Everything you Need to Know About Facesitting Sex.

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Ready to take your oral sex game and elevate it to newfound levels of stimulation, providing to your partner one of the most orgasm inducing experiences of which the pleasures of your mouth and your tongue could possibly ensue?

It’s called facesitting sex, a form of oral play thats idosyncracies actually fall under a general form of BDSM play, but that is so easy to implement in any sexual relationship, as you don’t need to be a master of chains and whips to incorporate this fun version of play into your own sexual experience. 

Although a face sitting sex and other sex toys do indeed go hand in hand, and we will soon get into how to use toys in conjunction with facesitting sex, the best part about this form of play is that it only requires yourself and your partner; nothing more and nothing less, so lets get into it! 

What is Facesitting Sex?

Facesitting sex is a form of oral play

As the name implies, facesitting sex occurs when one of the partner chooses to sit over the face of the other partner who, chances are, is laying down with their face up. Regardless of the gender, this forces the genitals and the anus of the partner who is sitting on top to meet the mouth of the other partner, thus initiating oral play. 

This oral play has been around for hundreds of years, and because this kinky form of oral is century old, it has also been given the names “queening’ and ‘kinging”. For queening, this is facesitting sex where the female sits on top and enjoys the pleasures provided by the other’s mouth. Kinging, of course, is the other way around of which the male sits on the face of another. 

Facesitting sex is far different from standard oral play. Because the partner is sitting on the face of the other, not only the mouth will get involved. The genitals and the anus of the other partner will press and rub against the cheeks, the nose, the lips, the forehead, and any other area of the face. 

This is pleasurable for he/she who is on top because they get to enjoy the sensations of more than just the mouth, as the varying ridges and angles of the facial structure provide a rather enjoyable experience to the outside nerve endings of the vagina and/or penis, and other aspects like the subtle tickle of facial hair can lend for serious pleasure. 

Another key aspect regarding facesitting sex is the rather forceful nature surrounding it, bringing it back to the roots of BDSM and a dominant and submissive relationship. Whoever provides the oral is taking a submissive role, whereas the partner on top is taking on a dominant role. 

The partner on top is dominant because he/she gets to control the experience. By sitting on the face of the other, this is a very forceful form of oral, different from when the partner has control over how they wish to use their mouth as a medium to pleasure. The body weight will press firm down against the face of the other, preventing them from escaping, and instead giving the control of movements to the person on top. 

They get to move their body around as they please, forcing certain licking motions by riding the face of the other and by forcing the tongue as deep as they like by pressing down their weight. The submissive is essentially used for their mouth, and forms of slight humiliation often arise from this, further enhancing the kink of this oral sex.


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Why Should I Practice Facesitting Sex?

Facesitting sex is extremely pleasurable. For the submissive, it is often quite the turn on to be forced into pleasing the genitals and anus of the other. The pressure of the others bodyweight feels intimate and close, and the darkness and moisture of the experience creates an extremely unique form of sexual experience that can only be attained through facesitting. 

On the other end of the relationship, the dominant on top gets to enjoy the pleasures of controlling oral. Most of the time it is the job of the other partner to do all of the work with their mouth, but not with facesitting. Whereas standard oral can be slow and intimate, facesitting sex is far more intense, and often the most fun when the face is ridden wildly, thrusting back and forth.

You should practice facesitting sex if you enjoy oral play with your partner and want to spice things up, if you want to begin experimenting with a control type setting, or simply as a means of a very kinky and riveting addition to your foreplay!


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Facesitting Sex Practices and Tips

Facesitting sex isn’t smothering, which is another practice of BDSM play of which air is deprived from the submissive. Because of this, you want to ensure that your partner can breathe fine during this experience, so come up with a safe-word or gesture to signify if they need a break. 

 When it comes to facesitting sex equipment, there does exist special furniture just for this practice. This furniture is called a queening stool, and it is crafted to sit atop the submissive face with an opening that allows for direct genital and anus to mouth stimulation when the dominant sits atop.  

A great aspect about facesitting sex is the fact that it allows the dominant to also please the genitals of the submissive as they sit on top. Try sitting on your partner and facing the other way. As you ride their face, use your hands to play with their genitals for dual stimulation. 

Theres never a better time to also incorporate a high quality sex toy than during facesitting sex. If your partner is female, a vibrator, a dildo or a remote control vibe will further create a climax worthy situation as you please their clitoris while riding their face. 

For the males, anal stimulation toys or a pocket pussy will have them pulsing as you soak their face while also pleasing their genitals, adding a unique heightened pleasure to the joys of this forceful oral sex. 

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