The Best Exercises for Better Sex.

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We are told about the benefits of physical activity, and the benefits are indeed very numerous and necessary for our physical and mental health. But did you know that moving every day can also have a real positive influence on our sexuality?

If you suffer from low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or are unable to reach an orgasm; you must achieve a higher fitness level than you currently have. 

It is also a requirement for you to become a healthier human being. These top exercises for better sex improve sexual stamina and aim to redevelop your muscle groups directly involved in sex. 

Improving the health of your sexual muscles can naturally increase blood flow and lead to improved sexual performance.

How Exercise is Beneficial to Sex

Whether you are activating yourself to lose weight, increase your endurance, or tone your muscles, you are exercising for a specific purpose.  

Your health routine also energizes your sex life, and what would you say to that? I’d say it’s time to work out!

Exercise can boost your desire, help you achieve stronger orgasms, and boost your stamina in bed (and elsewhere). Exercises also improve your strength. Therefore, it is only natural that you may wonder if this can help you in a bedroom. Well, indeed, greater resistance and increased strength can be of massive benefit! This is why you should exercise for better sex, and here is how you can do it. 

The Best Exercises for Better Sex

Aerobic Stimulates Libido

Overall, good health plays a big role in response to stimulation. Studies have shown that an excellent aerobic session is a good exercise for better sex and has an immediate effect on sexual desire. 

In a 2007 study by researchers at the University of Texas, women who ran for 20 minutes on a jogging treadmill showed more signs of sexual arousal than women who did not exercise. “We don’t know if people who run every day have a stronger response to sexual stimuli,” says Brotto, but it’s looking pretty clear that it does. 

The main hypothesis of this research is that strenuous exercise stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, a reaction that is part of the sexual response. If you’re planning a restless night, then go for a 20-minute run first to boost your libido.

The Squat 

The Squat is a very effective exercise and is the best sex exercise for strengthening your legs and hips. 

Wondering how the legs play a role in your performance in bed? 

Tell yourself that the more strength you have in your legs, the easier it will be to adopt certain positions with your woman and to maintain her for a long time for maximum pleasure. And for the women out there, it’s looking like reverse cowgirl just got that much easier!

The Squat will give you more strength in the hips and allow you to practice intense and rhythmic thrusts. You will certainly have more vigor. In addition, the squat works certain muscles that produce testosterone, and this hormone has a significant influence on libido.

exercises for better sex


Strength training is a good exercise for better sex and one of the sports that will help you feel better about your body and your private life. It is great for both men and women. 

The solicitation of the muscles makes it possible to generate an increase in testosterone which, as we have seen, is beneficial to the sexualized person. In addition, the abdominals and core strengthen the body and improve performance in bed. 

These exercises use several types of muscles, such as the deep muscles. Strengthening them allows you to resist better in certain positions, which often require endurance or sheer strength. Finally, stretching will be favorable to your flexibility, which can be decisive in certain situations. The flexibility also allows greater comfort during lovemaking.

Jogging, Swimming, and Other Exercises

While muscles are vital for you to be an ace in bed, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of breath in sex. This is why you must work on your cardio! 

Yes, wanting to boost your sexual performance is a daily job! Jog, run or swim regularly so that you don’t often feel short of breath. You can also stretch and do exercises like stretching, butterfly tilt, lunges, and other workouts that work the pelvic muscles.

How Exercise Increases Libido and Why

Over the years, the appetite for sex has changed. Men aged 20 to 40 have a high libido, thanks to their hormones. However, after this age, it can fluctuate more quickly due to age-related effects. 

Sex is an integral part of a relationship, even for couples who rarely have sex. This is why many couples argue around the age of 50 and face a decline in sex drive and why we must best preserve this libido with all we can. 

Sport involves a clever set of hormones beneficial to desire. From 30 to 40 minutes of effort, our body secretes endorphins, also called pleasure hormones. These endorphins improve libido and help fight stress, one of the main causes of decreased sexual activity.

Exercises for better sex undoubtedly generate feelings of well-being, guaranteeing proven self-esteem and enhanced sexual fulfillment.

Testosterone is the Quintessential Male Hormone.

It contributes to the well-being of the individual, just like serotonin, for example.

In men, testosterone is produced in the testes, while in women, it is produced in the ovaries. Its primary role is to ensure proper sexual functioning.

It also helps increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, leading to greater self-confidence and better performance. 

Two American researchers are studying the relationship between hormones and sport. They are Professor Todd Schroeder from the University of Southern California and Scott Isaacs, an endocrinologist from Emory University. According to them, in the case of testosterone insufficiency, engaging in regular physical activity is a solution to consider. This is because sport influences testosterone production, especially in men with average to low hormone levels.

does exercise increase sex drive

Is Sex Itself a Good Exercise?

Can Having Sex Make You Lose Weight? Is sex good exercise? Can certain sex positions melt as much fat as a workout? 

As you would expect, intercourse has several health benefits that can be compared to those of physical exercise. 

In fact, the body reacts almost equally to sex and exercise. Several decades ago, the first studies revealed that sex increases heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. In other words, during lovemaking, the body works at a high rate, like during a workout.

Is Sex like a Workout? 

So is it okay that I don’t have to go to the gym tonight because I had sex?

If we stick to the body’s reaction after having sex, then YES, it is similar to physical exercise. 

But be careful, do not believe that you will improve your health over time to the fullest extent by spending a few nights under the duvet.

For most of us, sex is either not supported enough or often enough for an actual physiological change to take place.

Kegel Exercises

Doctor KEGEL invented these exercises in the 1940s to tone this pubococcygeus muscle to allow, among other things, better sexuality. 

These exercises are generally recommended for women by their gynecologist after childbirth to prevent sagging tissue and urinary leakage, but they are also beneficial for men, allowing for better ejaculatory control.

In fact, during sex, the pelvic muscles contract, and the more these muscles are toned, the more the person is in connection with them. This means more intense pleasure for women because she feels more vaginal sensations and an increased ability for the man to hold back ejaculation, so it’s one of the best exercises for better sex.

Kegel exercises for better sex

How to do them?

Depending on the contractions and the muscle fibers you want to work with, there are different types of exercises. 

With short and rapid contractions, we tighten and release the perineum to work the so-called “fast” fibers.

Strong contractions are held for 6 seconds, to work on the holding of the contraction. For example, “if you have a coughing fit, your perineum contraction must be strong enough to last the time of the fit. If you are in deficit, you may have a urinary leak”. 

Soft contractions, but held longer, about ten seconds, are also a great form of kegel. Rest is just as important. These are the so-called “slow” or “tonic” fibers that work in this exercise.

As with all types of exercises, you will need to practice to perform the Kegel exercises well and optimize the results obtained. Usually, patients will see improvement in bladder and bowel control after about 6 to 12 weeks. For lasting results, make Kegel exercises part of your daily routine.

Sport, Even at Low Doses

Any physical sport activity is already beneficial for sexuality as long as it is practiced regularly every week and there is pleasure in practicing it. In the vast majority of cases, sport is sexually beneficial, and there is a considerable margin before reaching the threshold of sexual exhaustion.

So anything you do that gets the body moving is healthy for you, your soul, and most importantly, your sexuality, so get out there and begin to reap the endless rewards of physical activity in conjunction with your love life!


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