How to Cultivate your Dream Relationship.

Oct 29, 2021

A dream relationship. The kind when you’re quite literally dreaming and wish you didn’t want to wake up, but your dumb alarm clock went quacking in your ear… yeah, that kind of dream. A relationship where you’re your happiest self, your partner brings out the best in you, makes the bad days good and the good days better. A dream relationship where you both listen and actually care about what the other person is saying and feeling, hashtag relationship goals. So how the hell do you cultivate that kind of relationship, how do you make your current relationship into your dream one, or how do you even find someone that fits all these boxes for you? Hell if I know… as every relationship is unique, as are our desires in a relationship; but what I do know is that you can totally keep some of these key tips in mind and use them to better the relationship you’re already in. Let’s transform it into your dream relationship, my lovely friend.

When it comes down to someone’s dream relationship, you’re basically asking for what everyone wants, minus all the small details like their hobbies, looks, and political views… laugh out loud. So what is everyone in search of, or what should you be on the hunt for when you’re ready to find your lifelong match? Check out some of these little tips below to help point ya in the right direction. And by the way, you will always have a dream relationship with any luxurious vibrator purchased from V for Vibes, but we will keep this to human-human interactions for the sake of our article. 

Tips for a Dream Relationship

  • Respecting one another. Ahhh, yes, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Did you just sing that song? Because I totally did. Everyone’s different; we all are well aware of that. With that knowledge, we have to recognize that our partners are totally allowed to have their own thoughts. I mean, we’re all human, for God’s sake. Those thoughts could very well be ones you disagree with, and that’s okay. Respecting them because they’re your partner is what you have to keep in mind—making your relationship a judgment-free zone is the key to effortless love. Let your partner open up to you about whatever they’re feeling, thinking, or going through. Who else do they have to talk to if it’s not you? Don’t you want them to come to you with whatever’s on their mind? I sure hope so, because this builds a strong foundation of all the different types of trust. They trust you with their closest thoughts because they know you’re going to respond with respect and no judgment. Try opening up a bit more on your end to start this process. It takes each and every one of us time to adjust and trust, don’t rush the process, and try to be patient with it all. For more tips on how to build trust in a relationship, check out the linked article to point ya in the right direction. 
dream relationship
  • Communication. This should be an obvious tip and is mentioned in almost every relationship advice blog/book you can get your hands on. It might still be something you and/or your partner struggle with, however, and a lot of people do… actually, I’m pretty sure everyone does at some point. Your dream relationship should be filled with communication. Voice to your partner what you want, what you need, what’s pissing you off, etc., so that they can always know what’s going on behind those eyes and in your mind. They can’t read your mind; believe me, I’ve tried the silent mad treatment, and it gets you nowhere. I understand that now. By expressing yourself to your partner, you’re allowing for potential growth on their end, to adjust themselves or comfort you. Most importantly, you’re allowing yourself to grow by sharing your thoughts and feelings, which is a very difficult thing to do. For whatever reason, we’ve all gone through difficult situations, growing up, as a teenager, or present day. Those issues have made us timid when it comes to voicing our thoughts to others, especially those we hold closest to our hearts. You can do it, it’ll take working on it every day, sure, but in the end, you’ll feel a hell of a lot better. You’ll be working on your mental growth and building your dream relationship all in one. As always, we have some advice on how to communicate better in a relationship to cultivate a dream relationship further, so check it out, and remember, it is always essential to also talk about sex to ensure fulfillment in every realm of intimacy! 
  • Make your relationship a priority. So what’s more important to you, your work or your relationship? Something you not only need to ask yourself but also your partner. This scenario doesn’t have to be strictly about work. It can be anything you or your partner seem to be putting before your relationship. Make time for your significant other, and that includes sex! Try to balance your personal hobbies with the things they enjoy, as well- you want to find the line between enjoying personal space and allowing them to do the same, but also spending enough time together. This tip tends to get a bit fuzzy in people’s eyes, just because it’s so easy to forget about. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your daily routine, and then suddenly you realize you haven’t made any efforts towards your relationship or sex life. Even with a busy life, you can always carve out time for the people you want to spend it with. Implement that back into your daily routine instead of your hour-long episode of Sex in the City after dinner. Sure, it’s not ideal for spending the last waking hours when you’re exhausted, but it shows that you’re making them a priority every day, no matter what time it is. Some make it a priority to keep a sex journal. This is great for checking in with yourself on the things you’re putting first in your daily routine, and hey, maybe realizing you haven’t been putting your relationship first because your last sex journal entry was from a month ago!! Come on, hottie, get back in the scene. Get your head… and body back in your relationship. You show your partner that they’re your priority, and they should do the same back.
sex toys for women

There are so many different dream relationships out there, no one the same as the other. Couple goals can be described entirely differently by your friend next door. Those differences are more on the side of characteristics, intelligence, and physical features. The core foundation of a relationship and what we all want is pretty similar, such as the tips to look out for or work on above. Communication is something your dream relationship should definitely hold, along with respect, judgment-free zones, and prioritizing the other person. Show your partner you’re all in and all into them, too, if you know what I mean. At the end of the day, all we want is for someone to give a shit, right? Someone to care, show up, not judge us, and make us feel at home… with some super hot and intimate sex in between, of course. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, and always strive to be the best partner you can be. Relationships take work, so push to better yourself and your side of the relationship every day. 


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