Extreme Sex Toys.

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Extreme sex toys mean extreme pleasure. With sex toys allowing us to experience sensations otherwise unattainable from the human body or touch, they are a crucial component to fulfilling sexual discovery. But what exactly makes a sex toy extreme?

That is the question that we will answer today, for if you are in the search for newfound exhilaration during your intimate practices, then a touch of extreme might be just what you need to send your body into much-desired shivering quivers of climax

What are Extreme Sex Toys?

Although a majority of extreme sex toys fall into the realm of BDSM, just as we are unique in our individual sexualities, so can be our definition of extreme. A well-practiced submissive who is used to receiving pleasure through pain will have a very different definition of extreme than someone who has never played with a sex toy before. 

With this, it is important to keep an open mind regarding this fact, as it takes time and experimentation with various forms of toys to gain a true understanding of certain thresholds of pleasure and to determine precisely the types and style of sex toys that get you off. 

In the end, however, there are a few defining characteristics of toys that make them fall into the category of ‘extreme sex toys’. 

The Best Extreme Sex Toys

Dual Stimulation

Many women find that dual stimulation is a key factor in extreme pleasure. Dual stimulation is a broad term, as this includes:

  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • Anal and vaginal/clitoral stimulation
  • Shared stimulation between partners

Some women require clitoral stimulation, whereas others need vaginal stimulation to reach climax. However, a majority will find that their journey to the big O is best achieved when both are catered to at the same time, as well as with a touch of anal-based pleasure. 

Suppose you’re used to intercourse with a partner who can only provide dual stimulation with a phallus and the touch of the hand. In that case, you will surely find a dual stimulation sex toy to be an extreme sex toy, as you’ve probably never experienced clitoral stimulation in conjunction with vaginal fulfillment like this before. 

A toy such as a double-sided dildo will also fall into the realm of extreme sex toys, as many couples aren’t used to playing with the same sex toy simultaneously, which creates an alluring mentality surrounding your sex is rather extreme in nature. 

anal and vaginal vibrator

Temperature Play

Is temperature play a common practice within your sexuality? If not, then what are you waiting for?!

Temperature play is a wondrous means to explore a wide range of never before felt sensuality, and a variety of sex toys allow for temperature play in conjunction with other stimulation. Take, for example, Luna, the heated thrusting dildo for women. She is warm and soft, mimicking the body temperature of another human, and you are guaranteed to discover the benefits of temperature play as she sends heated goosebumps down your legs. 

When practiced lightly and by those who experience the benefits of hot and cold during their sex, temperature play might not seem that extreme. But for those now introducing themselves to this exercise, then temperature play is something that very much defines a toy as an extreme sex toy, as the pleasures of temperature play are wildly stirring. 

Sex Toy and Dildo Collection, Sex Toy Packs For Temperature Play

BDSM Sex Toys

BDSM sex toys are the true epitome of all extreme sex toys. There are a ton of sex toys that fall within this category, and each will provide a unique take on pleasure inspired by pain, domination, and restriction. 

One of our personal favorite BDSM sex toys is Terra, the BDSM Pinwheel; sensation play and impact play at their absolute finest. As you pass the shiny spikes across your erogenous zones, you are sure to feel the tingle of nerve-inspired stimulation as electrifying signals are sent straight to your pulsing vulva. And, just as we said how temperature play is a defining characteristic of extreme sex toys, Terra is the perfect tool. 

Simply run her under warm or cool water to further heighten the response of this lovely toy as the temperatures cater to genuine fulfillment. 

Other BDSM sex toys that are popular due to their extreme nature include handcuffs, cock rings, nipple suckers, gag balls, restraints, candles, and more. When it comes to extreme sex toys of this nature, if you’re a beginner, work with your partner to take things slow, determine your safe word, and enjoy every minute of exploration as you play with these various extreme sex toys. 

bdsm pinwheel - extreme sex toys

Big Sex Toys

For some women, the bigger, the better. Sex toys come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and to many, extreme is synonymous with size. You can find a dildo of just about any length and girth, and if you simply want to get down and dirty with something that your hands can barely wrap around, then a large sex toy is simply the way to go. 

When playing with a huge sex toy, always take things slow and use plenty of lubrication, as you are about to experience the epitome of extreme as you slowly work its way lustfully inside. 

This might be a simple variation of extreme, but when you find yourself dying to thrust the whole thing inside of you, the challenge in itself will set you off.

big thrusting dildo

Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex is a topic that maintains a varying range of opinions and is a somewhat taboo subject in the realm of vanilla sex. Some love it, and some hate it. Some need it; some could go a lifetime without it. 

Regardless, some of the most extreme sex toys are those that cater perfectly to anal play. Before you progress into anal sex with a partner, which many find to be an extreme practice, try experimenting with an anal training kit. This allows you to start slowly and work your way up one by one, allowing your body to become used to the physical response and pleasure associated with anal sex. 

Once you feel comfortable, then you might think to use a dual sensation sex toy, such as a vaginal and anal vibrator, to experience the gratification of this shared sensation. 

extreme anal training kit, extreme jewel butt plug

Wand Vibrators

This ones for the women who relish clitoral sensation, for those who simply need the focus of their pleasure to be derived from this beautiful sex organ. 

There is no other way to stimulate your clitoris with such a high level of sensuality than with a wand vibrator. I mean, after all, fingers can’t vibrate! Wand vibrators are designed specifically for women’s pleasure, and with this, their often customizable vibration speeds are rather extreme, but in all the best of ways.

When comparing it to human-based forms of sexual feeling, such as the insertion of a penis, a wand vibrator will have your toes and eyes curling back like never before, and will provide just what you need to reach the best climax of your life. They are one of the best sex toys for squirting, should you desire to explore different realms of soaking wet climax, and are a great asset in preventing the mundane. 


Back on the subject of BDSM sex toys, whips are indeed a must-have item. They might be a bit of an extreme sex toy, but isn’t that why we’re here?!

A touch of rough during sex is always desirable, and whips generate the perfect level of pain based sensational response. By letting your partner take control, lightly rubbing the leather strands across your back before a spanking, you are succumbing to the true meaning of what it means to have extreme sex. 

Don’t be afraid, as whips are excellent toys to build trust with your partner and to begin the journey into further realms of sensation play and other BDSM-inspired kinks. 

So, the only question that remains is, what are you waiting for? Sex is best when it is extreme, and these extreme sex toys are a true culmination of all things wild and fun. 

sex whip

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