Foreplay Ideas for Women.

Nov 9, 2021

Foreplay makes all the difference. The build-up of anticipation is a remarkable asset in any sexual experience, and the longer you tease, the more desire bubbles from within. And the greater the desire, the more fulfilling the result, the perfect means to heighten both the physical and mental response of sex. 

Becoming a true master of foreplay will lend you some serious brownie points in the bedroom, and by focusing specifically on this sexual warm-up, you are further increasing the chance that your partner will reach the elusive yet much-desired orgasm. If you are on the search for foreplay ideas for women, then here are a few to keep in mind to turn a spark into a blazing fire. 

Be Kind, Loving, and Compassionate

I know you might have thought that all of our foreplay ideas were going to be sexual in nature, but that’s actually not the case. The truth is that foreplay can happen long before the bedroom and before sexuality begins to manifest, as the key to this style of foreplay is to first enhance intimacy and connection between two individuals. 

Before thinking about foreplay and sex, first think about what matters the most: HER!

It is vital that you lay a baseline of kindness, love, and compassion in relationships to show her you are a caring individual who has her best interest in mind. But no, you can’t do this for personal gain (aka, getting her in the bedroom), so seriously, if you aren’t genuine and real with it, then move on. 

But if you do care, as you should care, then take the extra time to send her cute compliments in your texts, check in with her about how her day is going, practice being an effective listener, and use what you have learned about her day to your/her advantage. For example, if she had a particularly rough day at work, take this time to respond with a romantic gesture like flowers and a bottle of wine when she gets home. Just be real with your connection, ensure that, as a person, she is taken care of, and this will result in a much higher level of intimacy and a better connection when things do take a turn to the sexual side, leading to better and more fulfilling sex

foreplay ideas for women

Play Sex Games

Sex games are such fun and a way to break the ice, especially if your relationship is somewhat new. They are a way to promote experiential intimacy, which leads to greater sexual intimacy. By playing a sex game, you are spending quality time together and further promoting connection in a manner that promotes good times and laughter and in a way that is still focused on the subject of sex. 

Shed light on your past relationships, crazy things you enjoy in the bed, things you do not enjoy, kinky ideas you wish to explore, and so much more by playing a lighthearted sex game. There are all sorts of them out there, from simple cliches like twenty questions to card games already made for you- the key is to take advantage of them and play around on your next date night! This is such a smile-inducing means to learn more about your partner and for them to learn more about you and acts as the perfect set of foreplay ideas for her. 

Kiss, Touch, Squeeze

You want to take your time when engaging in sexual behavior with your partner. Foreplay ideas for women are meant to enhance the anticipation and desire of the sexual experience, and to do so, you can’t let yourself cave into ripping your clothes off and jumping straight into bed before her! It will take mental prowess on your end to do this, but come on; you got it. 

As you begin kissing, spend some extra time in this intimacy-building practice. Like, longer than you think! As the kissing becomes more erotic, begin to slowly introduce touch. Start on the non-sexual parts of her body, like cupping her cheek in your hand or holding onto the back of her head. Ensure that things are intensifying so she knows that you are interested in more, but do so in an alluring and slow-and-steady way. 

To highlight your sexual interest, begin moving your hands to the more explicit areas of her body, such as by gripping your two hands tightly around her waist or pressing firmly into her lower back with your palm, just above her buttocks. Squeeze at her inner thighs or hold her arm tightly as you pull her towards you. These tight squeezes indicate that you want to hold her close to you, like close close (if you know what I mean), and will show her that you are itching to feel your connection build through more sexual forms of intimacy

foreplay ideas for women

Be Verbal

Foreplay ideas for women do not have to be entirely physical whatsoever. It is equally important that foreplay ensures the mental side of sex is fulfilled just as the physical is. As you engage in kissing and your first physical touches, try to be vocal in your approach. I mean, there is a fine line between being talkative and annoying versus vocal and sensual, so you’re going to have to get it right here. 

But all we mean is, every once in a while, vocalize some of the things that you are thinking and feel with sheer positivity. Take the time to solidify the fact that she is sending shivers down your spine just by the way she moves her body, or that you have never seen a woman as elegant and as beautiful as her by doing so with your words. She will never know what you are thinking and feeling until you tell her, so go ahead and say it loud and clear! Shoot her compliments about her body and about her voice, and her personality in the bedroom. 

The more confident and artistic your approach, the better, so it’s time for quality vocabulary words and smooth sentences. Seriously, get creative with it! By being vocal, you are ensuring her that you respect and appreciate your shared sexuality together, which promotes a sense of calm, connection, and relaxation that further enhances the quality of your sex through this vocalized approach of affirmations. 

Give her a Massage

An erotic massage is a total win-win. Not only will it help to get her in the mood, but it will promote relaxation throughout her body that will help blood flow to her genitals, thus resulting in a higher sense of sensation during physical sexuality. 

Foreplay for her is all about her and her pleasure. Some warm, smell-good essential oils, some candles, and some relaxing music with a rub down, and you are focusing explicitly on her pleasure, precisely what this is all about. Take plenty of time during the massage to rub all of her tense and sore muscles before getting a little extra ‘touchy’ on the more erotic areas of her body. Don’t jump straight into a clitoral massage- start with the shoulders first!

Set the Environment

You are a product of your environment, and your environment affects nearly every facet of your life. Lucky enough, for most of our sexual encounters, we have the choice to control our environment. Foreplay ideas for women don’t even matter if they want to leave the second they walk into your home, thanks to a dirty and unappealing environment. 

Seriously, ladies and gents, you will turn her straight off if your environment does not embody cleanliness, respect, and an eye for aesthetics. Overall, you just show that you are in tune with remaining romantic in your space. 

Take the time to clean and organize the area, getting rid of all possible distractions and unwanted clutter. Add a touch of romanticism by having flowers nicely placed in a vase, or follow through with all those cliches straight out of rom coms by sprinkling flower petals onto your sheets. If you really want to win at foreplay for her, give her a bath drawn with the same touch of flowers and essential oils. 

Make the place smell good by again utilizing candles or an aromatherapy diffuser. Play some relaxing music if that’s your vibe. Have some wine glasses and a nice bottle set up, ready to crack open. I guess what we’re trying to say here is, BE ROMANTIC!

Romanticism always wins, and you’d be amazed at how many people skip straight over the importance of this construct to rush straight into the sex- so don’t be one of them. Be different! 



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