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Great Reasons You Should Orgasm.

A well sexually satisfied woman can take over the world – at least, that’s what we at V For Vibes believe. Have you ever had the most mind-blowing orgasm, and gone into the next day with nothing but confidence in your step? Not only are you peppier than usual, but you’re also glowing, ready to take on anything that comes in your way. We have experienced this, and we can tell you, it’s one of the best feelings in the world (in our opinion). If you’re missing out, it’s time to put your foot down and make a serious change in your life.

Having sex is a definite confidence booster in some respects, since you experience the sensation of feeling wanted. This experience of feeling desired physically leads to a sensation of fulfillment, though that can be a temporary sensation if you’re having a casual hook up. That self-confidence boost is known to help you develop an overall more positive attitude about yourself, your physical appearance, and your overall happiness. However, having an orgasm is the final piece of all of that. Whether you give it to yourself, or have the most amazing partner, that orgasm can take your bad day to the best day ever. Financial stress? Orgasm cures it. Stressed at work? Get it on! Parents being rude to you? Have sex! Or masturbate, whichever you prefer. There are so many toys available, that the thrill of finding which one gets you off is almost as incredible as the high of getting off. 

Our point is this – having an orgasm is known to release endorphins that create an aura of confidence and calmness. Feeling relaxed is definitely a benefit of this as well. Need more encouragement? Buy a vibrator or dildo, get yourself off before bed. We can assure you, you’ll have the most well-rested sleep of your life. Feeling that weight come off your shoulders and your body physically relaxing is the most sought after and enjoyed feeling. Being able to feel totally at ease, and in a great mood is a phenomenal experience. Don’t just take our word for it though, try it tonight!

Do you need more encouragement and incentive to feel great? Orgasming is known to actually raise your “good” hormone levels- the beneficial ones that help you fight depression and anxiety. In addition, your skin receives benefits from orgasming! The endorphin rush will give you the most amazing glow, and increase circulation. This can also help with acne.Your oxygen levels rise as well, which help get your heart pumping. Have you been feeling down lately? Maybe it’s time to order yourself a toy – we’re not biased, but our favorite options are definitely from V For Vibes. Made out of high quality, body safe materials, there’s a toy out there for every one to try. Ok, we may be biased, but we’ve picked the best, highest quality toys on the market, because we believe in empowering women, one orgasm at a time. 


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