Exercise Ball Sex.

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Is it possible to have exercise ball sex? Absolutely, and you are missing out if you haven’t tried it yet.

The ideal gym ball is designed to be comfortable, soft, or rigid, and in short, to conform to the shape of the body and oppose a certain resistance. 

This really is an ideal material that can be used as a sex toy.

What is Exercise Ball Sex?

Let’s start with introducing the Pilates ball, also known as the Swiss Ball. It is used for exercise, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, yoga, and a number of sports and medical variations. It is also used for sex.

Exercise Ball Sex is a safe and effective sex position that can be performed, including many muscle groups and skill levels, to obtain great sex while boosting strength, muscle tone, and even weight loss. 

The exercise ball sex stimulates pleasure zones that normal sexual positions can not facilitate. During exercise ball sex, the brain releases happiness hormone (endorphins) to give us a high level of happiness and enjoyment by mixing sex and exercise-based activities.

And as we know, sex, diet, and exercise are all completely intertwined, related subjects. 

exercise ball sex positions

Different Exercise Ball Sex Positions

With all that been said, exercise ball sex could be the best sex toy you’ve been looking for, so here are some amazing sex positions you’ll love!

Reverse Cowgirl

A lot of people are not a big fan of this position, but believe me, trying reverse cowgirl on an exercise ball is so much fun. The man has to sit on the ball, and then the other partner will mount him to ride back and forth. It’s this simple, and the exercise ball promotes rolling and bouncing, leading to incredible sexual sensation. 

Ball Doggy Style

Let your partner bend you over the exercise ball and do what they please. Considered as one of the best exercises for better sex, it helps enhance intensity and rhythm, making the achievement of orgasm smoother.

The Bouncy Seat

If you are a fan of deep thrusting, this will be one of your favorite exercise ball sex positions. 

Let your partner sit on the ball, then sit on him and let the ball bounce you together. That alone is so much fun, but it is not all you will get from this sex position, as this position will also help your partner while thrusting, making some hard-to-reach places easily accessible. 

The Couch Surfer

This exercise ball sex position is one of the sensual positions.

Prop your bottom on the edge of the ball and rest your feet on the couch while your lover sits on the sofa with his legs wide apart. 

He will then have to roll the ball back and forth, each roll a unique variation of thrusting.

Try it! You too can push yourself toward him, which will help you achieve your own passionate speed.

This is going to do you a lot of good for your sex life. You’ll thank me for it!

Speed Bump

To set it up, you’re going to need a fitness ball first. It would be best if you lay on it with your stomach, balanced with your hands in front of you. 

If it’s small enough, you can also put your feet on the ground behind you to help keep your balance. 

Otherwise, just use your hands and keep your legs in the air. 

Your man will then enter you from behind. In the Speed Bump position, you should focus most of your energy on maintaining your balance. It will be easier if the fitness ball is small. But you can also make it easier by locking the fitness ball in position (against a bed, sofa, etc.) before you start having sex in the Speed Bump position. 

Other Similar Sex Positions for Exercise

Wonderful Woman – The top half of your body rests on the edge of the bed while your man holds your legs. 

Stairway to Heaven In this sex pose, you’ll kneel on the stairs, and he’ll penetrate you from behind. 

Wheelbarrow – Remove the exercise ball if you are strong enough to support most of your weight with your arms. 

exercise ball and sex - wheelbarrow

Points to Consider when Performing Exercise Ball Sex Positions

Even though you probably own a fitness ball, not many women have tried these sex positions with their partners. So here are some points that you should consider while having Exercise Ball Sex :

In most of the positions, you’ll have to use your arms, so it can get very tiring on them very quickly. If you find your arms tiring, step back so that you are balancing most of your weight on your feet.

Most of the time, try to bring your two legs together instead of spreading them apart for a slightly tighter feel.

For anal sex lovers, remember that anal sex is just as easy as vaginal sex in Speed Bump sex position.

You might not like exercise ball sex positions if you prefer more intimate sex, as this type of sex maintains a focus on physical sensation and enjoyment and less on mental satisfaction. 

It is also not great for morning sex or spontaneous quickies, as this type of sex is a serious workout!

How an Exercise Ball Makes Sex Better

Ever wished you could make sex better? An exercise ball with sex work wonders.

Gym balls do more than just get you into shape, as they are also known for enhancing sexual pleasure. Good sex and fitness are inextricably linked. 

The ball increase penetrating during vaginal sex, and exercise ball sex can help you and your partner heat things up. As well as this, you’ll feel more confident about yourself due to the workout your receive by undergoing this physical activity, as exercise is a keystone element to sex confidence and libido

The Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball During Sex 

If fitness is good for sex, is sex good for fitness? I am happy to report that the answer is yes, and with using the ball during sex, we are doing both fitness and sex at the same time. That’s a dream coming true! 

Exercise ball sex positions can improve sex satisfaction for you or your partner and lead to many healing benefits. 

Here are some of the potential benefits of using ball during sex:

Heart health. Ball sex positions are a form of physical activity. If you have exercise ball sex, you may lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Immune system. Yes, an exercise ball and sex can also improve your immunity. You may be less likely to get infections.

Psychology. Want to improve your emotional health and self-esteem? Those who have satisfying sex tend to feel better about themselves. This can also be an excellent tool for relieving stress.

To sleep. I don’t know about you, but sex helps me fall asleep faster and sleep better, and exercise ball sex will exhaust you and therefore help you fall asleep. 

Relationships. Having a healthy sexual relationship with a partner often improves the other aspects of the relationship.

Increases happiness and beats depression. Exercise ball sex positions can actually fight depression. It releases dopamine in your brain, which gives off feelings of euphoria and happiness.

It makes your brain stronger. With exercise ball sex positions, you can turn your normal brain into a super brain! Exercise ball and sex can actually strengthen your brain and help fight Alzheimer’s disease in the future by stimulating chemicals in the brain that prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, the area of the brain used for learning and healing functions. 

These positions can also help strengthen your memory and vocabulary retention.

Increase your stamina. Have you ever hopped on your lover for a wild ride, only to be out of breath after two minutes of writhing and sweating? It’s not exactly a sexy show, and it doesn’t get you any closer to good sex life, either. When you have sex with a ball, you challenge your body’s willpower and muscle strength. The more your body gets used to surpassing itself and succeeding, the more endurance you gain in the future! It can mean wonders in the bedroom.

Sexual activity does not have to be a workout, but it may be if you want to test your strength and endurance, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun when things get sweaty and dirty. So grab your favorite sex toy, an exercise ball, and your partner, and find out the benefits of exercise ball sex for yourself by trying out some of the techniques above!

exercises for better sex with bullet vibrator

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