10 Female Sexual Fantasies that Are More Common than You Think.

May 26, 2022

While we might all pretend that all we desire or need is vanilla sex, deep down, we know that’s just not true. 


We all have our sexual fantasies that really turn us on, but we’re not sure if others would judge us if they knew about them. And no sexual desire should be embarrassing – it’s what gets you going, after all! 


And if you’re sitting there thinking that you’re the only one with girl-on-girl or sex with a stranger fantasies, I have news for you, my friend. What most of us think are obscure fantasies are actually pretty common, and to make you feel better about your desires, here’s a list of the most common female sexual fantasies:


Sex with a Stranger


You know that rush you get when you first lock lips with a new person? Well, this is the reason that women fantasize about frolicking with a stranger; it’s so thrilling! Some women also feel that they can only properly relax and let themselves go with a stranger; no prior expectations, no judgment, etc. 


How to make it happen: 


If you’ve been lusting after sex with a stranger, why not do it? Of course, use your common sense and don’t just hook up with any dude on the street. Go to a bar with your girlfriends and get chatting with some other people. Don’t ask for their life story, just the basics. And after a little flirtation, the other person is sure to understand what you want. 


Another way to have sex with a stranger is in a swinger’s club or sex club. These places are great for meeting people who are in the same mood as you: DTF! In these clubs, there is often a separate space for sexual activity, and when you’re in there, pretty much anything goes (with sexual consent, of course!). What’s great is that swinger’s clubs are not just for couples; they attract a lot of single men and women too. So you’re bound to find a stranger to get frisky with.

Sexual Fantasies

Group Sex


Having sex with more than one person at once is one of the most common female sexual fantasies, whether it be a threesome, a foursome, or an orgy


We just love the idea of being naked, surrounded by other naked people, and being pleasured from all directions. Why have sex with one person when more people can touch you everywhere?


How to make it happen:


Group sex is often an organized affair because you have to gather a load of like-minded people in the same room. And how do you do that? Online hookup sites should be your first port of call. These are the sites where everyone is horny and looking for some action, and some sites even have an option to post a status, so you can post that you’re looking to organize a group sex session. 


Alternatively, a swinger’s club or sex club is your next best bet; it’s basically like an instant orgy in some of these places, depending on which one you go.


Dominating a Man


With the stereotype being that men dominate women in the bedroom, it’s no wonder that we ladies fantasize about dominating our men. Some things that women have admitted to lusting after are: 


  • Tying their partner up
  • Spanking or hitting him with a crop
  • Making him be a slave for the day
  • Humiliating him


How to make it happen: If you are coupled up, talk to your partner about your fantasy to see if he’d be up for it. You never know what he’ll say until you ask … then get your whip at the ready.

spanking sex whip



Exhibitionism is a big turn-on for a lot of people. It’s probably because they like the idea that other people are getting sexual gratification from watching them engage in sexual acts. So there’s a power play in motion here. If this is your fantasy, there are a few ways to do it to varying degrees.


How to make it happen: 


Starting from the easiest, you can add a little exhibitionism to your sexy play just by leaving the blinds or curtains open, especially if you have neighboring buildings nearby your apartment. A little more intense would be inviting a third into the action to watch you have sex. 


And then probably the most extreme would be going to a sex club and having sex with your partner in one of the public rooms. However you do it, it’ll be exciting!




This one is like the ying to the yang of exhibitionism. Voyeurists love to watch people have sex. It’s kind of like live porn, if you will. If this is your fantasy, well, you are not alone!


How to make it happen: 


Create a profile on a hookup website and find some exhibitionists who love to be watched. Exhibitionists and voyeurists go together like ketchup on French fries.


Being Forced into Sex or Raped


As taboo as this might sound, being forced violently into having sex is a very common sexual fantasy. A recent study found that between 31% and 57% of women fantasize about being forced into sex. But that doesn’t mean that they want to be raped. 


Although we fantasize about it, it’s not as if we fantasize about exactly the same thing that rape is. Normally women report that in their fantasy, they resist a little bit before succumbing to their captor; the sex is often passionate because the rapist just can’t get enough of them.


In reality, there is nothing romantic or passionate about rape; it’s an attack and a violation. The idea of rape becoming a sexual fantasy probably also comes from the desire to be dominated by a man.


How to make it happen: 


No boyfriend, husband, or partner has the right to just have their way with you whenever they want. So to make this practice safe, choose a day in which you feel DTF. Ask your partner to initiate sex with a firm hand (but not too firm) any time throughout the day so you can experience being dominated while you’re in the right frame of mind. Feel free to role play a little bit if you want.


The Sex Worker Fantasy


Sex work is gaining more and more attention, and some of us are craving to experience what it’s like to be a sex worker and have someone pay us for sex. If you don’t want to go down this career path, it’s easy to act out in real life.


How to make it happen: 


Tell your partner your fantasy, then once you’ve had sex, make him pay you some money afterward. You could even ask for a deposit beforehand too! What you charge is your choice…


Being 50-Shaded


We’ve all seen the movies and Googled BDSM. And since seeing that red room, we can’t stop fantasizing about what it would be like to be at the mercy of Christian Grey. Well, girl, this one is also an easy one to explore.


How to make it happen: 


There are plenty of BDSM sex accessories out there, such as whips, crops, floggers, bondage gear, gags, nipple clamps, you name it! Get yourself some basic BDSM gear and get experimenting in the bedroom with your partner taking the dominant role. 


If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even rent out a legit BDSM dungeon space. You’ll be surprised how many there actually are these days!

terra bdsm pinwheel

Being Deflowered


Whether you call it your flower or your virginity, losing it is definitely one of our main sexual fantasies. When you lost your virginity, you’re normally young, having sex with a dude who is just as clueless as you are, and then you can’t even remember it years later. Perhaps this is why we ladies crave to experience what it feels like to lose your virginity again.


How to make it happen: 


This is a great role play idea. Talk to your partner about it and ask if they’re willing to try it out. If they say yes, get yourself some pure white lingerie and act out your inner virgin.


Girl on Girl


Come on; you’ve thought about it once, right? This is, without a doubt, the most popular sexual fantasy among women. According to Pornhub, in 2019, lesbian porn was the most popular category among female viewers, so there might be a link between the fantasy and the porn here. Just me?


How to make it happen:


Making your girl-on-girl fantasy come true could be as easy as finding a flexible friend who also wants to experiment. Or you register to a hookup site to find someone. If you prefer to get to know someone in person, try going to a gay bar to find open women also looking to experiment. Of course, there are also sex clubs where they often have bisexual nights, particularly for women. 


The Climax


You might think that your sexual fantasy is weird AF. But trust me when I say it most definitely is not. I should also point out that just because something turns you on when you’re horny, it doesn’t indicate anything of your true day-to-day identity. Just because you fantasize about girl-on-girl doesn’t necessarily mean you are bisexual or a lesbian (I mean, it might, but also it might not). And just because reading hardcore erotica, where an innocent virgin gets put in extreme bondage and her nipples tortured, turns you on, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it in real life. 


Fantasize what you want to fantasize about. And act out what you want. As long as it’s all legal and everyone is safe, who cares?!

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