Erotica. Top Erotic Sites To Spice Up Your Reading.

All of us have preferences when it comes to sexy scenes. Maybe you like to browse a porn site or look at one of your favorite sexy movies (365 Days anyone?). These days, erotica has become very accessible and reading it is a lesser utilized form. Words can really stimulate too! You’re able to visualize yourself instead of someone else. On the other spectrum, you can visualize anyone you want at all! Sexy actor or actress? No problem! It’s fully up to your imagination!

Erotica is about you. It’s what you want, how you want it.

Erotica can also be a good way to explore and learn about your fantasies. You may find that reading about BDSM activities such as choking or dominant/submissive situations really turns you on. There is a difference between being turned on by an idea and wanting to actually do it, but this takes the pressure off. You can fantasize about it until you’re ready to try it! Or not try it at all – your call completely.

Beyond that, reading a book can be very stress relieving. If it aids you in having an intense, mind blowing orgasm, where’s the harm? Reading is a great way to escape the stress of life, which is hand in hand with getting off. The good thing is, with a variety of resources available online, you don’t have to purchase a book to get your fix. We’ve put a list of 4 of the top erotica websites together for you below. Read on for more!

Remittance Girl

If you think public sex is hot, or really got it off to 50 Shades and 365 Days, Remittance Girl‘s work is for you. It explores kinky themes like bondage, dominance and submission, and more. If you’ve wanted to read more about bondage, this is definitely the one for you. If one story doesn’t work for you, move to the next! With a wide selection, all written by the same person, you could read for days.

Girl On the Net

Featuring audio porn with real-life stories, dirty fantasies, how to’s, and more, Girl on the Net is a very intriguing way to try erotica without committing to reading. It’s easier since you can listen to the stories. Audio porn can really up your game and allow you to focus on the act of orgasm.


BDSM Cafe has quite a selection of kinky content including stories about group sex, anal, female dominance, paddling, and BDSM. Check out their resource tab for awesome tips and information on how to break into the BDSM scene, if you’re interested in that. If you don’t want to break into the environment and want to imagine it, there’s certainly something here for you.


Literotica has so much content available about everything you could possibly want to read or listen to. With options from anal stories, BDSM, girl on girl (or vice versa), Literotica is a complete erotica guide for everyone. We find the “top list” to be the most well written, but with so many choices, you may uncover a hidden gem.

Remember, there are so many erotica resources available that if these don’t work, others will! It’s definitely worth a read (or listen). Drop a comment below if you have a favourite!

Reading Is Sexy