Regular Female Masturbation – What To Expect.

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It is so strange that female self-pleasure is still something we rarely speak about, even with our closest friends. Female masturbation is still considered a taboo in the biggest parts of our society. While it is normalized and even joked about for guys to do (ahem apple pie), somehow ladies are still stifled when it comes to talking about the subject.

As we move toward a self-care society, it is now more important than ever to talk about female masturbation and the benefits that come with it. Most women are aware that it can help them relax, but there is so much more than that. And the benefits of regular masturbation go beyond just improving your sexual life.

Let’s see why you should consider masturbating on a regular basis:

You know what I am talking about. That feeling of pure bliss when you reach the orgasm and the sweet relaxation that comes afterwards.

Why do we feel like this after a self-session between the sheets? It is all thanks to our amazing body’s chemistry. When we orgasm, the endorphins oxytocin and dopamine are released. For us, that means our mood is improved and we feel happier. If you really devote yourself and take your time to climax, you will be able to create a natural high as the endorphins are released into your body. Sounds like a perfect way to unwind.

You only have one body to live in, so better get comfortable with it!

With all the media bombarding us with the images of perfect body shapes and figures, it has become increasingly difficult to stay satisfied with our own bodies. We tend to notice the smallest of faults and irregularities. All of that can make us feel like our bodies are not good enough. That will further decrease our confidence in both sex and life outside the bedroom.

Better body confidence doesn’t necessarily require buying all those self-help books or limiting your media exposure. Allowing yourself to enjoy masturbation will help can be enormously helpful. Explore and play with your body. Instead of criticizing it, fall in love with all the small differences and details. Learn how to do this and you will be a happier and more satisfied woman!

We all know the benefits that exercise can have on our bodies.

Even though masturbation is not as good of an exercise as your typical gym training, it is a lot better than just lying in your bed and watching Netflix. And we all know that you have to keep your hands busy somehow while binge-watching your favorite show.

Since it gets your heart rate up, masturbation is good for your heart health and may contribute to lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. And guess what, unlike those chips you would have had, masturbation can also help you with weight loss.

Some of us have trouble falling asleep at night. And some of us have found the most natural thing you can do to put yourself to sleep! Yes, I am talking about masturbation, ladies.

After having an orgasm, we tend to feel more relaxed. Our physical and emotional tensions are relieved. The hormones released help us fall asleep easily and more deeply.

Believe it or not, having an orgasm can assist in menstrual blood coming out faster. And that means fewer cramps to endure! It is more effective than a heating pad, and way more fun to be honest.

If you want to engage in some of this multi benefit self-care, you might want to consider having some aid along the way. Having the perfect toy for yourself will make the experience that much better! Check out our selection of luxurious and high quality toys, and start reaping the benefits.

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