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Do you ever worry that you won’t be able to get wet enough for your partner or playtime?

Or do you feel embarrassed that your may take it personally? Maybe you get wet enough but still experience vaginal dryness, discomfort after intercourse or using a sex toy. All of these things are totally normal. There’s absolutely no reason to stress it – your body changes and needs help sometimes! Wether you’re getting on or off your period, extra stressed, or just dehydrated, lubricant is always there to save the day. Many women feel ashamed to need to use these products during intimacy, but it’s very normal, and a fun part of sexual relations.

Reasons to use lubricant are so abundant- from what’s listed above, to just extra slip and slide during sex. Either way, these products are made for a reason; to help you and your partner have more fun and feel more confident in sexual settings. Take advantage of the many flavors and kinds of lubricants available. The V for Vibes team has put together a few of their favorite choices for you to try.

The classic lubricant of most people’s choice is a non flavored, water-based lube. This fan favorite works well with most toys, and is extremely easy to clean off of both toys and bodies. So many brands carry these products; you can find them online, at sex shops, and even most convenience and grocery stores. They’re popular for a reason – most people don’t experience negative reactions to water based lubricants, and they’re super easy to reapply. The one downside to a water based lubricant, however, is the need to reapply periodically. They do tend to dry down a little faster, but there’s never harm in applying more.

Another popular kind of lubricant is the silicone based formula, which is also commonly available. These stay slippery much longer than the water based types of lubes, but they are not usable on some types of sex toys, such as silicone toys. They’re considered more reactive, and as with all lubes, you should definitely spot test before using them outright. A benefit to a silicone-based lube is being able to keep moisture for longer- less reapplication needed. You can use these with glass and metal sex toys, but they can degrade your silicone and ABS plastic toys, so be cautious.

Flavored lubricants are fun for oral pleasure- but not the best to use. Prone to causing yeast infections when they have internal contact with your vagina, these should stay away from your most used line up. While they can be fun for blow jobs, we wouldn’t recommend using them for anything more than external body play.

Natural lubricants are a tricky topic. While we’re all for using things that are as natural as possible, using your own concoction can be unsafe. Many women swear by coconut oil, but this can actually be clogging to your vaginal walls, and can cause reactions and infections. Anytime you want to use something like this, you should consult with your physician first. He or she can guide you the proper route.

Now that you know a few types of sexual lubricants, the possibilities are endless. One of our favorite ways to use lubricant is to assist in self pleasure. Using a water based lubricant on a dildo like the Rhea – 10 Speed Powerful Magic Wand Vibrator/Massager by V For Vibes can make insertion much easier, and more fun! Adding lube to the wand side can also create more fun sensations in the external clitoral stimulation that you experience and prevent any unwanted friction that you may experience. Lubricants can also be used to aid in anal play – wether you are having anal sex, using toys such as butt plugs, or just experimenting with fingering this area. Using a lubricant can prevents any tears and discomfort in that sensitive area.

Are you stressed and unable to get as wet as you used to? Add a little lube to the mix! You can also use these products to help with hand jobs for your partner. Lube is the gift that keeps on giving – endless ways to use it, for endless fun. Drop a comment and let us know your favorite type of lube use!

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