How to Have a Marvelous First Tinder Date.

Mar 24, 2022

Dating apps are fast becoming the way to meet someone. And one of the leading apps out there is Tinder. Some people just use Tinder for hookups; however, if you are looking to meet someone special, it could also work for you too. 


To date, there are 3.1 thousand Instagram posts with the hashtag #tinderwedding, so there’s your proof if you were wondering just how successful Tinder is. But how do you go from talking on the app to in person? How can you make it not awkward? Read on to find out how to have a marvelous first Tinder date!


How to approach a First Tinder date


When going on a Tinder date, you might be meeting the love of your life … or you might not. So the best way to approach a Tinder date is to stay cool and treat it like you’re just meeting up with a friend. It’s one thing to communicate online via texts and maybe phone calls. But meeting and talking in person is a whole other ball game. 


Although you may feel like you know the person well enough already, you’re missing fifty percent of them – their in-person persona. So a good approach is to almost forget about your previous communications and treat the date like a blind date. Have no expectations. 


This way, you can’t be disappointed. This isn’t only good for you, but it’s also good for your date. It’s not fair to put them on a pedestal before you’ve even met them in person. 


So, to sum up, stay cool and have no expectations. That’s the best approach to a Tinder date.


What to Wear to a First Tinder date?


What you wear to a Tinder date really depends on what you’ll be doing! But the general rule of thumb is to wear something that you are comfortable and confident in. You don’t want to be awkwardly fiddling with your clothes while you should be focusing on your date. So with that, don’t overdo it. 


And if you don’t feel good in your clothes, your date will notice. And remember this: don’t dress for your date, dress for yourself. 


What we mean by this is that just because your date may have suggested they like a woman in a dress, it doesn’t mean that you should wear one on your first date. Half of the joy and test of an in-person date is being able to express yourself and show your date honestly who you are. 


So it’s best to wear the clothes that you love to avoid hiding a part of yourself from your date. And if your date questions your outfit, turn around and walk away because there will be someone out there who loves it.

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What the HELL do You Talk About?


It’s funny that people can talk and talk infinitely online, yet they seem to run out of things to say in person. And that’s because, without realizing it, we tend to repeat ourselves in text message conversations just to keep the dialogue going. We just love hearing our phones ping or see that person’s name pop up on the screen so much that we’ll just say anything to keep it happening. 


But in person, it’s a different story. You can’t just keep talking about the same things because that would be weird, right? So how can you keep the conversation going and avoid that harrowing awkwardness? What’s the secret?


Um, there is no secret. Sometimes two people just can’t stop talking. And sometimes, no matter how hard two people try, the conversation just does not flow. It all comes down to chemistry. If you vibe with someone, talking becomes as easy as breathing. And if you don’t? It’s like trying to put the north and the south poles of two magnets together. It ain’t gonna’ happen. 


Our advice for keeping the conversation flowing is simple: give and take. A conversation will not work if it’s one-sided, i.e., one person talks about themselves all the time. So make sure that as well as answering questions, you ask questions too. 


One more tip is to just be yourself and go with the flow. And remember that the pressure isn’t just on you. Making a conversation happen is a two-way street, so it’s up to your date to contribute too.


General Top Tips for Tinder Success:


  • Do something that you both enjoy: The way to get the best out of someone is to do something that they enjoy as well as you.
  • Do some self-care before your date: Do anything you can to make yourself feel good, whether it be a bubble bath, a chill-out reading session, or a workout at the gym. Take some time out just for you to get your confidence up and also to retain your social energy just for your date.
  • Liquid courage: Now, I’m not going to advise heavy drinking before a date, but if a little glass of wine calms your nerves, you do you. Just do not turn up to a date tipsy. Please.
  • Don’t get drunk: A lot of first dates take place at a bar or establishment serving alcohol, and it can be tempting to rely on alcohol to make you feel confident. But if you’re a lightweight like me, be careful. It’s really disappointing to go on a date with someone you thought you’d like, and then they get wasted. Not cool. By all means, have one cheeky cocktail. But after that, maybe opt for a virgin option.
  • Meet in public: Meeting in public is safety 101. You may have an idea of who you’ve been talking to on Tinder, but they could be completely different in person. And they might not be as nice as you think they are. To keep yourself safe, always meet in public with other people around.
  • Don’t have sex: The first date with someone you’ve met on Tinder is all about finding out if they live up to the persona they project online. So just focus on enjoying their company and getting to know them in the flesh. If things go well, sex will come naturally later on. Of course, if you’re using Tinder for hook-ups, then this isn’t relevant to you. 


The Climax …


So you got asked on a Tinder date? It can be intimidating meeting someone for the first time, especially when it’s a romantic or intimate occasion. But you don’t have to be intimidated. A small amount of nerves is good before a date, but you don’t have to be super nervous. The odds are that your date is just as anxious about meeting a total stranger too. And I say ‘stranger’ because no matter how much you’ve spoken through an app, you will never know someone entirely until you’ve met them in person. Dating is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it. Be yourself, be open, and don’t overthink it. The best things in life happen when you’re not thinking. And that, I know for a fact. 

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