Great Sex Positions to Avoid the Mundane.

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So you’ve mastered doggy, missionary, cowgirl, and you have even done them a million times already; they may even be your go-to sex position. There’s nothing wrong with that. But do you know there are other great sex positions out there waiting to be explored? 


The next time you want to roll in the sheets with your partner, don’t resort to your regular moves. Consider trying any of these great sex positions for couples. Yes, because you deserve better, long-lasting, and more intimate sex with your partner


Trust me; these sex positions will elevate your sex game and give you that back-arching and toe-curling orgasm you’ve always wanted. And best of all, the positions are simple! You and your partner can finish and still have time to watch your favorite episode on Netflix before drifting into post-climax sleep.  


So here you go!


Snow Angel


Don’t let the sweet name fool you. This is a great sex position for couples. It will make you feel naughty. You can easily incorporate sex toys into some of these great sex positions. Plus, your partner can touch and massage your erogenous zones from the lying position. The best part, your partner’s pelvis is rightly positioned to stimulate your clitoris for intense orgasms.


It is missionary but with an upside-down twist. Lie on your back and make sure you’re comfortable. Have your partner straddle you while facing away. Raise your legs and wrap them around their waist to elevate your pelvis. Grab his butt to help him slide up and down.

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Downward Dog


You do this pose, and I’m sure your partner will be grinning from the pleasure it gives. This is a yoga sex position you can explore even if you aren’t big on yoga. Start by standing and touching your toes. Now walk your hands away from your toes until your body is in an upside-down “V” position. 


Can you feel the breeze on your butt hole and vagina? That’s it. This position allows for deep vagina or anal penetration with angles that will stimulate your G-spot like a spa day out of your dirtiest sex dreams.

Legs Up


Here you have one of the most passionate and great sex positions you can ever think of. And the intimacy it offers you and your partner is priceless – no inhibitions, no awkwardness, just complete openness and one of the great sex you will ever have. 


Get your partner to sit on his knees and keep them slightly apart. Let him embrace you, and you hoist your leg over his shoulders. And while embracing each other, sit directly on his penis and let him penetrate you from that position. With your legs around his neck, the wildness goes up by a million notches.

great sex positions

Spread Eagle


This excellent sex style will have you screaming and moaning so much. No, I’m not complaining. I’d like to call it Missionary 2.0 but with extra pleasure and fun. 


Lay on your back and lift your legs. Spread your legs far and wide apart. Your partner then places his hands on your side as he penetrates you from that position.


Yummy Cunnilingus


We can’t leave oral sex out of the list of great sex positions out there. Oral sex is a way of appreciating your partner’s body with your mouth. It is the act of using your sweet mouth to worship and pleasure the one you love (It is hot right now, or is it just me). When your partner is worshiping you, it connects you emotionally. For more intimacy, prop yourself on your forearms and look down on your partner as they eat you out. Awesome, right?

great sex positions

Sweet Cream


Also known as the ice cream sex position, it is wild and intimate. Now you can say no to boring sex. 


Have your partner get on his knees while keeping his feet apart and his back super straight. Sit on his lap with your back to him. Just like you would sit on a chair with your feet slightly apart, and your partner can slide in from there. 


To spice things up, ride him like you were born for it! 


This will make your session hotter than ever. Better still, caress his lap while he rubs your breasts and kisses your neck as he gives you gentle strokes from under. I’d love to tell you that your orgasm is guaranteed, but you have to try it first.


The Screw


This great sex position is incredibly hot, and of course, it gives animalistic vibes. Here’s how you get it done! Lie diagonally horizontally on your back. Raise your leg and rest it on your partner’s hips. Let your partner enter you from the front and invert your body for maximum penetration. 


This position is undoubtedly fulfilling since both of you are at an angle that guarantees better contact with each other. Your partner should get handsy and show love to all your erogenous zones for the best time ever.


Spider Web


Instead of the typical thrusting, this position allows both of you to grind and rock each other in circular motions. Try to gyrate your hips around his penis for an erotic explosion. Here’s one of the great sex positions that allow you to enjoy a tighter fit that generates a lot of sexual tension yet will enable you to stroke, touch, and kiss each other during the act. 


You can reach behind him and rake your fingers gently along his back, causing a tingling sensation that sends shivers down his spine. It’s a major sexual move he won’t see coming but will make him moan even louder.


To do it, both of you should lie on your sides and face each other. Lean in close and scissor your legs through his own, and he goes deep inside you. While thrusting, hold each other tight for leverage and better friction.


The Letter M


Do you want to enjoy a good view of each other’s bodies? Consider adding this to your sex play. This is an intimate face-to-face position you can explore with your partner. It allows you to control the depth of the penetration. Want to make things hotter? Lean back to make the penetration hit home, and have your partner stimulate your clitoris with a vibrating toy at the same time.


So you’re probably thinking, “How do I do this?” Have your partner sit with his legs straight, and then you sit on his legs with your knees bent across their thighs. Both of you should lean back and let the pleasure begin!

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Yab Yum


The list of great sex positions to include in your checklist is not complete without tantric sex play. Think of tantric sex as an intimate and relaxing sex session. The Yab Yum position is a classic tantric sex position


Here your partner sits with his legs crossed while you sit on top of his lap, facing him. Hug each other tight and try to synchronize your breaths. This position’s intimacy helps you physically and mentally appreciate your partner more.


Ultimately, just because a position looks difficult at first doesn’t mean it can’t be fun – sometimes, this is even the most exciting part. 


Don’t be afraid to give these great sex positions a try. If it doesn’t feel good, you can adjust to improve it. It is all about finding a position that will make you and your partner have maximum fun and enjoy your sexual experience together. Try these sex positions today, and you won’t regret them!

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