What’s the Deal with a Foot Fetish Party?

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You might have heard about a foot fetish party through a friend talking about it or stumbled across it on the big bad world wide web. Chances are if you don’t have an active foot fetish, or you’re not working to become the next greatest foot fetish model, then you have no idea what the hell goes on at a foot fetish party. 

With a foot fetish being one of the most popular fetishes on our planet, with at least 1 in 7 people fantasizing about feet in a sexual manner, then, of course, there are going to be entrepreneurs who take advantage of this ever-growing market and also a community that is built around the love and desire for feet in a sexual way. 

And this is precisely how/why a foot fetish party came into existence. But what is a foot party, and what goes on at these collective gatherings? Stick around to find out. You might run in the other direction or run straight towards the next get-together depending on your likings and personal preferences during sex, but either way, it’s good to be informed!

You never know- your next Tinder date might unexpectedly drag you along to a foot fetish party, so it’s always better to be prepared with knowledge, am I right? 

What is a Foot Party?

A foot fetish party is a gathering of both people with a foot fetish and foot fetish models who will cater to this fetish for them in several varying ways. 

Overall, this party is a way for people who have a foot fetish to fulfill their desires and a way to bring together the community of like-minded individuals who all happen to love feet. You could almost compare it to going to a strip club for visual satisfaction, but this time, there are no boobies or bulges- there are only feet!

foot fetish party

What Happens at a Foot Fetish Party?

Although foot fetish parties and foot models can be any gender, these parties are still commonly kept to one primary construct: men who have a feet fetish paying for services and women who are foot models. 

At a foot fetish party, the men will usually pay a fee to gain entrance to the exclusive club and the many ‘benefits that come with it. Once inside, which is usually a ‘secret’ location, such as in a club’s basement or a partygoer’s home, that’s where the fun begins. 

In the foot fetish party, a number of models will wait to provide their foot-based services. Some of these models might be completely inexperienced; others might be professional dominatrixes. You really never know until you get there. 

As well as paying the entrance fee, the (again usually) men will then pay additional amounts for a set number of time to worship and play with the foot models’ feet. 

A typical going rate could be something like $20 for 20 minutes of play, or even more depending on the high-class nature of the foot party. 

Now, what exactly happens during these twenty minutes? A lot, actually. The foot fetish model might allow the payee to do a number of things that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Tickling the feet
  • Massaging the feet
  • Verbally worshipping the feet
  • Sucking/kissing the feet
  • Nylon worship
  • Smelling the feet

You get the idea. It’s literally paying someone a fee to worship their feet, and yeah, it really is as simple as that. Another common practice at a foot fetish party is a dominant-submissive based construct of BDSM. In this practice, people will pay a foot fetish model to literally step all over them, as they not only enjoy the feet, but they relish the pain of the situation as well. 

Because it is a foot fetish party, multiple foot models will be available from all walks of life. This allows the partygoers to play with as many feet as they wish and find a pair that perfectly fits their desires, as not all people share the exact same foot fetish. Where some might like clean and tidy feet, others might like those that are a little smelly. 

It might be gross to some of us, but it’s a complete turn-on for others, and we’re all about embracing every idiosyncrasy of sexuality!

How do you Find a Foot Fetish Party?

There are a few ways to find a foot fetish party, and often the best place to start is a google search for “Foot fetish parties near me”. 

Chances are, you’ll eventually stumble across a group who consistently sets up these parties in your location, commonly done so on Reddit, and once you are in the community, then it becomes a lot easier to explore further and find future/other foot parties in your area. But do be warned, you never know how safe or legitimate these parties might or might not be, so it’s your job to do your due diligence before heading out to one!

Is a Foot Fetish Party Legal or Illegal?

The laws will vary from state to state, but in general, a foot fetish party is actually quite legal. But there’s a huge catch- you are absolutely not allowed to give money for sexual favors. 

Technically, worshipping the feet is not a sexual favor, and that is why it is considered legal in most places, but the second things breach from feet to something carnal, the tides switch. With this, be wary of what is going on at a foot fetish party that you might go to. If you notice people beginning to engage in sexual practices outside of foot worship, then that’s a red flag, and you just might want to make your way out the front door. 

sex pleasure whip

I Like Feet, But I’m Not Ready For a Foot Fetish Party

And that is totally okay! There are a million different ways that you can ensure your foot fetish is fulfilled, especially if you have a partner who is open and willing to help you out along the way. Perhaps try hosting a foot fetish party of your own, but instead of inviting anyone, just keep it to the company of yourselves!

Here, you can totally pretend like you are at a legitimate party, but without the risk and adventure of finding a real one with strangers. This is actually the perfect way to begin experimenting with bits of role play, as well, which is a great way to include a touch of experiential intimacy within your sexual intimacy

Make-believe that your house is the secret location to the foot worship party, perhaps even make fake invitations for fun, and once inside, get to worshipping your partner’s feet just as you would at a real party! And if desired, take turns being the worshipper and the provider. The feet are a well-known erogenous zone, so even if you don’t actively enjoy feet but are willing to let your partner play, you should still find a little bit of sexual pleasure regardless. 

Clearly, this is way more comfortable, as you know your partner well, and you can take your time in gaining comfortability with this practice instead of jumping headfirst into sucking a stranger’s toes. And plus, you know where your partner has walked, and they can take the time to ensure that their feet are nice and clean for you to play with. But seriously, you better be the one paying for that pedicure!

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