Your Guide to Gender-Neutral Sex Toys.

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Every day people are embracing gender fluidity. And V for Vibes is not left behind. 


At V for Vibes, we offer sex toys guaranteed to satisfy your needs. We do not aim to replicate the standard male penis. Anyone can use these gender-neutral sex toys regardless of their gender. Plus, while using these unisex sex toys in unconventional ways, you’ll likely discover new methods to enjoy and give pleasure, which is a win-win. 


The way you use sex toys should not only be limited to the purpose they were created for. When it comes to your pleasure, you and your partner don’t have to stick to any kind of gender binary rules. In fact, every sex toy can be gender-neutral if you are creative about using it. 


We have a wide selection of sex toys guaranteed to fulfill our customer’s wildest expectations at V for Vibes. From dual vibrators to anal beads, here are some of the unique and exciting sex toys you can use regardless of your gender and how to use them.


Have Endless Fun with Vibrators


Vibrators can be used for an astounding range of purposes. You can wrap a vibrator head around a penis or use it to stimulate your nipples gently. With this, most vibrators serve as gender-neutral sex toys. It can be humped, rubbed against your genitals, or placed between you and your partner’s body for stimulation. The only limit is your imagination!


Vibrators make your solo session feel almost effortless. Most women enjoy laying back and allowing the motor to do all the work. And why shouldn’t you? Indulge yourself, please! 


You can also use a vibrator on your man. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the versatility of this toy. If you have a male partner, gently caress his penis and balls with the vibrator and give it all the love it deserves. For an extra touch, hold the side of the vibrator against your cheeks as you go down him. The wetness of your mouth paired with the gentle vibrations will feel incredibly arousing.


You can also wear the vibrator internally and have your partner control the toy’s speed and tempo for shared sexual euphoria.

two headed dildo

Experience Sheer Happiness with a Wand Vibrator


It’s no secret that a wand vibrator is one of the best gender-neutral sex toys out there. There’s a reason why wand massagers are always best sellers; they deliver powerful and delicious orgasms. The wand is the clit’s best friend. Almost every woman agrees that a wand vibrator is one of the best things ever. Did you know that your favorite wand can also be used as a male sex toy and not just your best masturbation accomplice? Yes, that’s correct


It feels like a classic vibrator, but here you have a powerful sensation-based toy. I mean, if sex toys were skincare products, a wand vibrator would be your Holy Grail moisturizer. Perfect for mutual masturbation, you can bring it to bed and allow the wand to caress all your erogenous zones while sending tingling exhilaration down your body.


You or your partner can use it to stimulate your nipples, back, butthole, and the tip of the penis. When you are ready to stimulate your genitals with the wand, add some water-based lubricant to keep things smooth. Start on the lowest power and explore the stimulation that feels good. If a setting is too powerful, use the wand over your underwear or even with soft clothing.


Allow a Fucking Machine do the Job.


Fucking machines are so popular, and it’s not even a surprise they are gender-neutral sex toys. They are built to deliver a lifetime of pleasure for all genders. Sex machines work great for both men and women. 


Men can redefine their pleasure by getting the best ass fuck of their lifetime. Helooooo anal orgasm bliss!


And women love the strong penetrative action of a sex machine. Women can get all the pleasure they desire for as long as they want from a partner who never finishes too soon (wink wink). 


Anal Plugs for the Win


Anal plugs know no gender. One of the best things about anal plugs is that anyone can enjoy them. The sensations and experiences you want have nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Butts plugs are gender-neutral sex toys that make your normal sex feel like naughty sex. They come in a wide range of sizes for your bedroom’s pleasure and even outside the bedroom. 


Butt plugs are very discreet. And here is how you can use it to open yourself to a world of fearless sexual adventure.


  • Butt Plugs at work: Let’s be honest, there are moments when you feel like your job sucks. And the repetition that comes with a 9-5 can get annoying. Well, you can make it pleasurable. Why not try using an anal plug at work? Make your work fun, and you’ll find yourself racing home to finish the butt play that has been urging you on for the last 8 hours.
  • Temperature play: Anal plugs make shower sex even more intense. Simply run the plug under cool or warm water to change its temperature. Explore this new form of anal play as the temperature takes you to realms you’ve never known before.
opis anal training kit

Enjoy your Sweet Spots With A Cock Ring


Cock rings create intense pleasure for the penis, vulva, and anus. Even though they are the most prolific and common male sex toys, cock rings are gender-neutral sex toys. Penis rings can stimulate the clitoris and deliver orgasm-enriching vibrations. Perfect for masturbation and even more of a treat when used with your partner, women can also experience the soft and vibrating effects of cock rings during penetration.


Most penis rings are quiet and 100% waterproof. You’ll no longer have to worry about loud and intimidating vibrations again.


Thrusting Dildos for Gripping-the-Sheets Kind of Pleasure


Many traditional sex stores focus on “sex toys for men” and “sex toys for women.” In reality, thrusting dildos are gender-neutral sex toys. They can be used for anyone because; we all have butts! With a thrusting dildo, you don’t need a partner. This bad boy can take care of you without having to lift a finger.

thrusting dildo

Have Kinky Fun With Nipple Clamps 


Your breasts also deserve total love and care during sex. And while massaging it can be erotic, many people out there enjoy the painful stimulation of their breasts. Luckily, there are unisex sex toys that can achieve that: nipple clamps.


Nipple clamps give you an intense pinching feeling that will leave you wanting more. They are not only for partnered play. Getting a pair to add to your solo sessions is a pretty badass move. While using nipple clamps, remember to start slow and work your way up.


Ultimately, gender-neutral sex toys are essential. They reflect how it feels to be human. Instead of trying to fit into a box when it comes to our sexual pleasure, it is about what feels great – and being a woman or man is not necessary when it comes to that. V for vibes offers gender-inclusive toys. The sex toys for women don’t look like a standard penis or vulva and can be used on different bodies. You won’t have to think about whether it is a penetrative toy or something for men. What matters is that they are toys you can use to spice up your sex life.


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