Health And Sex Guide For Introverts, Drusilla Clit Sucking Toy, Sucking Vibrator And Vibrating Dildo

Enjoying intimacy – a guide for the introvert.

We constantly hear about the difference between introverts and extroverts – but did you know that your personality type translates to your sexual type as well? Though most of the wording about introverts and extroverts is based on generalizations, it is interesting to read about. Some introverts love socializing sometimes, while some extroverts enjoy being alone for a while. However, there are common factors that can describe how each group feels in their life, and rub off on their sex lives.

Being an introvert or extrovert doesn’t dictate or reflect on your ability to enjoy and use sex toys. However, each personality type feels differently about indulging in their wants and needs. One thing we see is that people who are introverts are less likely to use a sex toy, but there are so many reasons why. We’ve put together a few ways for the introverted reader to feel comfortable bringing sex toys in to their life! Read on for more.

Introverts are a lot less likely to bring up the conversation regarding using sex toys in the bedroom. Wondering why? Uncomfortable conversations are typically avoided by introverts. As soon as an introvert feels that they may be embarrassed or out of their comfort zone, they tend to shut down. To bring that topic up, you can try to talk about experiences you’ve had, and lead in to fantasies you want to try. This will naturally bring up the topic of role play, new locations, and sex toys!

Studies show that extroverts have more sex. The comfortability to approach someone and make a move is already there for an extroverted personality, whereas an introvert may watch their interest from a distance and never make a move. The ability to socialize leads to more opportunity, including accepting invitations to events where you may meet people that you’re interested in. Introverts are more likely to not put themselves out there. If they accept an invitation to an event, they may not go, or may just go for an hour and stand behind, without a lot of mingling. This naturally leads to an introvert having less opportunities to casually meet someone they may want to bring home.

When you’re finished binging your favorite show, reading a book, or working, what can you do in that alone time? Why not masturbate! As off the wall as it may seem, being able to pleasure yourself not only helps relieve tension and anxiety, but can also prevent you from needing small talk with others in the hopes of finding someone to enjoy. One amazing option to consider is the V For Vibes Drusilla. This clit suction vibrator will add waves of pleasure. Enjoying the feeling of another sucking on you is even more fun when you don’t have to entertain someone else.

Whether enjoying intimacy alone, or with a partner, we know that introverts are just as wild in bed as the rest of us. Check out V For Vibes for incredible, discreet options to spice up your love life.


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