DIY Butt Plug: What to Consider when making a Homemade Butt Plug.

Aug 31, 2021

So, you’ve just ordered a lovely, invigorating anal toy from V for Vibes. We know… you’re excited as all hell, just as you should be, as newfound sensations are but(t) a toy away, but your imagination alone might send you into a craving for immediate sensation. 

If this is the case, and you simply cannot wait for your toy to show up in its luxurious, discreet packaging, and if the desire is winning over, then you are left with the option of crafting a lovely little DIY butt plug. A homemade butt plug will never be the same as those designed professionally by women, specifically made to cater to the female anatomy like the ones in Our Shop, but hey, it will sure as heck pass the time while you wait for your proper toy to arrive!

However, with a DIY butt plug, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, as you must remain mindful of certain aspects of this homemade butt plug creation for both your safety and your pleasure. 

After reading this article, you may progress to making homemade anal sex toys, which will provide specific ideas that make for an excellent anal invigorator, but start here to gain a broad idea of what you will need to consider when making your own DIY butt plug. 

What is a DIY Butt Plug?

A DIY butt plug is just that, a butt plug that you make from scratch by using certain materials or products at the house, or even those you can source from a craft store. Sounds fun, right? It sure is, as a DIY butt plug is the art project of any adult’s dream! 

And that’s exactly what makes the idea of a DIY butt plug so enticing, as it creates a personal, sexual project for yourself or you and a partner to enjoy making, as the process is half the fun. Just think of how much desire will be bubbling from within as you inch closer to the finalization of your homemade butt plug, dying to alas put it to use. 

Butt plugs are meant for anal pleasure, and anal pleasure can do so much to enhance your sex life, masturbation, and overall sexual/bodily discovery. 

Although we highly suggest sticking to real anal sex toys, it’s okay to make them when you have to, but do keep in mind the following suggestions when doing so. 

DIY Butt Plug

What to Consider when Making a DIY Butt Plug

DIY Butt Plug Safety

Safety first, right? That one has been driven into our minds since we were children, and it still applies, especially when talking about anal sex! A defining characteristic of an anal safe sex toy is the fact that it must be designed with a protective base at the end of the toy. 

The anus, in terms of anatomy, is far different than the vaginal canal. An anus presents the possibility of ‘sucking up’ a toy into the anal cavity, which often requires doctors’ intervention (and even surgery) to safely remove the toy, as the anal muscles will contract and pull it inwards. 

And that is precisely why anal toys come with a base, as this broad, back-end of the toy prevents it from being swallowed by your bum! I know, it sounds intense, but its no big deal as long as the toy is safe with a base. So don’t worry too much, and just be sure that any homemade butt plug that you craft has a solid form of a protective base at the end of the toy to prevent this, and overall, you should be good to go. 

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Please, don’t go sticking just any phallus-shaped object up your booty because it seems like it will be a good fit. Hygiene is ever so essential when creating a DIY butt plug, as the anal cavity is susceptible to small tears and infection (also why you need to use plenty of lubricants!). You must keep proper hygiene considerations at the top of the list when you make your own butt plug.

First of all, if any object is dirty or has been used consistently for its intended use, you probably don’t want to skip that item. A toothbrush, for example. 

The toothbrush you have used for the past two months is quite gross and simply not the best DIY butt plug. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a brand new toothbrush that you have lying around, still in the box, will make for a great one!

You must also consider the fact that you will have to clean the object well, and certain materials are simply easier and more effective to clean than others. A wooden spoon is a great homemade butt plug, but wood isn’t as easy to clean and dry as silicone, so just keep this in mind. 

Also, keep in mind the porous nature of certain materials again, such as wood. Porous materials cannot be cleaned as easily and effectively, and therefore carry a much higher chance of presenting possible infection. You must clean your butt plug before your first use and after every use, so if you plan to keep it around, then only choose an easily cleanable material such as metal or silicone. 

If vegetables are your go-to, then always wash them well before use, as no one wants pesticides inside their nether regions. If needed, you can generally use a condom on just about any homemade butt plug for the epitome of protection and sexual cleanliness. 

DIY butt plug

Is it Body Safe?

If you are considering a certain material for a DIY butt plug, then always ask yourself the question of whether or not it is a body-safe material. Certain plastics and other similar materials are not meant to go inside a human being, so once you find the medium of your sexy art piece, do a little research to ensure that it is completely safe to go inside of you. 

Length of Use

How long you plan to use a DIY butt plug will greatly affect the best types of materials of which you should use. A durable homemade butt plug will last for multiple sessions, whereas a non-durable homemade but plug is better for single use. 

For example, a vegetable, such as a cucumber, is not considered very durable. Although a great homemade butt plug idea (as long as you do not let go, as vegetables do not have protective bases), this non-durable material won’t last beyond a single session. If you plan to use it more than once, then you should prefer a much more durable material to extend the length of use of your DIY butt plug. 


Certain shapes are simply better for anal pleasure than others. You might have to play around to discover what you specifically like, and if you already know this well or have figured this out through experience, keep in mind the shape of the plug related to the pleasure points it can hit. 

Some women/men prefer long and skinny, whereas others prefer a more classic butt plug shape that is short and thick. 

A homemade butt plug is an excellent way to work through various shapes before ordering a legitimate butt plug, as you won’t waste money on a shape that simply does not work for you!

DIY butt plug


Relating to shape, when it comes to anal play, size really does matter. Too big, and things quickly become uncomfortable. Too small, and hell, you might as well have used a finger!

Keep the size in mind when crafting a DIY butt plug, as you never want to extend past your comfort zone by trying something that is far too large. 


If the wooden spoon you plan to use has any chance of causing an internal splinter, then don’t use it!! 

Always consider the smoothness of the material, as those that cause the least friction, and that can be used properly with a lubricant are always the way to go. 

Certain aspects of shape make for differing sensations, and this can be good, like the varying shapes of anal beads. But if a DIY butt plug shape causes it to not be smooth upon entry, think of using something else. 

Homemade Butt Plugs: A Summary

We love that we can craft the tools to our pleasure right in our own homes and think that DIY butt plugs are significant assets to our sexuality and absolutely worth pursuing. 

With that being said, we suggest real anal sex toys even more, as these are guaranteed to be safe, made of body-safe material, and meant for the anatomy of the anus and for sexual practice. 

Now that you know what to consider when making a DIY butt plug, head to our next article, “How to Make Homemade Anal Sex Toys“, for specific inspirations for homemade butt plug ideas and how to make them. 

And once you realize that overall, ordering a toy from your favorite sex shop is the best way to go about anal pleasure, check out our article “Anal Toys for Beginners” to learn more and browse our anal toy collection once you are ready. 

And remember, always enjoy the process of anal discovery, take it slow, and never push your boundaries. Soon enough, you might even discover for yourself the elusive anal orgasm! 

jewel butt plug kit


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