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The Eiffel Tower Sex Position.

As many of us know, threesomes can be incredible or super awkward. Have you heard of the Eiffel Tower sex position yet? It truly depends on how communicative you and your partner (and potential partner!) are. One of the biggest concerns when planning a threesome is how to make sure all partners feel included. 

The Eiffel Tower sex position is the perfect way to keep all three of you entertained at once. It’s super easy, though it may seem intimidating at first. Imagine the Eiffel Tower (or the letter A). One play partner receives from behind, while the other is in front of that one! The two outside partners are then free from the waist up for more play, making out, or general fun. 

This position is not just limited to two men and a woman. If you’re exploratory, adding a strap-on or vibrator can make this position perfect for a woman on woman x 2 threesome! It can also work with three men. It’s all about your room for playing. Whips, nipple clamps, and anything else can go in the mix – why not, this is all about fun.

 Take it slow – there’s no hurry and remember, everybody needs to feel comfortable with the pace you are all going at.

 And the final step is just to enjoy the ride and take a deep dive into the world of immense pleasure. The Eiffel Tower sex position allows for deep penetration along with G-spot and P-spot penetration. If you are looking for more sex positions to spice up your sex life, check out our Sex Ed for a complete sexual guide. 









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