How to Express your Sexuality Outside of the Bedroom.

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Being sexual isn’t just limited to having sex. To express your sexuality means to be comfortable with your needs and desires and communicate them both inside and outside of the bedroom. 


Here’s how to show your sexuality without having sex:


 1. Get to Know your Sexuality First


Your sexuality might not necessarily be what you think it is. Since sex is a taboo subject, it’s easy to put our needs second and forget to connect with who we really are, especially since women are still judged for being sexual. Some of the best ways to become more comfortable with your sexuality include improving your body image, exploring your sexual preferences, taking time to get to know your body, learning how to talk about sex, and so on. 


Only once you’ve embraced your body and soul can you start expressing your sexuality as a manifestation of your true sexual self, and so may sexual empowerment follow. 


 2. Accept Your Kinks


One of the first steps to expressing sexuality is embracing your sexual preferences without judgment. You don’t necessarily have to explore all your kinks, but it’s important not to feel guilty or ashamed about what you find arousing. When you approach kinks with curiosity and openness, you become more comfortable with yourself and more likely to act true to your sexuality. 


Asking yourself, ‘what are my kinks?‘. The time to discover is the present! 

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 3. Don’t Listen to What Media Tells You About Female Sexuality


Things aren’t always black and white. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, you aren’t either a prude or a slut. You can be anything in-between because sexuality is a spectrum, and women shouldn’t be judged for their sexual choices. If you want to learn how to express your sexuality, you should first get rid of society-imposed standards and understand that you can be whoever you want to be without worrying about other people’s opinions.


Own it, live it, and absolutely love it, girl!


 4. Post Pictures that Make You Feel Good, Regardless of the Stigma


On a similar note, ignore everyone who tells you women who take half-naked photos don’t respect themselves. Taking pictures of your body can be a great way to accept it and a way to show that you feel positive about it. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy, and expressing your sexuality this way can help you become more confident in yourself.


 5. Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Confident 


Expressions of sexuality vary from person to person, but the easiest way to communicate it to other people is by wearing clothes that make you feel confident and sexy. It doesn’t take much to be sensual in what you wear. You can choose clothing that emphasizes your figure and perhaps shows skin here and there. For example, you can go for short skirts, a V neckline, and skin-tight dresses or choose to draw attention with bold colors such as red which symbolizes sexual confidence

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 6. Don’t Be Afraid to Flirt


A bit of flirting never killed anybody – let’s break the stereotype that it has to lead to something sexual. Flirting can be a way of building your confidence, getting out of your comfort zone, or simply a form of entertainment that allows you to express your sexuality. 


And perhaps most importantly, it can make you feel incredibly sexy and desired. 


Don’t be afraid to tease a person you’re flirting with and express your interest with body language too. For example, you can play with your hair, smile seductively, or initiate physical contact. And if you’re in a relationship, you can explore flirting as well as sexting with your current partner. 


Sexting is a fun way to build sexual tension and express yourself in a sexual way outside of the bedroom. 


When your partner is away, drop him a message to remind him what you wish you could do to him. 


7. Express Yourself in Everything you Do 


When you’re comfortable with your sexuality, it means you’re also unapologetically yourself. So don’t be afraid to show the world all your colors. Speak your mind, act according to your values and let your personality shine in the way you carry yourself. 


 8. Engage in Activities that Make You Feel Good


Being connected with your sexuality is synonymous with feeling empowered, which is why the best form of self-expression is doing what makes you feel good. This will mean something different for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be related to sex. 


It can be letting go of other people’s expectations and going after a job that isn’t ‘respectable’ or deciding to stay home on a Friday night. It can be building confidence through physical exercise such as martial arts or pole dance or simply making a choice that is in line with your needs. Whatever your passion, embrace it. 


 9. Buy Yourself Sexy Lingerie


If you’re wondering how to show your sexuality, the answer is to take yourself shopping. Lingerie isn’t just for your partner; it’s first and foremost for you. 


Get yourself underwear that brings out your best features, and stand in front of the mirror to admire how beautiful you look. This is an idea on how to express your sexuality in a way others won’t see, but it doesn’t matter because it can make you feel as powerful. You can even wear nice lingerie when you’re out and about without a special occasion – it can be your dirty little secret that boosts your confidence and helps you express your sexuality even without showing skin. 


 10. Choose a Scent that Expresses your Sexuality


Just like clothing, scent can tell a lot about who you are and possibly attract the right kind of people. If you’re adventurous and a risk-taker in bed, go for floral or fruity perfumes, and if you enjoy something more sensual, sweet scents such as coconut might be more suitable for you. 

 11. Experiment with Makeup


Another great form of self-expression is makeup. Watch tutorials online and experiment with different styles until you find one you feel the most comfortable with. But don’t be afraid to get out of your zone sometimes – it’s not just about enhancing your appearance. It’s an opportunity to be creative and bring out your personality. 


 12. Talk about Sex


This doesn’t mean you should announce what you like in bed on social media or bring sex up in every conversation. But when the topic arises, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. The more you talk about sex, the more natural it will feel, and the more likely it is you can act true to yourself. 


Sex is already too taboo, and this taboo sometimes prevents us from fully connecting with our sexuality and living a fulfilling life as a result. Break the mold and start your own sex revolution today. 


 13. Don’t Be Afraid to Fantasize


We all do it to a lesser or bigger extent, so why deny yourself this simple pleasure? When something turns you on, whether it’s while watching a movie or running errands, don’t suppress these emotions and let yourself express your sexuality by fantasizing. Once you’ve learned to be more comfortable with fantasizing, get your partner involved and let him know what you’d like to explore with him next.

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