Flowers that Look like Vaginas: The Beautiful Symbolism of Nature and Anatomy.

Oct 28, 2021

We, as humans, are products of nature, just as sexuality is, at its core, a biological trait that drives nearly every other facet of our lives. We are born to reproduce, but luckily for us in our modern world, sex is now also synonymous with pleasure- it is no longer only about popping out babies left and right for the biological sake of it!

So when looking deeper into nature and the many symbolisms derived from such, there is an incredible number of resemblances and similarities contained within. Today, we will take the time to highlight flowers that look like vaginas, as flowers have long been a symbol of the female genitalia, and how we at V for Vibes are embodying this beautiful symbolism with our latest, most elegant, and innovative rose vibrators, Penelope and Daphne. 

Why Flowers that Look Like Vaginas Should Mean Something to You. 

Many flowers resemble the female genitalia, of that there is no question, but before showcasing a few of our favorites, we wish to first highlight the importance of this connection and why it should mean something to you. 

Allow us to begin with simply how sacred this meaning is. Although there has been more than enough oppression towards the female gender within our history, the female genital has long been considered sacred. In fact, the term “Yoni” is actually the Sanskrit term for “sacred place”, and is a symbol of the gateway between heaven and Earth. Us ladies are the key to life itself, and with this, you should take this knowledge and utilize it as a means to work towards achieving the highest level of female empowerment and liberation possible. 

YOU are sacred, as is your sexuality, and those with whom you choose to share such an intimate aspect of life with must honor this brilliant fact. 

As well as the sacred symbolism, there is also the simple beauty of this symbolism. Flowers are beautiful, they are diverse, and they dance ever so brilliantly in the wind, something of which we should all take the time to appreciate. When looking into flowers that look like vaginas, take a few moments to appreciate your body and your sexuality in its pure, unaltered form. You are a flower, as equally beautiful, unique, and elegant as you are a critical aspect of life on this planet. 

Take this symbolism and use it to remind yourself that every single body, every curve, every fold of the labia and freckle on the skin is inherently beautiful, and use this to bloom your confidence so as the world has intended. Confidence is key to empowerment, and you deserve nothing less. 

And now for growth. Flowers bloom in the wild, and when the world presents to them all they need, they achieve the epitome of possible growth levels. Balanced soil, just like the PH balance of your vagina, nutrients, sunshine, and care, all provide to a flower what it needs to grow as powerfully and as strongly as possible. The same goes for you! 

When it comes to life and sexuality, the more you do things that help you to grow, learn, explore, and achieve, the more brilliant you bloom as a person. This all relates back to yourself and your relationships. When you are in a healthy relationship that allows for unaltered growth, you achieve newfound levels of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Find someone who constantly waters your soil and not someone who leaves you dry for too long. 

Daphne dual rose vibrator

4 Flowers That Resemble the Female Genitalia


The Rose

If there was ever a vagina like flower, then the rose is surely one at the top of the list. The rose in itself is a symbol of romance, beauty, and love, all of which are closely intertwined with sexuality. But more than that, when you begin to look at the shape of a rose, you will notice that its natural appearance is oh-so similar to that of a vagina. 

The pedals themselves that form around the center of the rose greatly resemble the labia, the way the labia perfectly folds around and protects the opening of the vaginal canals. Just as a rose brilliantly blooms as it stretches strong towards a rising sun in search of the pleasures of life, so does the labia. The second pleasure signals begin to send blood rushing towards the nether regions, the labia will plump itself up to ready itself for the euphoria soon to come.

Hydra Africana

With a bright red center and a vulva shape, this vagina like flower is a passionate resemblance to the female genitalia. It is a fierce flower, more so than it is elegant, a reminder that women are the fierce leaders of everything in our world, sexuality unable to exist without them. 

But don’t stand too close. Hydra Africana is known to have quite an untasteful odor, so it looks as though oral sex is off the table for this one!

The Red Canna

The artist Georgia O’Keeffe is known for her, what many call ‘erotic’, paintings of the Red Canna that ever so closely resemble a lovely, flowering vulva. And it’s easy to see why. At just a glance, you will quickly notice just how much the bright red petals of this plant perfectly take the shape of the female genitals, so if you seek artistic inspiration in this highly spiritual similarity, then look no further. 

The Venus Fly Trap

It’s a little hardcore on the exterior, but a venus fly trap, when opened up, is a true vulva flower. In fact, it so much resembles a vagina that scientists chose to add the word “Venus” into its name, as Venus is the Greek Goddess of sex and love. See the resemblance now, don’t you?

Rose Vibrators

As a way to honor and embody this incredible symbolism between the female genitals and flowers, we are proud to announce our two brand-new rose vibrators, Penelope and Daphne. Each is a dual vibrator shaped like a rose, delicate, luxurious, and sweet. They will present a plethora of varying sensations to the lucky user, guaranteed to send them into a whirlwind of sensual bliss. 

Featuring air pulse technology, these rose vibrators ever so gently kiss the exterior of the vulva with a gentle breeze of air from within the center of the rose so that you may as well dance in the wind just as flowers do on a breezy summer day. With 10 choices of air frequencies to filter between, you will discover the endless benefits of personalization within your sexual exploits. 

And the pleasure doesn’t stop there. As a dual vibrator, you may flip the rose around to the other side so that the strong stem of the rose may showcase internal delight. With yet another 10 vibration frequencies, this is the true culmination of shared clitoral and G-spot stimulation alike. 

As you hold the rose vibrator proudly in your hand, take a moment to reflect on this article and to again remember: You are more beautiful than a flower, your sexuality is sacred and special, and that you are now, at this moment, experiencing the joys of sexual liberation with a toy that so perfectly embodies the importance of recognizing our place in nature. 

dual rose vibrator


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