The Art of Facesitting.

Jun 9, 2021

Oral sex performed on the female, also known as cunnilingus, is a practice that involves stimulating different parts of the female genitals using the tongue, lips, and nose. This may act as either preliminary foreplay or as a complete sexual act

In both cases, well-practiced oral sex will undoubtedly lead to orgasm

However, giving oral pleasure is not an easy thing to do: it takes time, a lot of practice, and some open and honest discussions with your partner to discover her specific oral likings, both before/after oral and also during. 

Here we will talk about facesitting, one of the most classic, kinky, and riveting forms of oral foreplay to carry out in a sexual relationship, and how you can use facesitting to reach the epitome of your oral-giving game.

How to find the clitoris during facesitting? 

To find the clitoris during facesitting, the partner can ask the woman to guide him or let himself be guided by the erectile tissue of which the clitoris is composed. 

Indeed, by passing his tongue over the woman’s vulva, it is possible to recognize the clitoris by the erection produced by sexual arousal. As does the male’s penis, the clitoris also swells with blood, hardens, and stands up, becoming more easily recognized. 

In addition to the tongue, the fingers can also intervene in the performance of the cunnilingus, which can help to further facilitate the search for the clitoris.


how to find clitoris during facesitting

Principle of Facesitting 

Facesitting is oral sex and will utilize not only your mouth, but also your tongue and lips on a woman’s sex organs, whether it is the vagina, clitoris, vulva, or a little bit of everything. 

After all, variety is the spice to life, and we all love a spicy love life, so try and keep in mind the benefits of exploring the entirety of her pleasure points. 

Why do women like it? 

There is first of the idea of “it is only for me,” which excites and emphasizes the woman. Still, more prosaically, on the physiological level, the lips and the tongue are more adapted than the hands and the fingers to provide feel-good pleasure. The mouth and lips are moist and warm, providing the unique and alluring feeling that cannot be attained otherwise. 

Not all men (or women) have mastered the art of cunnilingus, and even if the results are not always as you hoped, know that you have plenty of time to improve. Your desire to become better at this practice in itself will act as a turn-on, a highly respected showcase of your willingness to make her feel entirely sexually satisfied, and this will always go appreciated within your relationship.


how to facesit

Tips for having a good cunnilingus

Get in the mood to make yourself comfortable: if you are on your knees, consider putting a cushion on the floor. Shake off any tension and take some deep breaths to relax yourself and your body.

Don’t put a time limit on yourself: you can make cunnilingus last as long as you and your partner want. Sometimes it can last 20 minutes or more with breaks! You can stop for one cunnilingus, start over, do three, you’re free to choose! Never let time create an unnecessary restraint. 

It will take a while for your partner to get into the mood and get used to the sensations to start receiving pleasure. So start slow, and be sure to ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like to promote the process of succumbing to her desires and turn-ons. 

Gently part her lips (the lower ones, of course) with your thumb and forefinger, and then introduce 4 cm of tongue and twist for 10 seconds. Do this before introducing any of your fingers into the vaginal cavity to promote natural lubrication

Always remember that not every woman is the same, and each will like very different things. What therefore distinguishes a good oral is their ability to listen and be responsive to the specifics of your partner!

Find the clitoris! You have to find the clitoris, the organ of pleasure. Easy? Not necessarily. And for a good reason, there is actually only a very small part of the clitoris that is visible. It is located under the clitoral hood, so sometimes, you have to lift the region just above to get the clitoris out and better manipulate it.

Take it easy! Don’t go straight for it: pleasure also comes from waiting. Do not go after just the clitoris, hoping for an immediate explosion of pleasure. This organ does not work like a switch, and it’s sensitivity can lead to pain if not properly warmed up, so take it easy. 

Use your fingers to grab her buttocks, hips, caress her breasts, or get to her G-spot. Use your hands and fingers to alternate movements and find that magic rhythm.

Pay attention. Be attentive to the slightest gesture, moan, or breath … If you feel that your partner is starting to shake and that orgasm is approaching, do not change what you are doing. Keep the same pressure and the same movement on the same point. 

Communicate during facesitting. All bodies are different. Some people may love a gesture that others hate, so we can’t repeat it enough: communicate. If you’re comfortable, ask her what she likes best and let her guide you on how you can make her happy.

The best tricks. You can use the upper part of your tongue (rough side) to go up, then the lower part (soft side), to come down on the other side of the clitoris. Little by little, you can lick it faster and with more supported pressure. 

Do not hesitate to alternate the rhythms and the directions of variations. For example, use your lips to slightly suck her clit into your mouth and rub it with the rough side of your tongue, or continue to suck it gently. If you feel like she’s enjoying it, you’ve found the right move: Keep going. 

Positioning is key. The position your partner takes is super crucial for your cunnilingus. 

A well-adored favorite, yet a position that often goes under the radar, is oral in doggy style. 

She’s on all fours, you go under her, and you begin. 

So whether you’ve been with the same woman for years, a one-night stand, or a new girl who’s caught your eye and you’re starting to fall in love with, this is a position that she will remember forever.

She will have control over the speed, angle, and pressure. All you have to do is figure out what she wants to say to you without her needing to use her words, as her body language will do the speaking. 


what is facesitting

How to Facesit

What women like the most about this position is that it allows them to take charge of their orgasm. 

She can go with her pace, for as long as she needs to, and there’s absolutely no reason for her to feel guilty about being the star of the show for a little while. 

By the time you come, his tongue, lips, and face will be smooth from your juice. 

Your vaginal walls tighten as you shiver over him, trying not to fall from shaky knees. Slide back onto his mouth and try not to suffocate him, and continue the pleasure by spreading your legs and rubbing deeply into his face. 

If you’ve never tried this with your partner, I highly recommend it. It takes a certain bravery to open up and put yourself in front of someone so intimately, but if you’re feeling a little vulnerable, remember that the incredible pleasure you’re about to experience will be a good distraction from any personal reservations you may have. 

A woman’s pleasure is just as or more important as a man’s, so enjoy the ride.


A very slobbery tongue: It is above all the warm and agile tongue of the partner, perfectly moistened, that will bring orgasmic happiness to the lovely lady.

A little water-based lubricant: It can help if your salivary glands need a little support.

An external vibrator: Excellent accessory to make this moment of pleasure a moment of incomparable ecstasy by using it in addition to the tongue.


how to facesit

Oral sex simulator vibrator: For the lazy or the lonely, this is to taste the pleasures of cunnilingus without getting tired and at any time you please!

Blindfold and handcuffs: To go further in the sensations, the lady can blind herself with a blindfold and let the partner tie his or her legs and arms to the bars of the bed. She will feel more the pleasure of cunnilingus to which her mind and body will be very devoted.

For facesitting to be effective, your best bet is still to speak up so that she tells you what she wants and how she wants it. Every woman is different, and not everyone wants the same. Just remember that toys are there to help you, that the clitoris is what triggers orgasm during facesitting, and that it is very fragile!

Finally, do not panic! If the way you give her cunnilingus doesn’t suit her, your partner shouldn’t hesitate to guide you.

So good luck, and don’t forget to breathe! 



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