Freaky Couple Goals

Freaky Couple Goals.

Are you and your boo thang categorized in the freaky couple goals section? Has anyone ever said you guys are a freaky couple? Do you think you and your partner are freaky? Well, even if no one ever has called you and your partner freaky, who the hell cares. As long as you guys think you’re freaky, that’s all that matters. So what makes you and your lover have freaky relationship goals? This article will share all the freakiest things that classify you as a freaky couple and maybe even give you some new ideas to integrate.

Freaky relationship goals kind of sounds like an Instagram hashtag… oh wait.. It probably is. Therefore you more than likely are aware of what freaky means when you’re in a relationship. Ya know, dirty, naughty, super sexual PDA and doesn’t give two shits kind of style. Yeah, that’s pretty freaky, or at least makes people think you’re even freakier at home.

So if you’re freaky with your partner, you probably are super open with them, right? You do little sexy dances, have crazy nicknames for each other, and have lots of fun with tongue play. I mean, you can’t be freaky without some tongue action. These freaky couple goals thrive on sexual arousal, lust, and teasing. 

You’re always ready to pounce and take a few layers off any time and place. Maybe you’re looking to be a little more spice, aka freaky, and don’t know where to start. Here are a few ideas for your mind to ponder on. 

Try giving your partner oral pleasure first thing in the morning. Unless you already do that… damn, you’re better than I am… then they’ll be extremely surprised and majorly turned on. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that? Maybe explore a bit with middle-of-the-night sex. You start it up, touch them and love on them until they wake up. Give them a little tease and whisper some dirty talk in their ear. Make them think they’re actually in a sexy dream that just keeps giving. It’s random; it’s spontaneous, it’s midnight sex that you thought of!! Well… with a little help from me, but you can take credit for the idea. 

And brace yourself because I’m throwing out yet another killer idea. I’m sure you’ve done this idea before, and if you haven’t or don’t do it often, you need to step it up. It’s taking a shower together. This is SUCH a sexy movie scene just waiting to happen. If you want to get real intimate, try a bath instead. There’s something about a surprise couples shower that will really get someone’s juices flowing. You’re wet, you’re hot… like sexy hot, and literally hot because the water is steaming… and let’s not forget that you are butt ass naked in a confined space. 

They won’t be able to keep their hands off of you. If they can, they need a brain scan because come on… I don’t even need to explain why. Take charge in the shower or bath, be suggestive with the soap and/or bubbles. Pretend you’re in the hottest movie scene you’ve ever seen and fully embrace that moment. Tease the hell out of your partner, and I promise you, their mind (among other things) will be blown, especially if you haven’t ever done this before!

Freaky Couple Goals

How to be Freaky in Bed

So you want to be known as the pair with freaky couple goals, or maybe just want to know how to be freaky in bed? I’m here to tell you it’s not as hard as you’re imagining. 

To start off, being freaky with someone just means being a little more open and sporadic than your average joe… or Susan… lol. With that being said, you should try to keep your mind open to suggestions. Your partner might want to try something new or try getting down and dirty somewhere new, like the kitchen or the car. Maybe you’ve already been there and done that, so he wants to try something a little riskier, like exploring with sex toys like Tyche, the sex pleasure whip. Allowing yourself to be open and willing to give their ideas a new try is already a step in the freaky direction.

Let’s not forget about voicing your own suggestions. No, it’s not all about what they want. It’s just as sexy to be willing to share your sexual fantasies as it is to be open to trying theirs. It takes a lot of guts to be open with yourself, much less someone else. So take those reins and lead the scene. Be the hot, mouth-watering person you are and spill out the freaky sex ideas you’ve always wanted to try. If you’re stumped on how to start off and need some easy ideas to be a little more freaky in the sheets, check out this quick list below. 

  • Anal Play. You’re either thinking, duh, of course anal play is considered freaky, or hell no. Whichever one you are, it’s okay, anal play isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely a fantastic way to be freaky. A little finger action can go a long way and totally be pleasurable for both of you. If you’re looking for a little more, try rimming. Rimming is oral pleasure to the anus. Get a little freaky with it and tongue around your partner’s asshole; I bet that’ll surprise them!
  • BDSM. BDSM is known as bondage discipline sadism and masochism. This sexual category will cover all those freaky things on your list, whether they’re on the simple side or complex. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need much to start. A kitchen utensil, such as a spatula, can be used for spanking. A scarf can be used for blindfolds, clothespins for nipple clamps, and some ice to stimulate your partner’s skin. Of course, these ideas barely scratch the surface of BDSM, but you can find much more information about the idea in our BDSM article. 
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  • RolePlay. Roleplay is totally a freaky couple goal action. It can be fun, sexy, and extremely pleasurable to you and your partner. Get creative with it and think of a scenario you know they’d like; just make sure you get your roleplay fantasy fulfilled next time round. You can find great roleplay ideas by visiting “7 Simple Role Playing Ideas for Couples“. I promise it won’t disappoint. 
  • Edging. Edging is the tease/foreplay of all teases and a sexy way to spice it up in the sheets and leave your partner begging on their knees to finish. Let’s not forget how much better the orgasms are when you do this. All you do is get you and your partner on the brink of orgasm and then stop. Yeah, that’s right, stop. It’s harder than you’re thinking, or at least I think it is. You continue to repeat this until you can’t any longer. The build-up will make not only your mind explode, but your orgasm too. 

Freaky couple goals definitely mean you’re a freak in the sheets. You’re open, suggestive, and ready to get down whenever your partner is… or maybe more than they are. If you’re just looking to explore your freaky side, try out a few of the ideas above. Sometimes the simplest things can be the freakiest; it all depends on what your sexual relationship is like and how freaky you really want to be. No matter what, do what makes your body feel good. Voice your ideas and listen to them, take control, and have fun with it. We all know you have a freaky side. You just haven’t dug deep enough yet.