Sex Toy Review: Opis, the 3 Piece Luxury Gem Butt Plug & Anal Training Kit.

Jun 9, 2022

Opis and My Intro to Butt Play.

Listen, I am the last person who ever thought I’d be sharing a review of a gem butt plug with you. My younger and less experienced self would’ve passed out, considering that I could ever be into playing with anything related to my rear end. When I was growing up, that just seemed off-limits. When I first had a partner recommend anal play, to say I was hesitant would be an understatement. The key to enjoyment? An anal training set, trust me. This jewel butt plug set was the absolutely crucial step to my enjoyment. 

First and foremost, I can’t stress enough how much I love shopping with V for Vibes. As someone who is getting braver with their sexuality, I still really appreciate the discreet packaging they offer. It means a lot to know that the mailman doesn’t know about my bedroom activities. These were packaged like the luxury items they are in black fabric. I love the attention to detail they put into curating a sexy experience. And I’m just so grateful for the women driving it forward, supporting pleasure without shame. 

The butt plugs themselves come in a set of three as an anal training set. If you’re anything like me and just breaking into anal play, this is confusing at first. It turns out that your anal muscles need some help getting prepared for enjoyment here. Which makes sense if you think about it- losing my vaginal virginity was uncomfortable that first time too. Anal play is much the same; it isn’t something that just happens right away. It takes time, patience, and, in my honest opinion, super cute accessories to work. 

I know that sounds silly, but having something absolutely beautiful really does make something potentially uncomfortable so much more exciting. These beauties are made from a solid-feeling aluminum alloy with the cutest blue gemstones and charms. They look more like cute earrings than intimidating sex equipment. 

Shape wise, this butt plug has the flared base that I know is important for safe anal play. I felt secure knowing that nothing was going to disappear anywhere and that I could always pull it out if needed. It also served to give me something to hold on to as I gently worked with it. Sometimes lube can get things a bit slippery down there, so I was grateful for something to give me a little mini handle of sorts. 

I also liked that the tip was delicately pointed to help with entry. Compared to other models I checked out, this gem butt plug set seemed to really understand the need for gradual comfort. If at any time I needed to pause at a certain width or depth, I could on the way in, and that really made it feel comfortable.

I started with the smallest obviously, which was just an easy one-inch wide. I worked with lube. I use a lot of lube throughout sex, but I know that it is especially important for any back-end fun. 

gem butt plug review

The aluminum alloy is nice because it doesn’t get sticky with water-based lubricants. I also was pleased to note how sensitive to temperature this set was. Before trying to place the first jewel butt plug, I held it in my hand to bring it up to a comfortable body temperature. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable this process would be if it was something cold, so thank goodness for that. 

Once warmed and lubed, I was seriously shocked by how easy this was to get in place. Maybe it was all the stressful research I had done, but I was prepared for pain, and this set delivered quite the opposite. I can legitimately say I found enjoyment within the first 20 minutes of wear, something that I didn’t think was possible in this new sexual frontier. I stuck with the small one for a bit but was able to gradually work up to the next size. They go up in width just a quarter of an inch at a time, so the jump from one to the next never made this anal training set overwhelming or painful. Some of the other sets I saw went up far more drastically, and I can’t imagine that being comfortable at all. 

Over time, this gem butt plug set really grows with you too. I like keeping it in place during solo masturbation sessions. Sometimes it’s nice to play with more than just a vibrator on my own, and I like how this adds a more full-bodied sensation. The added sensation really sings throughout the experience and even through the climax. Too often, I think women try to force a quick solo session; I’m a big believer in really nurturing your self-love sex life. 

When I am ready to connect with my partner, it’s frequently with a flirty text. I really love how adorable this gem butt plug set looks in my bum selfies. I feel straight out of a sexy magazine with the little sparkle. 

butt plug set

I know my partner certainly could agree with me on that one. The gemstones really make it super classy for a butt plug. I took it a step further and purchased new blue jammies for my little photo sessions and 10/10 on sexting with coordinated toys and play clothes. I’ve seen so many heinous butt plugs that look like some kind of medical device, and I’m far too cute for that kind of thing. 

One of my favorite ways to use this set is in longer foreplay situations. Most sources I checked say it’s not wise to have any butt plug inserted for hours and hours on end, but I’ve found some extended wear is such a turn-on for both myself and my partner. Maybe it’s just the naughty reminder in my bum that something exciting will happen later, but having one of these gem butt plugs in is enough to turn me on with no other stimulation. Sometimes I throw it in my purse during date night and surprise my partner when I’ve decided to take the naughty turn to escalate our date night by using it. We both have come to really enjoy the teasing game that comes along with these, for sure. Anything that expands my repertoire for pleasure and still feels good just makes for a richer sex life. And that is just one of many fun ways to use a butt plug!

As my interest in butt plugs and anal play has expanded, this kit is still useful to keep around. I’m in a place now where I can enjoy other forms of anal play with my partner (which, thanks to my work with this kit, is actually enjoyable and not just tolerable!) But if I’m honest, these still play a regular role in my sex life beyond the first time. Despite being able to enjoy more anal play, I still keep this kit in regular rotation. I appreciate that sometimes I can use the smaller one if it’s been a while. I also like that I can size up for extra fun marathon nights. Sometimes we have a dry spell, and it takes some getting comfortable again before I’m ready for anal pleasure, so it’s nice to have a set I can count on for those times. 

jewel anal kit


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