The Erotic Massage. What It Is, and How to Give One!

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One of the best ways to promote a healthy sex life is to do things for your partner that aren’t related to sex at all. Simple cliches, like buying them flowers or knocking out an errand for them, to more definitive techniques like setting up a lovely date night will help promote a romance that translates directly into your intimacy

There are many ways to do this within a relationship. Today, we will focus on one method that manifests physical pleasure and mental stimulation, which translates directly into the desire for sex. That method is none other than an erotic massage. 

And no, we are not talking about a sketchy happy ending parlor or an at-home massage service you can hire. Instead, we are simply talking about one partner going the extra mile to make the other partner feel good, and in a way that just might turn them on beyond their wildest expectations. 

What is an Erotic Massage

An erotic massage is a type of massage that utilizes techniques that promote sexuality. More often than not, this includes the direct massaging of the genitals and/or erogenous zones for sexual stimulation and pleasure. 

Some erotic massages aim to act as a form of foreplay, a means to turn the other partner on before engaging in sex, whereas other erotic massages will make the partner achieve orgasm directly with the massage techniques; no sex involved. 

Both are incredible ways of instilling sexual pleasure within your partner while simultaneously making them feel calm, relaxed, and happy. 

Think about it this way. A massage, in general, feels fantastic, but a massage that ends with complete sexual satisfaction is otherworldly. 

An erotic massage is the perfect way to change things up from the standard bedroom, and showcases to your partner two essential aspects of a healthy love life:

  • Desire- by taking the time to set up an erotic massage, you are proving to your partner that your passion for them is in full force and that your attraction for them is through the roof.
  • Romance– you showcase to your partner that you are willing to focus on their pleasures and their pleasure only for a romantic manifestation of your love. An erotic massage takes effort, from setting up the aesthetics to the act of giving the massage, and this effort is one-sided. It will, however, go very much appreciated, and this appreciation is more often than not translated into sex. 

So if you want to create a little excitement and a unique flair to your love life while creating an experience that your loved one will adore and remember forever, then you absolutely need to work on mastering the art of an erotic massage. 

what is erotic massage

Tips for an Erotic Massage


An erotic massage is the best when it is given out of complete surprise. Don’t say anything, don’t provide any clues, and instead, tell your partner to simply lie down and relax to surprise them with the lovely sensations of this type of massage therapy. 


The comfort of your partner should be the main focus of the erotic massage. Plan first on where you want this to occur, and then make the situation as comfortable as possible. You probably don’t have a massage table on hand, so a bed is a good alternative and a massage pillow where they can comfortably lay their head is highly recommended.

Avoid hard surfaces, and always try to find a location that is a little bit dark, cool, and quiet for the epitome of relaxation. 


To complement comfort, you must maintain an eye for aesthetics. And when it comes to aesthetics, it is entirely okay to be cliche! A pre-massage glass of champagne, some rose petals scattered about, some candles to promote their other senses.

The aesthetics are everything, so throw up those string lights and make the situation as romantic as possible for the best effect.


Some soft, zen music will create a massage-like environment and promote lustful relaxation of the body. 

Massage Oil

You can’t give a good massage without massage oil. So try and find an all-natural, organic massage oil that leaves their skin hydrated and feeling amazing. For some extra brownie points, massage oil that doubles as a lubricant will allow you to massage every inch of their body safely and with sheer prowess. 

If you are going to go for scented massage oil, the classics like lavender and rose come highly suggested, and try to avoid artificial scents, as all-natural forms (such as essential oil) are far more alluring. 

Start Slow

Although you should surely plan to massage your partner’s genitals, you have to start slowly. Starting slow will promote relaxation, which will then translate directly into a heightened ability to become sexually aroused and encourage blood flow to the genital regions. 

The process of your erotic massage should start something like this:

  1. Body Massage
  2. Eroengouz Zones Massage
  3. Genital Massage

And if you’re lucky, the sex is last on the list. 

Begin with a body massage, as if you are massaging them for the sole purpose of relaxing their muscles. Rub their shoulders, their neck, their back, and the rest of their body with classic massage techniques before showcasing an erotic twist on your hand placement.

how to do erotic massage

Erogenous Zones

After spending some time massaging their body normally, you can then begin to hint at the erotic nature of your massage. The best way to do this is to subtly tease and touch the many erogenous zones scattered throughout the body. 

These erogenous zones are areas of the body containing nerve concentrations that promote sexual stimulation, sending sexual feelings directly to the sex organs. By massaging them, you are further stimulating the erotic aura of this massage and readying the genitals for their turn at the pleasure. 

Some of the best erogenous zones to pleasure during the erotic massage include:

  • The buttocks
  • The bottoms of the feet
  • Behind the knees
  • Under the armpit
  • The lower back
  • The neck
  • The mouth (gently massage the lips)
  • The insides of the thighs

Genital Erotic Massage

You will know when it’s time to alas place your hands on the genitals of your partner to provide them a supreme pleasure that will take them away from the realities of this world but for a moment. 

After spending time massaging them and playing with their erogenous zones, slowly begin to tease their genitals with light touches and tickles. 

As you do this, begin to apply subtle amounts of heightened pressure to their genitals while continuing to massage other parts of their body with your free hand. Make sure to re-apply plenty of massage oil before doing this for the best results. 

If your partner is a female, engage the clitoris and the length of their labia with a soft and calm hand. Then, when their body language allows for it, you can choose to insert your fingers to begin to massage their vaginal walls and to promote G-spot stimulation. With this being said, it is highly suggested to start with a breast massage before moving into the genital region to promote further stimulation. 

Calm, gripping, and rubbing motions with light massages to the areola and the nipple are all but guaranteed to have their legs slowly drifting open to signal that they want more. 

And if your partner is male, a few soft touches to the tip of their penis (as this is an extremely sensitive area) is the perfect way to promote sexual stimulation before engaging in a tighter grip and gently jerking them off. Depending on the man’s likings, massaging the testicles here may showcase to him a pleasure never before known. 

For both genders alike, to provide a unique and kinky form of physical stimulation, try massaging the anus and the anal cavity with a finger soaked in lube in conjunction with the other forms of genital stimulation. 


You know your partner well, and it’s your job to decipher whether they wish to reach orgasm from the erotic massage alone (a testament of your desires to make them feel good) or if they will want you to continue into full-on sex, specifically penetrative. 

Although your partner finishing from the massage alone might leave you turned on and slightly sexually frustrated, know that the results are long-term, as you have showcased that you are willing to put aside your own sexual desires simply to make them feel good. This selfless act will translate positively into your sex life for quite literally years to come. 

And if they want to continue into sex, then be ready for some of the best you’ve ever had. An erotic massage is the absolute best and most extended form of foreplay you can ask for. Naturally, your partner will be beyond a reasonable level of turned on, so get ready to put in the work (and good luck holding back your own orgasm!) so that the erotic massage may end with the fireworks of a soul-shivering orgasm. 


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