What is Erotic Beauty?

Sep 30, 2023

Erotic beauty is a subject that is not talked about often, but extremely present in society throughout history. What exactly is it? 

Erotic beauty is a major source of inspiration for many artists, and has been for centuries. It goes above the traditional beliefs of what beauty and physical attractiveness is. Erotic beauty dives into the layers of sensuality, desire, and intimacy, and what tantalizes – what captures the gaze and creates a feeling of lust and longing. The complexity of it means that it is very subjective, as is all beauty, and has deep ties to culture, art, and psychological aspects.

So, what are the facets of Erotic Beauty?

Well, we can’t dive into it without exploring the cultural perspective of beauty as a whole. Erotic beauty is influenced heavily by culture, and what different societies find sensual and attractive. Each culture and society may find different things sensual, and others vulgar. What is acceptable in one place may not be acceptable in another. 

The next facet is artistic. So many artists have explored erotic beauty, and these are reflected within their works. Sculptures, paintings, and photography throughout history have shown different forms of erotic beauty. Art serves as a mirror to reflect what society has evolved their attitude towards in terms of sexuality, sensuality, and eroticism. 

There are also many personal interpretations of it. Each individual person may have different preferences, and what you may find erotic, another person may find disgusting. This is the beauty of eroticism; the subjectiveness reminds us that once again, all beauty is art. 

Mainstream media also shapes what we view as the ideal beauty, leading to changed perceptions of what erotic beauty is. Less than a decade ago, tanned skin, large butts, and elongated eyes were not considered beautiful – now, many have adopted these features through makeup, surgery, and clothing to fit the mainstream media’s standards. Now, we see that paler skin and more angelic features are coming back in to play as a beauty standard. This means that what is considered erotic beauty is also shaped and changed by these changes. 

Beauty as a whole is an ever changing and evolving concept. Fashion trends and clothing choices can influence perceptions of beauty as well. The way a person dresses themselves, grooms themselves, and presents their physical appearance can enhance their attractiveness factor to other people, even if they may not fit the traditional beauty mold.

Erotic Beauty. What is Erotic Beauty? | V FOR VIBES

Beauty also thrives on the innate innuendo that is created by it. 

Subtlety and hidden desires are explored, and suggestion is found throughout literature and movies. In books, different words and phrases are carefully curated to capture the reader’s imagination and stimulate thoughts. In movies and film, lighting and music are used to create an atmosphere that is felt beyond the screen. The element of mystery builds anticipation and heightens the experience for the viewer.

Erotic beauty is a subjective concept that varies from person, culture, and era. However, regardless of where you are or what era you live in, there are classic erotic beauties we can reference. 

One of the most famous ancient erotic beauties is Cleopatra. This ancient queen is typically portrayed as the height of beauty, and a seductress. 

Marilyn Monroe is another iconic Erotic Beauty. To this date, she is regarded as one of the most beautiful and erotic women of the 20th century. 

Erotic Beauty. What is Erotic Beauty? | V FOR VIBES

Brigitte Bardot is another classic example of sensuality. She was an international sex symbol, well known for her tousled hair and seductive presence. 

Scarlett Johansson is often considered a classic beauty, who is also counted as an Erotic Beauty. Her figure and overall presentation make her one of the most attractive women in modern day times.

Chloe The Penis Ring - V For Vibes

Of course, we have to remember that these examples are just a small portion of the Erotic Beauties that we can reference. Throughout the centuries, and across other countries and cultures, these women may not be considered erotic beauties! Perception is everything. Beauty standards are subjective, change over time, and are influenced by many outside factors and preferences. 

Erotic Beauty is a subject that has existed since the beginning of humanity, and will always continue to inspire art, and captivate the gaze of all genders. We must be able to understand and appreciate the different erotic beauties that exist within our society. 



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