you, and telling you how to masturbate while you make your own imaginations and fantasies come to life with their verbal, visual, or written instructions. This is called guided masturbation. 

guided masturbation

Benefits of Guided Masturbation:

There are many benefits of masturbation, like relieving stress, sexual tension, reducing sexual frustration, decreasing menstrual cramps, etc. Guided masturbation is something that helps people to approach pleasure with a mindful mindset; researchers have found that this type of masturbation helps improve a number of sexual problems, like:

1) Low Libido

People don’t feel sex arousal due to many issues. They might not get the stimulation they need, or maybe their imagination needs a strong buzz to help set things on the right track. Guided masturbation stimulates sexual desire and satisfies their sexual need by increasing their libido through successful masturbation practices. And it keeps increasing every time!

2) Body Image Issues

Some people have a certain negative mindset related to their bodies. They are low in sexual confidence and hence don’t feel satisfied with themselves and their sexuality. With guided masturbation, they tend to accept themselves the way they are, boosting their confidence and self-esteem as they start enjoying masturbation even more, as masturbating is a personal, enlightening experience. 

guided masturbation

3) Anxiety and Trauma

Not everyone is bold enough to accept that they feel masturbation is more enjoyable than sex within an intimate relationship with their partner. Either their shyness or the cultural barriers come their way. But different apps, videos, and audios help people release anxiety and do it on their own, freely, and in their own private sphere, which allows them to let go of past traumas that might arise with a partner. 

4) Erectile Dysfunction

People have erection issues; either things around them fail to inspire them, or due to other underlying health issues, they cannot reach erection which often causes embarrassment in front of their partners. Sounds and images of individuals, alongside masturbation instruction, in the form of video, audio, literature, or different apps might help negate erectile dysfunction. 

5) Porn Addiction 

Some are naturally inclined towards porn movies and are addicted to pornography. Guided masturbation privileges them with the perfect means of using different forms of healthier pornography, a great way to move away from an addiction to video slowly. 

The very benefits of guided masturbation also include improving relationships with ourselves and others by making changes on a cellular level through the body. Hence, we find freedom through sexuality.

People enjoy guided masturbation more than self-masturbation because some people who opt for guided masturbation love to be controlled by someone or stay in control when it comes to masturbating. They feel it more joyful and become hornier when another person guides them sexually and sensually. Where you have to stop, when you have to cum, how many more jerks will you make, or how intensely will you rub your clitoris? They all do as directed.

Forms of Guided Masturbation:

There are several different ways of getting and utilizing guided masturbation.

With the world advancing and media growing, you have many options to please yourself, even just on your mobile phones! 

From guided masturbation audio to guided masturbation Literotica, to the variety of apps in your mobile designed to give you a holistic way of satisfaction, you can get cozy with yourself in your comfortable setting and let your body discharge and release from sexual tensions. 

People around the world practice different kinds of guided masturbation in an indifferent way. Still, there is also the fact that many people are unfamiliar with what guided masturbation is, and they don’t have much knowledge. Hence, these forms help them make the best utilization of themselves for themselves.

Guided Masturbation Audio:

Audio porn is a profoundly underrated way of consuming your smut. Some sites have audio stories and wellness content meant to connect you to your sexuality and desires. Their short audio stories are often character and emotion-driven on top of being hot. And then others have direct to listener features, meaning audio that speaks to you, whether dirty talk, instructional or narrative. There is something uniquely satisfying about listening and tapping into your own imagination with the help of anything from narrated erotica to standalone porn sounds.

Guided Masturbation Literotica:

This kind of guided masturbation includes sex-related literature with sensual stories, sex chats, and written narratives. Many of the largest websites also facilitate people with chat rooms where people can have sex-related chats and help each other masturbate via the written word. Sex chats are also a part of the Literotica as many people who understand their partner’s needs in their cozy and love moments use messaging to let their partner do masturbate in their guidance. 

Guided Masturbation Video:

The selection of the medium through which you can get guidance and reach orgasm depends on a person’s taste. Some people prefer audio, and others like to see videos where they are directed to do certain things by a sexy, seductive individual on the screen. 

Videos can be the form of porn movies, and partners who like to engage in mutual masturbation can do it together while watching it. In comparison, some couples prefer providing guided masturbation in person, like a ‘real life’ video. Some videos are made for you, easy to access on pornography websites, or some might think to make their own guided masturbation video for their partner. This is an incredibly excellent idea for long-distance relationships!

Guided Masturbation Circle:

Around the world, people are now practicing guided masturbation by attending workshops and joining larger groups. Somatic sex coaching uses breath, movement, and touch to help you become more connected to your body. A guided masturbation circle is masturbation led by a prominent, aware, and experienced leader who will take you (and everyone else!) through the steps needed to become in tune with your body and reach the climax you’ve been waiting for. 


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