10 Perfect Sex Positions for Beginners.

Nov 7, 2021

Sex might be a biological need, but it doesn’t mean you should rely on your instincts and jump straight into it without any plan. Like all pleasures in life, it has to be savored. This is why I’ve prepared a list of sex positions for beginners that will help you discover what your needs and boundaries are, as well as prepare you for more challenging sexual endeavors in the future.

Sex for beginners doesn’t sound the most appealing, but you can’t skip the basics if you want to impress both your partner and your vagina. There’s simply no way around it. Plus, even the easiest positions are incredibly pleasurable and fun; take my word for it!

 Let’s cut to the chase and look at the easiest sex positions that will kick-start your sex journey embodied with sheer bliss and success. 


Missionary is far from the crazy positions you see people getting into in porn. In fact, it barely even exists in the catalog unless you search for a ‘vanilla sex’ term specifically. And there’s nothing more boring than vanilla sex, right? At least, that’s what society wants you to believe. In reality, it’s all about perspective. The reason missionary is one of the best sex positions for beginners is that once you’ve mastered it, you can easily progress into more difficult variations; all you need is a bit of imagination. In other words, missionary is as boring and as exciting as you make it to be. Even the classic variation can be extremely hot as long as you and your partner are into each other. Stare into your partner’s eyes and exchange a passionate kiss here and there, and you have a recipe for a great lovemaking session. You can also add sensual music and candles to set the mood. Don’t worry about having sex like a pornstar – it’s not realistic, and most of the time, people want connection and intimacy above all else. 

sex positions for beginners

Girl on top 

Girl on top might not be the best choice for all beginners, but if you’re feeling adventurous and ready to take charge, it should make it onto your to-do list. It’s one of the most empowering sex positions because nothing boosts your confidence more than having someone admire your body. Your partner doesn’t only have a great view of all your curves and all of the action but gets a chance to witness your orgasm, which is a huge turn-on for both sides. Being on top also means you can control the speed and the intensity of the penetration, which can save you from unnecessary pain and help you explore different sensations; you can either widen or narrow your hips to find just the right angle. Another perk is that being in control of the intercourse shifts your focus from pleasuring your partner to concentrating on your pleasure. Women tend to be taught that their pleasure matters less than their partner’s, so you should learn to prioritize yourself as soon as you begin your sexual exploration. And if you realize you don’t enjoy being on top, you can easily switch to one of the other sex positions for beginners.

sex positions for beginners


 Spooning is one of the best sex positions for beginners, especially if you’re preparing to have sex for the first time. The spooning position resembles snuggling, which is what you most likely do with your partner every day. This familiarity can put you at ease and help you feel safe during intercourse. Skin-to-skin contact also nurtures emotional connection — that is the key to achieving sexual satisfaction in the long run. [1] Plus, there’s a lot of opportunities to be intimate in this position. Your partner can kiss your neck and stroke your hair or even whisper words of affirmation that can be a massive help if sex makes you nervous. The maximum closeness also allows your partner to access all your erogenous zones and learn what turns you on the most. Remember, sex isn’t just about the act itself but about finding out more about your partner’s likes and dislikes. As you get more confident, you can incorporate sex toys into the play to heighten the sensations. Facing away from your partner means that performance anxiety isn’t in the way, and you can focus on achieving climax on your terms. 

Doggy style 

Doggy style is one of the sex positions that probably first comes to your mind when you think of sex. As it’s often raw and animalistic, it’s one of the top searches in porn which isn’t a bad thing. Desire should be seen as an important ingredient of sex just like love often is, and what’s a better way to give in to it completely than going wild? Doggy is extremely hot because all your partner has to do is turn you around and slide inside of you, which makes it also a position of choice for beginners. Just remember to discuss your boundaries with your partner beforehand. Since you’re facing away from them, they won’t be able to see the discomfort on your face and pick up on other nonverbal cues. Safety first!

sex toys

Table Top 

The tabletop is another one of the sex positions for beginners as it combines simplicity with versatility. It’s almost like the classic missionary, except you need a table to make it work. This little adjustment opens the possibilities to more exciting sex; just think of all the movie scenarios that feature sex on the table. Perhaps you can pretend to be a secretary that’s having an affair with her boss for a touch of beginner role play, even if the fantasy exists explicitly in your mind? Just let your imagination run free. And even if you’re not a fan of roleplaying, you can still enjoy being a bit voyeuristic as table sex requires you to take things from the bedroom to the living room. It might be an easy beginners position, but how many beginners can say they experienced flashbacks of a sexy time when having friends over for dinner? Just because you’re new to it doesn’t mean you can’t go a bit wild straight away.

How To Tell If You’re Ready For Kinkier Positions?

 Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘practice makes perfect? Sex might be instinctual for some, but it takes at least a few tries to perfect even the easiest positions. Once you feel comfortable with the sex positions for beginners and enjoy them pain-free, you can have a go at their variations. For example, you could try missionary with legs on your partner’s shoulder and lying doggy. From there, you can progress to kinkier and more challenging positions. Another important thing is to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Communication is extremely important, not only to ensure you both stay safe but to strengthen the bond and help you get the most out of your sexual explorations.

The Takeaway

Sex for beginners might seem to be synonymous with boredom, but you shouldn’t rush into things you aren’t ready for. Similarly, when you try the positions mentioned on the list, follow your guts. Not everything might be up to your liking, and some positions (such as doggy) might be painful if your cervix is set low or your vagina isn’t lubricated enough, so don’t pressure yourself to get the hang of them all. Go with the flow, enjoy experimenting, and remember that your pleasure should always remain equal to your partners!


[1] https://www.nature.com/articles/ijir201238



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