Foreplay – What is it?

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Foreplay – What is it?

Foreplay is an intimate art that many don’t pay attention to enough to appreciate. Foreplay is an activity that you enjoy before intercourse to get your body ready for sexual activity. It can also be used alone to enjoy sexual excitement without actually having penetrative sex

Why is foreplay important?

Foreplay creates a physical reaction in your body to cause that turned on sensation, the excitement and readiness for sex. This readiness also allows you to physically have sex comfortably, by creating natural lubrication and arousal. Your blood pressure and heart rate will begin to rise. Additional blood flow will create swelling to your genitals, and you may even experience erect nipples.

Foreplay ideas. Everyone likes a different kind.

Some people prefer foreplay that involves kissing and cuddling. Others may enjoy fingering or using dildos. Some may want to use a sensation play element as well. Foreplay is not a one size fits all activity, and you have to remember that what you liked with one partner, you may not like with other partners. If you didn’t like oral sex before, that doesn’t mean you should never try it again! This is the same with many other activities. 

Prolonging Foreplay.

You can start foreplay long before the act. It’s fun to get the party going with sexy texts earlier in the day. You can enjoy a stronger orgasm as well with extended foreplay, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Prolonging it can include edging as well, which creates that intense sexual energy and need to orgasm, which in turn enhances your orgasm. Edging is when you get very close to orgasming, but don’t allow yourself to finish. Many people find that this creates intensity that they haven’t experienced before. 

Explore erogenous zones.

Explore nipple play, neck kissing, and other areas you wouldn’t ever think to play with. It’s a great way to tantalize your senses and enjoy new sensations. Try feather ticklers, ice cubes, BDSM Wartenberg pinwheel and even your tongue to explore new sensations.

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Incorporate other techniques.

Try BDSM without sex! Get into a dominant/submissive role, or try bondage and whips. Being tied down and played with while you can’t do anything can be a really sexy turn on for so many. You may enjoy a clitoral sucking dildo while your partner fingers you, or maybe a remote bullet vibe while making out. Explore different options for the ultimate turn on.


Talk dirty, talk nasty, and tell them what you want to feel. Role playing is another thing that could be integrated to enjoy sexy fun with your partner. You may also enjoy degradation as part of your foreplay as well.

What if your partner doesn’t enjoy  foreplay?

Some partners hate putting the time in for foreplay. However, with good communication, you can explain why it’s so easy and helpful to have foreplay. Try to always be positive during conversation – don’t focus on what your partner isn’t doing, and try to tell them what you do want them to do. Remember that they can’t read your mind, and it’s important to let them know what you like and what you don’t.


Foreplay, what is foreplay, how to foreplay, what does foreplay mean, according to masters and johnson, what do men prefer as a form of foreplay? how to foreplay a man, foreplay ideas, why foreplay is important


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