Fuzzy, Furry, and Fun: The Fur Fetish.

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Fur coats, full–length fox fur, stockings, heels have always been the mainstay of feminine splendor. But do you know that many people are attracted to furs? Fur fetish is actually a thing. Some sexual fetishes are pretty off the wall, and there is a possibility that not many lovers of sexual adventures are drawn to them at all. Some sexual fetishes are mainstream thanks to 50 shades of Grey – therefore, there are many enthusiasts who love nothing more than spanking and disciplining their partner.


This sexual fetish is also common, but you might just be hearing about it for the first time. The feel of fur against the cheek, skin, and neck can be incredibly arousing. For many people, fur coat fetish and all forms of fur are an incredible turn on and making love on fur gives a fantastic feeling. Fur makes many of its fetishists feel glamorous. Furs and sex is an excellent combination of fun, sexiness, and erotic sexuality. Now let’s get into the fun and explore- what is a fur fetish?


What is a Fur Fetish?


Fur is an ancient form of clothing, and many people associate it with warmth and luxury. A fur fetish is when you derive erotic satisfaction and sexual stimulation from your contact with furs. There is something incredibly arousing about being completely naked when wearing furs. If you love furry scarves, jackets, and coats, especially with a lot of fluffy space, and they manifest arousal, you most likely have a fur fetish. Some accessories look innocent, but they are clear signals for this sexual fetish. This includes fur coats, fluffy gloves, and furry hairbands. 


The silky softness and the cool suppleness of fur have a powerful erotic appeal. The fur’s touch conjures a powerful sensual experience that encourages heightened sensations and arousal. If you are unsure whether you have this fetish, the clearest sign is to check the kinds of porn you watch. If there are some furs in the video and they turn you on really quick, you might just be into furs and fur coat fetish.

fur fetish

Why do People have the Fur Fetish?


There are many reasons why someone would be into fur fetish. Like most fetishes, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, but it might have to do with early childhood experiences at a critical time of your development. 


Clothing garments like furs have a great visual appeal and serve as a sensual prop to many people’s sexual enjoyment. Fur feels elegant and looks expensive too. Many fur fetishists love nothing more than making love on a fur rug or coat next to an open fire. People have the fur fetish simply because they are human, and it is normal!


Different Expressions of Fur Fetish.


There are various expressions of this fetish. Fur lovers get aroused by the feel of fur on their nipples and genitals. During masturbation, some fur lovers enjoy stroking a piece of fur or running their hands through it. Fur is common BDSM equipment. Here the fur acts to soften the hardness of the cuffs, which restrain and bind your partner as you pleasure them.


Another way for lovers of fur fetish to engage with fur is by wearing fur coats. Donning the fur coats enables you to engage in some role play. Some fur fetishists like to act like Eskimos, and wearing a full fur coat allows this. It gets even more interesting. Some love nothing more than wearing an attractive fur coat. Perhaps you think that there is nothing strange about this, right. However, there is a twist! They love to wear fur coats with absolutely nothing beneath!


It is not unusual for fur fetishists to go outside wearing just a fur coat with nothing underneath. They may then find someone who is interested, and upon a perfect private moment, they proceed to flash them that sexiness under the coat and initiate sex with their new partner according to their tastes. 


Is a Fur Fetish Normal?


A fur fetish is normal and nothing to be concerned about if it doesn’t hurt anyone. It may feel downright weird, but it is harmless and safe to explore. Bringing up your sexual fetish with your new partner can be difficult because fetishes are misunderstood. If you are into fur fetish, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. First, you didn’t choose it, and secondly, there are very common. Many people are into it too.


How to Practice Fur Fetish in Your Relationship?


Here comes the best part! If your partner is ready to explore it with you, you are in luck. Depending on how much your significant other is ready to experiment with your sexual desires, there are various things to try out. Start by getting your partner a fur coat, tickling them with a furry tail during sex, and try out couple’s furry role play. It is fun, and exploring it is safe. So make sure you explain it to your partner, and you will get to see the best of the fur fetish world in your relationship. 


I’ve got more for you! Check out more ways you can practice this fetish in your relationship.


  • Fur Massage: Indulge yourself in intense sexual pleasure with massage gloves. Fur massage gloves are exquisitely soft and offer an unmatched sensual experience, perfect for sensual foreplay. After a stressful day, you can get one and use it with your partner for some tender loving and care. It melts your tension and stresses away with each gentle, sensual caress. Watch your partner respond in sheer delight and ecstasy as their tensed muscles relax under the stroke of fur. Playfully tease their senses with surprising pleasure. Fur massage leaves you both in pure bliss with glowing skin and your body rejuvenated with energy.


  • Get some props: Get some soft materials and incorporate them into your sex life with your partner. Focus on the sensations it gives you, the smell, the touch of furs, or the harsh pressure. The moment you start enjoying it with your partner is the key to maximum pleasure. Also, you can search for videos. There are many fur fetish sex videos online. It’s only up to you to watch with your partner. You can check out erotic literature on this sexual preference. Use your imagination and fantasize about it as much as you want.


  • Sex Toys: If you enjoy role-playing, sex toys can make it even more enjoyable. Have you heard of a butt plug tail? You should get one if you want to enjoy the world of furries and anal fun. Butt plugs with a furry end that protrudes from your rear can do the trick. You can go into role play scenarios like never before with a furry tail plug. It allows you to unleash your creativity and wildest fantasies so you can be whatever you want to be. They are adorable but ensure you get one with high-quality faux fur. There are many butts plugs to choose from, and they come in a wide range of colors. 


Who says you have to stick to the norm? The fur fetish allows you to step up your game and change the way you’ve always had sex. It’s exciting, and I feel you deserve an adventurous sex life.

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