How to Have Foot Fetish Sex.

Nov 5, 2021

You’ve probably heard of a foot fetish before, but did you know that foot fetishes are some of the most mainstream kinks out there! In fact, it’s so common that it is considered the most commonly present and studied version of fetishes in research and everyday life. IF you or your partner have ever wondered how to have foot fetish sex, look no further! We’re here to share tips and tricks, some precautions, and a whole lot of instructions on how to please a partner with a foot fetish, or if you’re into it, then how to have foot fetish sex with your sex! Here is all you need to know:

What does a Foot Fetish mean? 

To break it down simply, it is just what it says it is, a fetish about feet! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – feet are, in fact, some of the most common objects/body parts that are known for the kink attached to them. This would make a lot of sense, actually, since there are so many ways you can incorporate your feet into sex, but we’ve listed down the ways you can do this later in the article. It isn’t super risky and might even be one of the safest kinks out there, so if you or your partner are into feet, just know that it isn’t odd or uncommon at all! Foot fetishes are completely understandable, and really, there are so many things about feet to be excited about.

Why would someone have a foot fetish? 

There can be many reasons why someone would be into ~feet stuff~ but to get us started, let’s take a look at the anatomy of a foot. There are about 7,000 nerve endings at the bottom of your feet, making it one of the most sensitive places in the human body. This would make sense then, when you think about the way feet could be incorporated into sex as one of the erogenous zones – like your inner thighs or behind the ear, your feet are also an erogenous zone that can feel heightened sensations when you are aroused. Try it out by tickling the bottom of your feet slightly and see the response! This is because the area in the brain that reacts to stimulation in the foot is right next to the area in the brain that reacts to stimulation in the genital area, and that helps us understand why some people might be interested in foot play.

Other than the physical and medical reasons why people have feet fetishes, we looked at some of the psychological and social factors that might contribute to having a foot fetish. One of them includes the humiliation associated with feet since they are physically located at the bottom of the human body and can be considered below or beneath most people. It is exactly this idea of being ‘less’ that can play a significant role in sex, especially if your partner is into power play, a construct of BDSM. The filth that one thinks of when one thinks of a foot also allows it to add to the taboo and unspeakable part of the kink – when things are stigmatized this way, they often turn into kinks that people explore later on in their lives. 

foot fetish sex

How to bring it up with your partner 

If you’ve been thinking about foot play or exploring your foot fetish, but don’t really know how to get started, one of the simplest things you can do is just to talk to your partner about how you feel. Sit them down, and maybe watch something entertaining or educational, and when it’s over, you can casually bring it up as a follow-up question to what you just watched. If that approach doesn’t seem right, you can display honesty and maturity and straight up ask them how they feel about it. Remember that you need an open mind and an open heart to have these conversations and that it might not be appealing to your partner right away, but with enough background information and education, they might want to explore. 

You don’t have to go straight to the big acts when trying to incorporate feet into the sex you have, so remember that it is okay to start small. Start by just playing around with the sensation in your soles or at the bottom of your feet and seeing how your partner reacts. Use different textures or materials, such as a BDSM pinwheel, and play around with how much pressure you’re using to push the boundaries and find out what you or your partner are into and what works best for you.

bdsm pinwheel

What to do if they talk to you about it 

If your partner suggests that you try out a few things to fulfill their foot fetish, remember that you need the open mind and open heart approach. They are being vulnerable by putting themselves out there sexually and being open to exploring something new, and they really need that reaffirmation to help them work through it even if you are not into it. 

First, we’d suggest you give it an honest shot and tell them how you feel. Being honest about how you feel and communicating are sure shot ways to make anything work, romantically or sexually, and if it isn’t for you, well, then it just isn’t, and there isn’t much to be done about that. But who knows! Maybe you and your partner are just waiting for the right time to explore the boundaries of your sex life, and this could be your new favorite discovery about your own body! 

Hygiene and Safety 

Try getting or giving your partner a pedicure and really cleaning up for the process. We know it sounds odd, but trust us, there can be quite a few microbes on your feet that can get you sick, so a good wash and cleaning won’t hurt anyone. It can also help your partner feel more relaxed about the “filth” associated with feet, and who’s ever turned off by good hygiene, right? The next step would be to trim your toenails since we don’t want any injuries as a result of trying something new. So make sure you don’t have nails that could hurt your partner, and give them more access to your feet by trimming your nails!

The Things you can Try with Foot Fetish Sex!

Start off small with perhaps a massage or a light caressing of the bottom of your feet. Just that should be enough to aid your arousal and really pique your interest. Take it one step further by incorporating a footjob– that is a handjob but with your foot- or in general, try rubbing the genital area with your feet. Don’t worry if things get messy; remember that the openness aspect allows you to really explore and put yourself out there and find new things about your own body, so take a few tries to get it right. Don’t hesitate while asking questions, and make sure you check in with your partner continuously to make sure they are doing okay and let loose so that you can really have some fun! 


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