A Guide to Erogenous Zones for Women.

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Let’s start by painting a quick picture of erogenous zones for women.

You’re in bed making love to your partner, enjoying all the usual sexual activities that are commonly carried out behind closed doors, like playing with erotic toys and different positions, and then by accident they lightly brush the bottom of your feet. 

Upon the touch of their fingers to this area of skin that can more often than not go without another human contact at all, your insides light up. 

You feel sensations that span throughout your whole body, the simple touch of your feet sparking a sexual response that leads to heightened sexual sensitivity and increased feelings of sensuality, exactly what you want to discover those orgasms that leave you shaking in bed.

What has happened is that you and your partner have discovered what is known as an ‘erogenous zone’. Erogenous zones are very special spots across the body that can help us to discover newfound points of arousal, especially throughout places on the body that you may have never even associated with sex

So let’s get into exactly what erogenous zones for women are, where some of these different spots can be found throughout the body (and where the best ones to please are), and then of course the good stuff; Why do erogenous zones feel so dang good?!


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What is an Erogenous Zone and Why do they Feel Good?

Our body is packed with nerve endings. And some places on our body are simply more sensitive than others, as they showcase a higher density of nerves that then create the enhanced feeling. 

You probably know this well in terms of sex. Our genitals and our reproductive systems contain thousands and thousands of these feel-good nerves, and that is exactly why we derive pleasure from sexual activity. It feels good being touched or licked or pleasured there because, from a physical standpoint, the touch of these spots triggers the response in your brain that makes you ‘feel’.

So then, what you may not have realized in terms of sex, is that pleasure absolutely doesn’t have to come from only the places you might think it does, such as the tip of the penis, the vagina, or the anal cavity

In fact, the entire body is packed with certain little spots that when pleasured just right create a direct emotional and physical response within your brain that increases sexual sensitivity, your level of turn-on, and overall the ability to cum really really hard. 

These spots, these collections of nerve endings and special little pleasure zones throughout the body, are what are known as “erogenous zones”. 

So let’s get into where these highly sensitive areas are located throughout the body so that you can have fun exploring their array of wonderful feel-good responses, and to see if an erogenous zone on yourself is the key to unlocking the best orgasm of your life. 


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The Best Erogenous Zones for Women.

Erogenous zones for women literally span from the head to the toe, so let’s start from the top and work our way down. 

The Scalp.

Getting your head rubbed at night feels amazing, and that is because there are a ton of nerve endings located in humans’ scalps. And when in a sexual setting, these nerves can often lead to or increase sexual response.

A light touch of the hair or brush of the head while kissing is more than just romantic, as you may not realize that with this you can actually stimulate the genitals.

If you really want to add a light touch of erotica, tugging on the hair is an excellent method for accessing these nerve endings in a manner that also adds an invigorating flair to your sex. If you want to discover this spot more, simply asking your partner to try some of these ideas out is the best way to address it. 

The Neck.

The neck for some might as well be the clitoris. 

Okay, not really, as nothing will compare to the 8,000 or so nerve endings located in the holy grail of sensitivity, but necks really can feel amazing. And to some, they are indeed the fast track to climax, as they too contain trigger points that lead right down to your lower half. 

This is why being kissed on the neck can drive some into a wild frenzy of stripping their clothes away, regardless of gender, as the neck can stimulate one into pure sexual desire. 

So then, try maintaining a focus on kissing your partner’s neck the next time you are making love, and see if this erogenous zone is one that is special for them. And if it falls in line with the way you interact in bed, then with consent lightly grabbing at your partner’s neck with a light choke is a great way to spark these triggers.

If you aren’t sure how to get your partner into grabbing at your neck, then the next time you are making love simply take their hand and direct it for them. This will show that you want and enjoy the sensations of neck play and choking, and they will feel comfortable doing so.

The Armpits.

It’s a pretty classic trait that armpits are ticklish. That is because armpits are seriously sensitive areas in our bodies, usually protected by our arms throughout the day. 

So when you allow yourself to expose this dense area of nerve endings in a sexual setting, of course moving past the slight taboo of the situation and maybe a little sweat, then you also expose yourself to sensations that will treat your sexual side to pleasures never before felt. 

Exploring this erogenous zone usually begins with a simple conversation. Once you have decided this is a place you want to try and play with, just lay back as your partner kisses the chest and lightly moves their hand down your arm until their fingers caress your armpit, instigating other movements with their hands such as gripping your underarms tightly. 

Communicate along the way to discover what feels good and what doesn’t feel ticklish, and you just might be able to understand the beauty of an armpit induced orgasm. 

The Sacrum.

The sacrum is a bone that sits at the bottom of your spinal column, near your pelvis, and spanning into your leg. Essentially, the area right above your butt that makes up your lower back. And this spot is a proven erogenous zone for women. 

Ask your partner to lightly brush their fingers just where your butt meets your back, especially in the small dimple area formed from the curve of your spine. Have them kiss this area lightly, or you may even want to think of enjoying the pleasures derived from a pinwheel for blissful sensation play.  

These areas are close to the vagina and will send soul-shaking sensations directly to your pleasure response, so enjoy exploring all they have to offer. 

The Thighs.

You probably know the thighs well as one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for women, as this one in particular commonly turns people on. But by now realizing that this pleasure arises from the fact that your thighs are packed with alluring nerves, you can then take the time to really play with the skin on your thighs. 

The inner thighs are a great place to start, so again try having your partner lightly kiss, touch, or massage these areas. Lightly blowing on the thighs near the vagina is another way to provide unique sensations that will leave you craving more, so don’t be afraid to ask your partner to explore the vast variety of possible thigh sensations. 

Behind the Knee.

This one is somewhat similar to the armpit in the way that it often goes unnoticed, but when it is discovered, you might not want this erogenous zone for women to ever go untouched again.

The wonderful part about behind the knee is that you can please this area yourself, so try holding your legs up and tickling this special spot while in the missionary position or while masturbating for only the best of vibes. 

The Feet.

There’s a reason some people like feet. And it’s not gross, weird, or out of the ordinary at all. 

Feet are incredible sex devices, as the arches on the bottom contain a collection of nerve endings that send you straight into orgasmic bliss. If you want to get really dirty, then forcing your partner to use their mouth to trigger this erogenous zone might have you cumming on the spot. 

But taking it easy and keeping it simple by simply grabbing onto, tickling, or massaging the bottoms of the feet while simultaneously intimate is just as effective, and you might discover feet to be your next favorite pleasure point.


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