Juno glass dildo

These glass dildos will change your life.

With the plethora of sex toys available on the market, you may have noticed glass dildos have become more and more popular in the last few years. If you’ve been considering trying one out, read on to learn about the benefits and pleasures glass dildos can offer.

Glass dildos are beautifully crafted, body safe sex toys that can really step up your game. One major upgrade when buying a glass dildo is that they are non porous, meaning they last for years when cared for properly. Glass dildos can be easily cleaned, and are typically crafted with extra care and detail. The rigidity of the glass means that those who orgasm from a harder, textured toy can truly enjoy the craftsmanship. While glass sex toys may seem easily breakable, they’re actually far from it. These toys are designed to play hard, and the durability is pretty long. 

Glass toys are also wonderful to try temperature play with. Stick it in the freezer and enjoy cold temperatures, or submerge in hot water to try a heated touch.Using sex toys for temperature play also eliminates the messy aspect that ice and wax – the traditional methods of temperature play- bring to the table. In addition, pouring wax on your nipples may not be what you think is the safest option, but a hot or warm sex toy is easily controllable and enjoyable! 

Every glass sex toy is crafted differently. The ridges, bumps, and lines on each are unique, and add to pleasurable sensations. A silicone vibrator may get you off, but the hardness and texture on a glass toy internally can really change your game! Plus, since it’s glass, you can use any lubricant you want without worrying about it interacting with the material. 

Some glass sex toys can even be displayed as ornamental objects, if this floats your fancy. With so many options, you are sure to find the one for you. We recommend our Juno toy for any level of user – whether beginner or advanced. Another huge benefit to glass toys is that they’re sleeker, and can be used in conjunction with other toys, such as a clitoral stimulator! Sensations are endless with these glass dildos.

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