Foot Fetishes.

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What is a foot fetish?

There’s something about feet. Many of us have made jokes about selling feet pictures to make money. While these are jokes, foot fetishes are a very real thing that many people experience. What exactly is a foot fetish? A foot fetish is a sexual fetish where feet, toes, and ankles can turn someone on. Both men and women can have foot fetishes, and there is nothing wrong at all with this kink! The thing about feet that turns people on varies from person to person. Some are turned on by stockings, some are turned on by feet in jewelry, some are turned on by the thought of foot jobs. As with any kink, it is unique to the person. In fact, some are turned on by pampering the feet, such as with massages and pedicures. 

How common is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is much more common than you may think. So common, in fact, that we have normalized making jokes about selling feet pictures! It is a very normal kink, that many people have some variety of. Because it is so common, we are more understanding of this fetish as a whole. In fact, feet are one of the most fetishized body parts aside from the genitals. 

Why do people enjoy feet so much?

Everyone has different sexual kinks. You may enjoy being choked, while others may enjoy degradation. Others enjoy feet! Again, there is nothing wrong with a foot fetish, and it is important not to shame people for their kinks. Every person has a different reason to find feet attractive. Since our feet are covered with nerve endings, they have a lot of intense sensations to be experienced and enjoyed. You may hate being tickled, but love tickling and massaging on your feet. Pleasure can be experienced both by the person giving and the person receiving. 


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Does it matter what the feet look like?

Those who have foot fetishes may also enjoy the feet being in stocking, heels, jewelry, or pedicured. Some may enjoy the feet completely bare, while others may like peep toe heels. High heels are a huge fantasy for many with feet fetishes – in fact, there are pornography websites that are dedicated just to women in stockings and heels.  

How can I bring up my feet fetish?

 Do you think you or your partner may have a foot fetish? Bring it up!

If they bring it up to you, remember again not to shame or judge them. Ask them questions about what they may like, what they may want to do, and what may be pleasurable for them. You do not want to alienate your partner if they are telling you about a kink that they have. It is a good sign that they feel comfortable enough to open up about this fantasy with you. They may have a very basic fetish, where they want you to wear heels in bed, or they may want to give you a foot massage. Maybe they want to kiss your feet during sex or have you give them a foot job. All of these are possibilities to explore and talk openly about.


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Talk it out before you decide how you feel.

Maybe you feel apprehensive about this kink – that is totally okay! You don’t need to give an immediate response as to whether you want to try it. It’s ok to ask for time to think about it. As long as you are both understanding of each other, and open to trying new things, you will have fun! If feet are absolutely a no for you, express that as well. 

Don’t just jump into a foot job.

Experiment a little! See if you like it and they enjoy massaging your feet. Try wearing heels or sexy peep toe shoes if that’s something they like. Allow them to pedicure you. Remember that not all feet fetishes involve foot jobs, but ask if that is something they want to try. Build up your comfort level. If you don’t like something, be open and explain that. Honest communication is key. 

What if you think you have a foot fetish?

If you are the partner with the potential foot fetish, sit down and have that open conversation. Explain what it is that turns you on, and what you want to try. Just as you are not obligated to try things you aren’t comfortable with, neither are they! Being honest can open up a fun cycle of trying new things and opening boundaries in your sex life, so don’t be nervous. Just because a previous partner wasn’t into it or reacted badly, does not mean your current partner will. They may have kinks that they want to try, and broaching the topic may open up the doors for them to communicate that to you. 

Broach the subject at a good time.

It’s important to bring this topic up when you are both relaxed. Don’t bring it up in the middle of sex and expect them to just reciprocate! They may have questions and in the heat of the moment, it can ruin the feelings that they are experiencing. 

Be willing to talk it out. 

They will most likely have questions. Being open to discuss and engage with your partner and willing to answer those questions will help both of you understand each other better. Tell them what interests you, and what doesn’t.

Know what you want to try.

Since foot fetishes vary so vastly from person to person, let them know what you want to try and what you don’t. Again, kinks are nothing to be ashamed of or hide. It can be a fun way for you to explore each other’s bodies. 

Offer to give them a pedicures.

Some may enjoy giving a pedicure, which can be very enjoyable for the receiver as well! Who doesn’t want smooth, soft feet with pretty polished toes? 

Try different shoes.

Since many with feet fetishes enjoy different kinds of shoes, try out different pairs and see what excites them (or you). Add stockings, hosiery, or whatever it is you may want to see. 

Offer to massage the feet.

Most partners love receiving massages, though not all do. Since the feet are so sensitive, and many people are on their feet every day, offering a massage can be a great way to ease into a foot fetish. They may not get the stimulation that you do, but at least they can relax while you receive some stimulation.

What about a foot job?

A foot job can be daunting, but some enjoy this! Ask your partner if they would be open to trying it. If you have a penis, you may enjoy them grinding their feet on your pelvic area, or essentially giving you a hand job with their feet. Be sure their toe nails are trimmed so that you do not get any nicks on these sensitive areas.


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