What is a Fleshlight? And Why You Need One!

May 26, 2021

There now exist a plethora of sex toys available in the modern world of erotica, each allowing for new and unique sensations and fulfillments of our wildest kinks within a sexual setting. 

Where women navigate numerous available choices of sex toys to cater to every realm of their sensuality, men often feel as though there aren’t many toys available which provide them newfound pleasures, and exploration within the adult toy industry is (although it should not be) overlooked. 

However, there is one toy that has earned a prime position as the best sex toy for men, and that toy is none other than the fabled fleshlight!

What is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight, sometimes also called a ‘pocket-pussy’,  is one of the most alluring of sex toys. It not only provides pleasure to the male within a solo-masturbation setting, but it can also be used with a partner for two-sided fun that leaves all parties entirely satisfied. 

If you don’t know what a fleshlight is, allow us to shed some light on the subject. 

Shaped like a flashlight, in the sense that it is attached to a hard shaft, a fleshlight is a type of artificial, albeit very real looking, vagina, mouth, or anus. 

The outside of the fleshlight perfectly mimics the appearance of the vagina, mouth, or anus for visual satisfaction, as they are crafted with skin-like material, and the male can insert his penis into the ribbed and textured inside of the shaft for intense pleasures and the feeling of sex. 

Most often associated with masturbation, the fleshlight provides real-life sensations that can otherwise not be attained by the hands, and adds a visual element that also caters to the mental side of sex when getting it on either solo or with a partner. 

For those who have a crush on an adult film star, check this out! 

You can choose from a variety of fleshlights that are crafted exactly like the genitals of your favorite actresses, as both the outside of the genitals, as well as the insides, are an exact mold of their vagina, mouth, or butt


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How to Use a Fleshlight

Although synonymous with masturbation, a fleshlight is also a great addition to couples’ sex, regardless of genders involved! 

Fleshlight for Masturbation

If you are looking to add a little spice to your masturbation sessions, simply grab your fleshlight and some lube! 

Each fleshlight presents a small slit of which the penis is inserted to, so lubricate the area sufficiently for extreme pleasures. Use your hand to grip the outside of the sheath, and enjoy the very real appearance and feel of this toy as you either thrust your hips into it, or use your hand to create back-and-forth motions that alluringly and tightly jerk your pulsing cock

Fleshlight for Couples Play

A fleshlight is an excellent addition to couples’ sex, as it allows couples to incorporate role-playing-like elements into their love life

If you enjoy the idea of a threesome but are not willing to share yourself and your partner with another human, or if you simply want to explore a variety of sensations, then never be afraid to pull out your fleshlight during a little foreplay or while you ‘share’ the love. 

Have the female partner control the fleshlight as the male leans back and enjoys, using her hands to create thrusting motions around the penis. A little dirty talking goes a long way, and this is the perfect situation for the female to provide permission for her man to enjoy another ‘partner’. 

A simple “does she feel as good as I do?” or a “I want to watch you cum in her” will have your man going wild within his mind, and this showcases a trust and confidence within your relationship that is guaranteed to add to the health of your sex life

Couples who masturbate together stay together, and a fleshlight allows for the epitome of couples masturbation. When a female can enjoy a building dildo, it seems a bit unfair that the male is left with only his hands, and a fleshlight is the single method of which both partners can enjoy their favorite genitals while watching each other from afar. Just don’t be surprised if your man bust a little early due to the physical and mental pleasures derived from this spicy situation! 

Better yet, for the females who wish to experiment with different gender roles, a fleshlight is the absolute best method to practice fake oral sex or fingering of a vagina. 

Tease your man by licking the outside surface of the fleshlight before allowing him to indulge, the more spit the better, and showcase to him the beauty of female-to-female oral sex in a method that doesn’t create jealousy or the intimidation of another partner. 

As you are having sex, the female partner can also enjoy what it feels like to pleasure another woman as her lover pounds her from behind by inserting her fingers and tongue deep into the ribbed insides. 

For even more fun, use the fleshight to ‘edge’ the male partner closer and closer to climax. Ride him for a few moments, pause, and then unmount yourself so that he can feel the inside of ‘another’ before hopping right back on the wild ride!



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