Foreplays Ideas for Him.

Nov 7, 2021

Foreplay is an absolute must for sensational, orgasm-inducing sex. By building anticipation, you increase desire, and an increase of desire leads to more pleasure and fulfillment when, alas, this anticipation is met with sheer pleasure. 

With foreplay being such a powerful asset in the best sex, how do you cater to this with as much success and enjoyment as possible? For the empowered women out there looking to give their man the experience of a lifetime, we’ve collected a handful of foreplay ideas for him that you may choose to utilize in the bedroom for absolutely erotic and wild sex. These will have him ripping his shirt off and pushing you firmly on the mattress with unshakeable passion in no time. 

Foreplay For the Long Haul

Foreplay techniques to use on a man don’t all have to take place at the same time or during moments of shared sexuality. The longer you tease your man, the more he will pulse and ache with sexual desire. You can utilize foreplay long before you actually plan to engage in any sex to really cater to the anticipation of his desire. 

Dirty talking for him is one of your best assets in promoting foreplay for the long haul. The second he/you walk out the door to head off to work, hours before you will be together to engage in physical touch, you may still showcase to him that you plan to get down and dirty the second upon return. Send him a kinky little text to tell him how horny you are, give him little hints at what you plan to do to him later, tease him with your ability to express your sexuality in words.

If you want, keep the sexting going all day long to take anticipation to the absolute next level. If you are feeling it, you could even think to take a sexy nude photo to bless his inbox with an image of your beautiful body that he will soon get to touch, but for now, he will have to wait with the most difficult of patience to translate into a reality. 

foreplays ideas for him

Worship His Whole Body

Men relish being loved and adored to the fullest extent by their partner. It makes them feel like an absolute king and promotes their own sexual confidence, translating directly into more confident and better sex

Take things as slow as possible when you undress him, and as each piece of clothing reveals more skin, worship every piece of it. First, his already exposed skin, kissing on his cheeks, his neck, and his mouth, and think of taking his fingers and sucking them as you stare him in the eyes.

Next, it’s time for the top half. Unbutton his shirt slowly, and caress his freshly exposed skin with a light tickle and continue kissing his chest as you worship his body. Continue this worship all the way down until his entire body is left riddled with saliva, every inch of it left satisfied with your love, touches, and kisses. 

Verbal Affirmations

Men are simple creatures, and using your words is one of the best foreplay ideas for him that will get his mind absolutely spinning, sending blood flow straight to his erection. 

Using verbal affirmations and compliments about him is yet another way to induce ample amounts of confidence and joy, which will have him grinning cheek to cheek, eager to prove to you the validations of your words through sexual engagement. 

Compliment every aspect of him that you find to be the most attractive and alluring characteristics. Don’t overdo it, as you want to remain genuine, but a little whisper in his ear about how big his cock is or how incredible his body looks will have him feeling like the king you want him to be. 

Continue verbal affirmation even further with a touch of dirty talk using your words. Express to him all the dirty, naughty things you plan to do to him to tease him into oblivion and focus on ensuring that he knows he makes you feel absolutely sensational when he touches and loves on you. 

By making it known verbally, you solidify any uncertainties he might have surrounding himself and his confidence with sex, and this confidence directly enhances his ability to perform in bed. Now that’s a win-win for both of you, isn’t it?

An Erotic Strip Tease

No man ever turned down a striptease from their loved one, and if they do, then I honestly don’t know what to say!

Giving him a striptease is such a fun foreplay for him idea, as you are literally going out of your way to create an experience that satisfies his eyes with sensual visual pleasure that further heightens anticipation and desire. 

The longer, the slower, and the more intimate your tease, the more the anticipation builds, and the greater the force of foreplay becomes. Take your time in undressing, try and choose music that you can best move your body to, and don’t let him touch you to really have him itching for a physical connection that is soon to follow. As you undress, toss your clothing articles on his body as he sits back in a chair and relaxes, eyeballing your beauty from far away until he can no longer take it and forces you onto his ‘hard’ lap. 

sex pleasure whip for spanking

Mutual Masturbation

Because masturbation is so often something that we tend to keep to ourselves, it is such a turn-on when our partner feels comfortable and in-tune with their body enough to break these barriers down and engage in this practice with us. If you want wildly effective foreplay ideas for him, then mutual masturbation is the way to go!

Not only do you get to show off your body in all its naked, beautiful glory, but you are forcing him to watch you engage in things that give YOU pleasure. Men enjoy it when they know that their partner is satisfied, as this makes them feel comfortable in knowing they can provide to you the pleasures you need to seek fulfillment, even if those pleasures are coming from yourself at the time. 

Plus, masturbating in front of him will induce just the perfect amount of jealousy that is a best friend to foreplay, as this jealousy is going to have him doing his best to prove to you that he can do all your masturbation did and more. 

Cater to Sensuality

Sensuality is synonymous with sex and refers to physical sensations related to all five of our senses. By ensuring that you cater to sensuality, you create foreplay ideas for him that play into every single part of the entire ecosystem of sexuality. 

To enhance the sensation of touch, try utilizing forms of temperature play within your foreplay for him, like sucking on an ice cube before kissing along his soon-to-be goosebump-riddled skin or using a BDSM pinwheel to provide a subtle touch of pain as you assert your female-empowered dominance. 

terra BDSM pinwheel

For taste, a little bit of food play never hurt anyone, so make him lick some whipped cream off of the most erotic areas of your body. 

When it comes to smell, spray on your/his favorite perfume, light a few scented candles, or throw some lovely aromatherapy oils in a diffuser. 

For sight, try dressing up in your favorite lingerie, and again, a striptease is a perfect way to tease him with the sight of what he is soon to hold in his very own hands. And when it comes to sound, the more you moan, and the more you breathe, the more alluring the foreplay, and whispering dirty talk into his ear in conjunction with your sexy vocals will have him absolutely electrified to feel more. 


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