What is a Fetish Model? And What do they Do?

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We’ve all heard about models; they strut their stuff on the catwalks in Paris, London, and Milan. Or they pose in beautiful clothes for the likes of Gucci and Ralph Lauren. What if I told you there was a different kind of modeling of the sexy kind? No, I’m not talking about porn stars. Yes, I’m talking about fetish models. You know how there are all these types of fetishes in the world of sex? Well if there’s a fetish, you can model for it. Think feet, hands, BDSM, stockings, leather, sex toys … you name it, and you can model it!

Fetish modeling is a growing side hustle for people to make money, but for others it’s a full-time career! Just like porn, fetish modeling is experiencing a rebirth in popularity; the taboos are being thrown in the trash and people are starting to not only celebrate sexual expression, but they’re also making money from it too. Just to put it into perspective, popular foot fetish model Goddess Valora earned $115,000 in 2019. That’s more than a deposit for a house! There is some serious cash to be made in this industry if you’ve got the skills. Let’s delve deeper into fetish modeling and see what it’s all about.

What is fetish modeling?

Put simply, a fetish model is an individual who models items linked to sexual kinks. This could be in photos, catwalk shows, at events, or even webcam. You can also do fetish modeling fully clothed depending on what the fetish is; or completely naked of course!

Where do fetish models work?

Just like any model, fetish models may work in catwalk shows, photo shoots for print, and they may even work as live models at events and expos. A lot of models also have their own online business on popular sites like Only Fans or they may even run their own website.

What do you need to become a fetish model?

To become a fetish model, you need to be interested in the industry first of all. There’s no point going into fetish modeling if you’re not into it, right!? Normally, the type of people who go into the industry are quite open minded and body-confident. The females tend to be particularly sexually empowered women. From a business perspective, you also need to be well-organized and able to manage your time well. Particularly if you are working for yourself, some knowledge of marketing and brand management would also go a long way to helping you in your career; you need to know how to portray yourself to your audience. Also if you’re self-employed, you might also need some experience in photo or video editing, unless you intend to outsource this part of your production.

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Where can I find work as a fetish model?

In this industry, there are normally two paths: working as an independent content creator or as a freelancer for an agency. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages: If you decide to go your own way and set up your brand by yourself, you have the final say over the content you post. Everything is down to you and you are your own boss. You don’t have to worry about someone else telling you what to do or trying to persuade you to do jobs you just don’t want to do. Saying that though, when you don’t have any extra help, it can be hard to find work. The main job of a modeling agency is to find models for jobs and to find jobs for models. So you can bet finding work via this route might be a little easier than if you go it alone! You just have to figure out on your own what is most important to you.

How much could I earn?

The fetish modeling industry is really what you make of it. So you could earn a small amount or the big bucks. It also depends on how much time and effort you put into your content, whether you go through an agency or not (an agency will most likely take commission), or if you opt for an online platform to grow your audience (which most likely will also deduct a fee from your earnings). 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how much you can earn as a fetish model. One piece of advice though: Never undersell yourself. Fetish modelling is becoming increasingly popular and with that comes a saturated market. You may feel like you need to lower your fees to attract an audience, but don’t. If people want to look at your content, they will pay the fee you deserve.

Tips on how to become a fetish model

So, you’ve decided to become a fetish model. Before you can get going, there’s a couple of things you need to think about – and when I say think about it, really think about it!

Choose your fetish!

This seems to be a no-brainer, but basic decisions are often overlooked when we get too excited about a new job opportunity. And seeing as there are so many types of kinks out there plus a lot of models offering those kinks, it’s a good idea to specialize in a niche. Be as specific as you can. The more specific your content, the more you will stand out as a model; this applies to both agency and solo work.

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Choose a stage name

A lot of people in the public eye, from actors and actresses to musicians, to models and porn stars, use a different name to that on their passport to protect their privacy. This is where you can get really creative too. Your stage name will essentially form the base for your brand. Once you have chosen your fetish, you can use that to create an appropriate name. For example, if your brand is about being a dominatrix, you might want to have a name such as Madam Pain. If your fetish is feet, you could have a name like Tootsie Tina.

Choose your path

Will you go through an agency or set up your own brand on your own? Will you opt for a platform like Only Fans or will you have your own website? This is an important decision because it will shape how you work in the future, and potentially how much money you earn! Don’t fret though if you go down one path and want to change. You can always switch it up!

Make content that you enjoy making

Do you know that phrase: if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life? It’s very true of fetish modeling. If you invest time in work that you enjoy making, only good can come of that. Don’t waste your time on jobs you don’t feel comfortable doing. Likewise, don’t waste time on jobs that you just don’t enjoy. This is your career after all, and you should enjoy it!

Embrace fetish modeling

So once you’ve set up your niche, your stage name and how you’re going to work, all that’s left to do is to embrace the industry. Explore opportunities (that you’re comfortable with), celebrate the kink you have decided to specialize in, go to networking events, and make contacts in the industry. Enjoy yourself!

Fetish modeling is most definitely on the up, and just like porn, attitudes toward the industry are changing. It’s no longer seen as something dodgy that’s done in a dark room; nowadays fetish modeling is a legit business that many men and women are reaping the rewards from. If you’re curious, why not give it a go?

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