Satisfying your Fetish with an Ejaculating Dildo

The best part about having a particular kink of fetish is being able to fulfill these desires in a sexual setting. I mean, what could possibly be better than fully succumbing to your passions in the bedroom and allowing yourself to embody the sexual liberation derived from this invigorating exploration?! Not much, that’s for sure. 


And although a specific fetish or a kink might be a bit ‘out of the ordinary’, as long as there are no harm being done to yourself or someone else (consensual BDSM and masochism/sadism aside), and that you are enjoying the process, then it is entirely normal and very much worthy of discovery! 


There are, however, instances of particular fetishes that are much more difficult and risky to pursue- those that might require multiple partners, condomless intercourse, etc. And sure, the risk is part of why we love them, but as soon as your fetish presents a possible repercussion, then this is precisely the time where you need to think twice about it. 


Lucky for us, there are tools within our modern world of commerce that very much help us along the way as we discover fetish sex. Today, we will highlight how one special toy, the ever-alluring ejaculating dildo, is the ideal asset to safely explore a handful of fetish desires. 


But First, What’s an Ejaculating Dildo?


The ejaculating dildo is a true culmination of technology enhancing pleasure. It is a sex toy, usually a vibrating sex toy, that maintains the ability to replicate male ejaculation upon the user’s control!


Our favorite, of course, “Bia- The Ejaculating Dildo and Vibrator“, features a rabbit-vibrator design meant for dual internal and external stimulation of the vaginal canal and clitoris. And at the simple click of a button, Bia sensually busts as sex toy cum drips from the tasty tip. It is this ‘cum on demand’ ability that is precisely how/why you can explore such a large handful of fetish sex and kinky sex ideas with this toy as your companion in doing so. 


This not only allows you to satisfy a fetish/kink that you have always known you’ve had but is also a tool in promoting the discovery of possible new fetishes and kinks that you may have never known about! 

ejaculating dildo

The Cum Fetish


If there was ever a fetish that an ejaculating dildo could satisfy to endless extents, then it’s the cum fetish! With a cum fetish, an individual exhibits a passionate liking for semen. This can range from the desire to taste it, the texture, the smell, the act of male-climax in general, and more. If you absolutely love cum to a truly passionate extent, then you might just have a cum fetish.  


The best part is that sex toy cum replicates real semen perfectly, and without the need for multiple male figures and the chance of contracting an STD/STI from the transmission of cum. With an ejaculating dildo, you can have ‘unprotected sex‘ (unless you are sharing your toy with another partner, of course) again and again, each time it climaxes in or on a different part of your body. 


Cum on the face, the belly, the vulva, the hands- you can play all day and really not worry about a single thing compared to real semen! This is an especially valuable asset for those in a committed relationship but who really enjoy cum, as the ejaculating dildo can help the partner out when they need a refresh before climaxing again. 


If you’ve got a cum fetish, then this is the toy for you, as in the end, it’s all about ejaculation!


The Creampie


If you need your man to finish inside you to be fulfilled, and you have a particularly fond desire for unprotected male ejaculation inside you, then this might be indicative of the creampie kink/fetish. If you want to learn more about the creampie, we’ve got it all covered in the linked article, but for a brief summary: It is the act of a male ejaculating inside of the female so that it may drip ever-elusively out from the vaginal canal or anus. 


And with the slightest bit of common sense, you can easily begin to see the risks associated with fulfilling this fetish/kink. 


Unprotected sex, the chance of pregnancy… I think you get it. 


And once again, enter the ejaculating dildo as the savior to our desires! With this toy, you can receive a creampie again and again as the once human risks dissipate entirely. Your partner can still take an active role in giving you the creampie by taking control of the toy, and the only thing that is missing is the pregnancy test the next day. It seems like a solid deal if you ask me. 


The Breeding Fetish


The breeding fetish is similar to a creampie but is reserved more for the psychological enjoyment of the risk of pregnancy. Someone with a breeding fetish relishes the idea of their partner impregnating them, the risk of becoming pregnant, the idea of being impregnated, and the dominant/submissive relationship established by such. A creampie is more about the physical sensation of internal ejaculation and the visual satisfaction of seeing this in action. 


Once again, however, an ejaculating dildo allows you to role-play the breeding fetish as many times as you so please. Just let yourself embody the moment as though it is the real deal, and she/he with a breeding fetish can satisfy their desires repeatedly as they feel the semen pulse deeply inside of them. Just enter the mindset that it is your partner doing the deed, and you’ll be on your way to fetish fulfillment in no time.


The Pre-Ejaculation Fetish


Pre-ejaculation isn’t a man’s best friend, that’s for sure… Unless, of course, their partner happens to be one with a pre-ejaculation fetish. Oh yeah, this really is a thing and very much adored by those who love it!


With a pre-ejaculation fetish, the fetishist feels sexual arousal at the idea of their partner ejaculating early. It might be related to a cum fetish; it might be a sign of their power/control or a way to showcase that they are so capable in the bed that their partner climaxes early. No matter what the reason, an ejaculating dildo is a tool for the trade. 


For a partner who doesn’t suffer from pre-ejaculation, this is a really difficult one to fulfill! Besides, most of us enjoy longer, more prolonged periods of sex anyways. All you need is for the dildo to do the cumming for you, and wallah- faiths satisfied! 


You can make believe the pre-ejaculation all night long until real ejaculation is met, and both partners are left utterly satisfied. 


The Gloryhole


Have a kink for getting unknown strangers off? Yeah, so do a lot of people! If you’ve ever wanted to experience a glory hole, but you are not yet ready for the real deal, then it’s time to get creative. Introducing the homemade Gloryhole


Simply set up a role-playing scenario of a Gloryhole by hanging up a sheet with a hole in it, and you can have fun with as many strangers (aka your favorite ejaculating dildo, wink wink) as you like. Who knows, maybe your partner will get a turn behind the curtain, too, if you let them? Or maybe they’ll just watch you indulge. Limitless possibilities, and that is exactly what we love so much about it.