So you Want to be a Foot Fetish Model?

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What is a foot fetish model, what do they do, and exactly what does it take to become one? And is there money to be made?

With the foot fetish being one of the most popular and commonly shared kinks, there’s no doubt there is a huge market for things like foot fetish photos. If you want to learn more about what life might look like as a foot fetish model, that is precisely what we will cover in today’s article!

What is a Foot Fetish Model?

A foot fetish model is a broad term for anyone who shows off their feet, whether this is through images, videos, or in a live, in-person manner. 

Some might do this only for fun, as a way to cater to certain traits of exhibitionism without showing off their genitals, as a way to fulfill their own form of foot fetish (the enjoyment of showing off their feet/their feet being worshipped versus the enjoyment of seeing feet/worshipping feet), or also as a way to generate an income. 

With so many possibilities contained within the elusive world of a foot fetish model, what are the different ways to approach this, and how can you monetize your 10 lovely toes? 

Foot Fetish Photos

A majority of foot fetish models stick to the virtual world- they utilize the internet and the millions of browsers with a passion for feet to build an audience and sell the images of their feet. 

Because we are just talking about feet, this opens up doors to sharing these images on a number of platforms, making it easier to express yourself and monetize your pictures compared to other, more exposing forms of sex work

Some models begin with the most commonly used social media platforms, such as Instagram or Reddit, to begin building their following. Although there’s always the risk of an account being banned, this is still a go-to for the beginning of gaining an audience and sharing foot fetish photos from the ‘safety’ of behind a screen. 

Although there is no way to sell your foot fetish photos on Instagram directly, many use this and similar platforms to direct their followers to a site where they can either pay to follow you and see more or purchase individual photos of your feet. 

A foot fetish model can sell their feet pics online by:

  • You are setting a monthly cost to follow on a platform such as Onlyfans. When someone signs up for the subscription, the monthly cost will grant access to your page where they view your photos as you post.
  • You are selling digital copies of foot fetish photos. When someone purchases a photo, you send them the exclusive image in a digital, downloadable format. 
  • You are selling print photos of your feet. When someone purchases the foot fetish photo, you will send them the printed photo of their choosing. 
  • You are selling custom photos/videos of your feet. A customer will tell you what they want, such as feet with sand on them or feet with water on them, and for a price you agree on, you will follow through with their requests and send pictures/videos according to their wishes. 

Setting your prices is totally up to you, but you really can make money doing this. Just look at this foot fetish model who makes over $70,000 in the year selling pictures of their tootsies, mainly through Instagram!

foot fetish model

Foot Fetish Party

You might not know it, but a foot fetish party is a lot more common than you think. This is a much more exposing form of being a foot fetish model, as it involves human-human interaction, but it can be quite the profitable gig for those who are willing. 

What exactly happens at a foot fetish party, and where does being a foot fetish model come into play? Oftentimes, these foot fetish models are experienced dominatrixes who are used to sharing their sexuality. At these parties, men and women will pay an entrance fee to get it. 

When in the party, these men and women will then pay an additional amount to worship the feet of their chosen foot fetish model. Usually, this price agrees to a set amount of time, something like $20 for 5-10 minutes of play. 

During this playtime, the foot fetish model will allow the payee to worship their feet however they please- smelling them, touching/massaging them, or even kissing and sucking on them should this be an agreeable part of the rules. 

As well as this, further zooming into the world of BDSM and the relationship between a dominant and submissive, those who attend these parties may also pay a foot fetish model to step on them with their feet. Sounds painful, right? Well, this pain is precisely what a submissive seeks who enjoys the aspect of masochism, which is the tendency to derive pleasure from the sensations of pain. 

The foot fetish model, on the other hand, will place themselves in the realms of a sadist, who instead derives pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation, and what better way to do so than humiliating another as you, quite literally, walk all over them?!

This is a serious endeavor and should be approached with serious care, research, and experience, but for those who have spent their time building a career as a dominatrix with a focus on the foot fetish, it can lead to generating a rather significant chunk of change. 

Professional Foot Model

Anyone and everyone can sell feet pics online for cash, but there is also a market for professional foot models, which is not directed towards a foot fetish or sex work. These models are professional models who make a living using their feet as the center of attention to help drive sales for large corporations. 

This might include taking images of their feet for a jewelry company that sells toe rings or a shoe company that sells sandals, for example. These photos are not sexual in any way (although I am sure people still find pleasure in viewing them) and are simply aimed at marketing products in a professional manner. 

foot fetish model

Tips for Being a Foot Fetish Model

Let’s put it this way- there’s really no ‘wrong’ way of being a foot fetish model. If you want to show off your feet or sell feet pics online to make a little extra cash, there sure as hell is a market for it. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter what gender you are or what your feet look like. There are always people out there who will enjoy what you have to offer- clean feet, dirty feet, well taken care of feet, small feet, big feet; you get the idea. 

Your best bet is to do your research and to read stories of other foot fetish models’ success, how they went about it, and try to replicate this process to the greatest extent. Start building your follower base, and sales are pretty much guaranteed to follow. 

You might also find luck in doing things such as wearing socks for a period of time or to the gym and selling this physical product as well. There are a million ways to get creative with being a foot fetish model, so if your little piggies want to see some action, then go for it!

But do remember that once you put yourself online, there’s no going back, so tread these waters cautiously and ensure that this is something you really want to do. With this, however, plenty of models sell feet pics online entirely anonymously, as you don’t have to include your face within the images (after all, the feet are what matter most!), so there is the possibility of doing this without anyone ever discovering your true identity. 


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