5 Sex Positions for People with Foot Fetish And Other Ways To Satisfy a Foot Fetish.

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The feet are one of the most fetishized non-sexual body parts, so there is no reason to be ashamed if you have a foot fetish. 

Some people with a foot fetish need contact with their or their partner’s feet to get excited, while others need to imagine it. If the foot thing is interesting to you or if your partner can’t get enough of you from the ankles down, there are several sex positions you can engage in to have an intense sexual experience. 

Which are these foot fetish sex positions? Here they are: 

The T strap

You both lie on your sides, but you shift and move in a position perpendicular to him. You should bend your knees, so your feet are next to his face. With your feet on his face, he can do everything he wants with them. He can lick them, tickle them, and so on.  

The wedge

In this position, he kneels and sits on his heels while you lie before him. You then pull yourself into your lap so your hips rest on your thighs and your legs are on his shoulders. 

Don’t shy from changing your position to get the best penetration, and while you’re at it, let your partner play with your feet as well. Let him lick, suck, or kiss them. The beauty of this position is that it lets you go deeper and fulfills your foot fetish at the same time. 

69 variation

This is a great way to give your guy the best time. Here, you lie on top of your man while he plays with your feet. You then give him a blow job

You should bend your knees, so your feet are close to his mouth, and he can lick and suck on them. Play with his thighs and give him a blow job. He can also give you a hand job with his hands or play with your clit to make things hotter.

Classic pump

Sometimes, being naked in heels feels way sexier than just being naked. Put on your best shoes and sit on the edge of the bed with your knees together. Spread your legs out to make yourself taller, and bend the knees so that your heels are right next to your behind, where he can grab them.

Toe grip

You can sit on the bed and lock your toes and soles. You can also put your feet on the table. The left and right toes need to grip each other tightly. You man should then put his penis between the soles of your feet and strokes them. This is like a foot job and is extremely exciting because it stimulates both the senses and the eyes.

Foot Fetish Sex Positions. | V FOR VIBES

Other ways to satisfy foot fetish

Sometimes having sex while staring at the feet isn’t often enough. In some cases, you might need more. In such a situation, you should try other things to satisfy the foot fetish. Some of the things you can do include: 

Explore erotic media

There are plenty of photos and videos on foot fetish that you can consume to satisfy your fetish. To see samples, click here

The key to getting the best results from these sources is to ensure you visit sites with high-quality images and videos. 

If you find your partner’s feet appealing, there is nothing wrong with exploring that route. You should get a camera and take photos of your feet or even your partner’s feet. 

It is also okay to take videos of your feet. 

Remember that how you present the feet is pivotal in giving you the satisfaction you are after, so ensure you make sexy poses with your feet.  

Have a foot massage

A massage is relaxing, and it makes you feel good as you are being taken care of, but it can also make you feel sexually aroused if the part of your body that’s being massaged makes you think of something sexual.

As someone with a foot fetish, this would be your feet. 

For the best experience, have the bottom of your heel massaged. The reason for this is because this is the part that is known to stimulate the pelvic region. 

Besides massaging your feet, you can also find it pleasing to massage your partner’s feet. If your partner doesn’t know about your fetish, you should communicate with them and tell them that you love massaging your feet or having your feet massaged. 

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Get a foot job

If you have a more intense foot fetish, you might want to try a foot job in which you use the feet to stimulate the genitalia. 

You only need to stroke your partner with one or both feet. The beauty of doing this is that you don’t need to be in the privacy of your home—you can even do this in a restaurant. 

If you also love getting a foot job, you can have your partner rub the vulva with their feet.

You can even ask your partner to kneel and press their ankle into your vulvae to stimulate the clitoral area. This takes a fair amount of agility, but it’s doable.

After the foot job, if you both agree, you can let your partner ejaculate on your feet and toes.

Get a pedicure

Sometimes, you need to make your toes more appealing to satisfy the foot fetish. 

You should get a professional pedicure that gives you cute toenail polish and feet that are easy to touch.

Start with a luxurious footbath for the best-looking toes, which you can do with your partner or alone. If you need to nick a few stray hairs, do that privately.

After a soak, which softens your skin, rub off any dead or dry skin. Pat your feet dry, or have your partner do it for you, and then slowly rub a moisturizing lotion into the skin.

To get ready for a new shade, remove old polish from your toes and cut away any dead cuticles. Use at least two coats of the color you like best.

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