Sex Gift Idea: Guided Masturbation Audio.

May 11, 2022

We sure have quite the alluring and exciting sex gift idea guaranteed to send your person whirling into a world of sexual bliss and euphoria. Introducing guided masturbation audio, your partner’s one-way ticket to O-town!

Like, seriously; this one is one of the best gifts your partner could ever ask for, as it is:

  • Extremely unique- they’ve probably never even thought of receiving guided masturbation audio, or honestly have no idea what it even is!

  • Personal- this sex gift is personal and thoughtful, a sexual form of art as it requires you to go the extra mile in creating it and shows that you are willing to think well outside the box for their pleasure. 

  • Sexy- I mean, what good is a sex gift if it isn’t sexy?! Guided masturbation audio is a gift out of our wildest dreams. Make it real, and your partner will never look at you the same (in a damn good way, of course!). 

  • They can Keep and Use it Forever- it doesn’t get old, it doesn’t expire, and any time they feel that urge, they can use your guided audio as their special tool for masturbation. And plus, because it is YOU creating it, this is far more intimate and more connecting than another masturbation tool, such as pornography. It’s like you’re there without being there!!

Want to know more about how to bring guided masturbation audio to life? Stick around and find out; we’re just about as excited as it gets to show you. 

What is Guided Masturbation?

Before coming up with your guided masturbation audio, you should obviously first know what guided masturbation is. 

Guided masturbation is essentially having another force (a person, an audiotape, a book, etc.) help direct you through your masturbation practices. You can think of it as a form of masturbation ‘instructions’. Have you ever heard of jerk-off instructions, aka JOI? This is a prevalent search on pornography websites, and jerk-off-instruction is a form of guided masturbation. Still, guided masturbation also takes on many forms for all sexualities and genders alike. 

During guided masturbation, this outside force will walk you through the practice by providing insight on how to touch yourself, telling you exactly what to do, how to do it, and to what intensity/speed, and will also act as a source of fueling your carnal imagination to promote arousal.

Usually, the voice is sexy and erotic, or it is accompanied by a video for visual pleasure, helping you feel comfortable and turned on. 

guided masturbation audio

Guided Masturbation Audio

Guided masturbation audio, therefore, is instructing someone on how to masturbate through the spoken word. They can plug the headphones in, lay back, relax, and get busy as the sexy voice within the audiotape tells them precisely what to do. 

So for a sex gift, it is your job to develop a guided masturbation audiotape for their pleasure, as you will be navigating them through their masturbation practices with your voice and instructions, which, trust us, is way sexier than some stranger on a free adult site!

How to Make Guided Masturbation Audio

Lucky for us, we live in the 21st century, and with technology, it couldn’t be easier to make guided masturbation audio. Really, all you need is a recording device (duh, a smartphone will do!), and you’re good to go!

Step 1: Relax

It’s honestly going to be tricky getting yourself in the mood to record a guided masturbation audiotape. It’s a bit awkward and cringe at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get comfortable eventually!

The best thing you can do is take a few deep breaths, relax, and fully embody this entire process! If you’re tense, they’ll be able to tell from the sound of the audio, so seriously- relax!! Be the sexy, erotic human being you are, and let those barriers of awkwardness break down as you become the star of this audio-based show.

Step 2: The Introduction

You want to begin the guided masturbation with a bit of an introduction. Just like setting the mood for real-life sex, you want to set the mood for them before diving right in!

You can come up with a little story or create a bit of a role play construct to set things off on the right track, such as leaving them a ‘voicemail’ after meeting for the first time that expressed how horny they made you upon first sight. Or, you can keep it simple by introducing yourself, telling them what you are wearing, and expressing your excitement to walk them through such an erotic and enjoyable experience. 

Step 3: Audio-Based Foreplay

Just as with our real-life sexual encounters, sensual foreplay is a total must, no matter who or what gender you are! You want to ensure that your partner is guided through a bit of personal foreplay within this sex gift before leading to more. 

Have them begin by doing their best to imagine you in what you are (or aren’t!) wearing as you instruct them NOT to touch themselves yet. That’s right; we said not- the more anticipation you build through your instructions, the better. 

Continue forward by instructing them to gently caress their genitals from above their clothing, rubbing on their building penis or moistening vulva before allowing skin-to-skin contact. As this continues, have them take their clothes off seductively and slowly, alas revealing their patiently awaiting nether regions. 

Step 4: Take it Slow and Be Creative

As you continue instructing them on how to touch themselves, the key is to be slow, seductive, and creative. Take your time with things, as there is absolutely no need to rush. To do this, don’t have them jump straight into the action and force them instead to utilize soft, gentle touching before progressing into more aggressive forms of masturbation. Have them tickle their genitals with a light finger and remind them of the importance of slowing down and focusing on every sensation coming their way instead of rushing towards the climax. When your guided masturbation audio does get close to allowing for the climax, stop the action with your words to utilize the benefits of edging for increased sensation during orgasm. 

To further enhance creativity, try and think uniquely by offering them instruction to pause for a moment and play with their many erogenous zones, such as stroking their nipples or running their hands along their inner thighs. Remember, you have control, so make this experience wildly invigorating for them! 

Step 5: What Accessories are Allowed?

If you know your partner enjoys using certain accessories, such as sex toys, during masturbation, then it is your job to tell them whether they can or cannot use these toys. You must give them permission through your words, so if your loved one is particularly fond of a certain rabbit vibrator, cock ring, or something similar, give them the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’ during your recorded audio. 

thrusting vibrator

Step 6: The Climax

Eventually, the guided masturbation audio will have to come to an end, and it is your job to instruct them on when they are allowed to reach climax finally. Tell them that it’s time to finish, and have them increase the intensity of their masturbation practices as you remind them of how sexy they are, how turned on the idea of their masturbation makes you feel, and with definitive instructions on what to do (“Jerk it faster” or “Rub your clit harder” or “Come all over yourself”). 

Give them this time to really feel themselves, and settle down on the instructions towards the finale, as they will do whatever feels the best for them when the climax is near, and instead, just keep it erotic and sexy with your voice. Soon enough, there will be goosebumps riddled across their skin as their legs shake from pleasure. 

And low and behold, you’ve helped them climax even when you aren’t there. Now that’s impressive. 



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